A Hollow in DC and Beyond.

My Isekai into a world of heroes wasn't something to be celebrated. It was a mirage of violence screams until I was finally come to grips and took back control over my hunger and rage. I a Hollow was summarily dropped into the world of DC Comics and from the very get go it was a war of survival.

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Chapter 4 Commissioned by Dragon Cross, Asuna Kirito, Kriegan

The skeleton and corrupted ghosts that filled the ruined streets of this Singularity were nothing to me and Mashu, though the purple/eggplant-colored haired kouhai typically stayed close to Ritsuka and Olga to protect them from any skeleton archers that tried to shoot the Masters with their necrotic bone arrows.

"We are getting closer to the grail and the skeletons are getting stronger as well," Ritsuka noted as we were walking up the road to the mountain that the city's shrine was built upon so we could get to the grail that was supporting the singularities existence.

Even as I spoke, I was trying to keep an eye out as honestly. I thought we were supposed to have run into Caster Cú Chulainn at this point. But the druid seemed to be nowhere to be found nor could I find him with my pings of Pesquesia. Everything I could sense with it bore the corruption of the corrupted grail's madness as well as the energy of the extra Grail that Saber/Artoria Alter was supposed to have.

"There are still two Servants around the shrine and the Greater native grail of this Grail War. But there are also three more I am sensing in the distance though with the distance they are at, it's unlikely for them to reach the site of battle any time soon while we fight the other two servants at the Grail." I reported and I was fairly sure the three other servants I was feeling were supposed to be the corrupted versions of Benkei, Cursed Arm Hassan, and Heracles.

For all that I was stronger than probably most Servants if not all physically, I didn't have some conceptual fuck you Noble Phantasm like Gae Bolge or whatever that would rip my heart apart because it already happened. And both Cursed Arm Hassan and Benkei had some kooky shit that I knew wasn't going to be nearly as limited as they were in the game.

At my statement, Olga and Ritsuka shared a look and then seemingly in response to my words, Romani appeared in his blue hologram form and immediately began speaking as he was clearly listening. "So I suggest we either power on and defeat those two servants standing guard at the grail or we take the time to eliminate the other three servants that are wandering around." Romani laid out and Olga hummed in thought before she looked at me.

"Blake, how sure are you of defeating those two Servants ahead of us? Or can you sense their danger levels at all?" She questioned putting her trust in me but I could only shrug.

"I don't actually have a danger sense or clairvoyant skill surprisingly with how I used to peer into different realms with my adventures before Alaya yoinked my soul for her collection," I said with a frown while everyone violently twitched at how I referred to the embodiment of humanity.

"Although I can sense the strength of someone's soul and thus their magical power that only partly plays a part in how powerful a monster or Servant can be especially a Servant so much of their strength comes from their Noble Phantasm's," I explained making them nod while Mashu looked at the ground ashamed as she hadn't learned her Noble Phantasm yet.

But either way, I shook my head and spoke confidently. "But I am confident in my chances so long as Mash keeps you girls safe."

As I called out Mash she stiffened and nodded with her head dipping down as she bowed. "Yes! I will lay my life down to protect my Master and the Director!" She said with pure steel in her voice making me smile as I looked back at the two normal human girls.

"Then, in that case, let's get going you girls stick behind Mash, I will do the heavy fighting, and Romani you try to keep an eye out for other Servants approaching while we fight," I ordered and Romani comically hurriedly and sloppily saluted before his hologram cut off.

Few words were spoken as we trailed up the mountain and past the shrine except for Ritsuka speaking about some of the things she recognized as we went past the ruined remains of the shrine nothing else was spoken until after we were in the back forest behind the shrine I snorted and raised a hand with a purple orb of spiritual energy formed in my raised hand.

"Cero," I said coldly with a grim smile and the basketball-sized compressed orb of spiritual energy roared to life as it became a pillar of all-consuming destruction that engulfed all in front of us for the next thousand meters for the next five seconds for Olga and Ritsuka was a purple blur of all-consuming light before I cut off the Cero that had bored through the forest and through the ground opening the side of the next mountain that the Grail was buried within.

But that Cero wasn't without cost as I saw Ritsuka stagger in place at the strain I put on my body's magical circuits that were being overworked to refuel my massive internal storage of mana. "Ritsuka cut off the mana I don't need it," I stated softly before I looked back ahead to the man who had sprinted to the side to avoid my Cero... Probably due to his clairvoyant skill that Archers typically had in the Mind's Eye skill.

Corrupted, Archer Emiya and I made eye contact for a whole second which carried a whole mental conversation about our upcoming battle. I saw his hand flex and I thus knew he was going to summon a sword to shoot out of the oversized bow he had in his hand but likewise, he could see my feet tense and could tell I would be able to avoid it... We were at an impasse, I was stronger faster, and more deadly in close range, but he had distance and variability with the many Noble Phantasm copies he could call upon.

So I cheated...

"Emiya, how did Heracles's cock fit into your sister Illya?" I asked seriously and at that moment he flinched at the cursed image I brought to his head and his mental state was ruined I dashed forward into a Sonido and even as his clairvoyance screamed danger at him, I summoned God Killer into my hands, and as the conceptual god slayer that had laid low gods and immortals entered Emiya's eyes. I saw his eyes and nose gush with blood as the divine construct and very sentient sword basically said: "Fuck you, you talentless hack, you aren't copying me!" And then attacked his very soul when he tried to copy the sword into his Reality Marble that was in the depths of his soul.

The thought of his eternal loli sister Illya Von Einzbern sleeping with the ten-foot giant figure of Heracles combined with his actual soul being attacked by God Killer for daring to copy it made Emiya easy pickings as I stepped out of my Sonido with God Killer morphing into a saber but even as Emiya tried to react, the combination of factors made him too slow for the tiny window of time as my saber sliced him diagonally in half from shoulder to waist.

"Sorry dude. Maybe I will fight you better next time." I whispered to Emiya with a wry smile as he eyed me with anger in his bleeding eyes and then I leaned backward as even cut in half with the unattached half already broken down into golden motes of light his other apparently slightly working half tried to slash me with the jagged and heavily curved dagger of Rule Breaker, Medea's Noble Phantasm.

"Oh, goodie mine Haha!" I laughed uproariously as I caught Emiya's wrist as he swung past me and before he could react God Killer snaked over and broke apart into countless wires and strings, that cut off his hand and seemingly absorbed Rule Breaker into the blade making Emiya gap before vomiting blood as he realized my fucking sword stole and could now be used like Rule Breaker.

"Thank you Emiya... You literally gave me the NTR sword cheat that will carry me through this adventure." I said solemnly and Emiya vomited more blood and I saw his cut-off hand literally flip me off as his head collapsed backward into the ground with his form finally breaking apart into golden motes with his death.

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