A Heroes Second Chance

[This fic has reincarnation, probably Yuri, Action, Romance, Ecchi situations and all that jazz. Here's your drop-off point if you don't like those things] A desiccated, fading soul ends up floating in a void with no light. Floating aimlessly while their memories were scrubbed away with the passage of time. Eventually, it finds itself in the presence of a cosmic entity that takes interest in it. Seeing what was scrubbed away from the battered soul, it takes pity on it and returns it to its world after patching the soul back together. In an altered form, the soul returns, yes, but far in the past. Not remembering who they were yet still carrying basic knowledge and the core values they carried in life, the soul lives on and carves their path through the past. [A FATE fic that takes place during the rise of Camelot. Still debating if there should be any crossovers or if I should keep this in the Nasuverse. Lemme know?]

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To be a King/To be her Knight

[A/N: Ye I didn't drop this. Just other fics and morivation to contend with. Don't get me wrong, I LIKE this. I just don't wanna skip over all this stuff to get into the stuff I'm excited for. Thanks all who waited patiently]

-Artoria's POV, two days later-

My dreams have been becoming rather strange lately. Usually I would have dreams about Altria's cooking, besting her in our sparring, learning from Merlin or even about my destiny before me. These new ones that came after I saw Altria's magic were very strange. I saw a red haired boy in odd clothing. He was searching for something or.. someone? If not for his odd clothing, I might have mistook him for a knight due to how he went out of his way to help people.

What kind of person is he? To push himself in front of a stronger being to save them in a duel!? 'You fool!' I wanted to shout. But I was just worried. He reminded me of Altria but more self sacrificing. His use of that magic, to summon blades, was familiar to me. Just like hers. What was the connection? Such questions plagued my mind until my dream changed.

Before a throne room, I saw knights of formidable stature. They all looked at me, upon the throne. It wasn't a new dream. I occasionally had these dreams. The knights, I had no idea who they were but they felt.. close. As if they were friends. I looked around but the one I expected to be by my side wasn't there. My fists clenched but outwardly, I show no other reaction.

Until, that is.. When I heard the sound of marching. Footsteps resonating outside the hall. I involuntarily stood up and feel my heart race. The throne room opens and I see a knight. A knight in black armor. Resembling a dragon, the knight walks toward me, their dark blue cloak flowing behind them as the soldiers and other knights walk behind them. I feel my throat tighten as they bend a knee and remove their helmet. Desiring to see their face, I lean in to see, but once I saw the pale blonde hair, I found myself awakened once again.

The sun hitting my eyes made me groan in discomfort. Until I looked up and saw a patiently waiting Altria standing there with a small smile.

"Artoria, I made breakfast" Altria says, and I swear those words are akin to divine instruments in my ears.

So I quickly move out of bed. Kay will hog the food if I'm not there to rightly stop him.

-POV: 3rd-

Altria laughed as Artoria quickly made her way over to the table. Taking her seat, she heard the usual quarreling between Artoria and Kay. All while Ector sat there in silence and enjoyed the meal. Altria felt a chill as she swallowed her food. Ector himself and Artoria felt it too. Standing up, they looked around, seeing nothing.

Altria broke out into a cold sweat as she felt the familiarity of it. It was like the time she drew on the red spear. But more potent. It wasn't violent but the presence radiated such power, it could not be ignored. As Kay got up to ask what was going on, Ector looked outside, only to see Merlin and a Woman talking on their porch. Slamming the door open, the first thing they heard was the sound of flesh being struck.

As Altria and Artoria looked out, they both saw the woman with Merlin had simply punched him in the face and was walking over while Merlin fell on the grass. Something told them he deserved it though. He was writhing on the ground but they weren't sure if it was from pain or something else.

The woman wiped the hand she punched Merlin with on the house and stopped, seeing Altria and Artoria. She was wearing some sort of tight fitting bodysuit with some armor plating. Seemingly to emphasize movement over protection. On top of this, she was beautiful, yet her expression was stoic as she stared Altria down.

"Ma'am, who-" Ector tried to ask but Merlin touched his shoulder and gave him a look.

"Are you the one who projected Gae Bolg?" The woman asked, scrutinizing the girl.

Artoria furrowed her brow and stuck closer to Altria along with Kay. Taking defensive postures. Although it didn't seem to phase the woman.

"I am. A Demon boar was in the area. Artoria, Kay and I fought it and I used my magecraft" Altria admitted.

"And where did you come to know of the spear? To project it as it was as if you actually saw it before" The woman asked.

"I.." Altria found that question in particular hard to answer.

"Well..? Speak up, girl. This is rather important" The woman pushed, locking eyes with Altria.

"Don't pressure her" Artoria said defensively, hearing a slight snort from the woman in response.

"I saw it in a dream. A world inside me. One where a man passed down his memories. He was.." The woman held up her hand.

"That answer is fine. Interesting, still. You wielded it easily. You're not insane" The woman added, looking into Altria's golden eyes.

"The spear.. Gae Bolg, it's yours, isn't it?" Altria asked, seeing the woman softly sigh.

"Not any longer. It was my pupil's. Speaking of pupils, I have an offer for you. The womanizer has been talking to me about some things. To come take a look at you. I find you very promising, girl" The woman seemed to compliment as she looked over Altria's developing musculature.

"Do you wish to learn the spear? Yes or no?" The woman simply asked.

"I can use the spears I trace. Is that not enough?" Altria asked, seeing Merlin walk over as the woman scoffed.

"You can copy the moves from the figures whose weapons you trace. But is that true mastery, Altria?" Merlin asked with a small smile.

"..I suppose not. It'd be a copy" Altria responded, expression slightly soured.

"You confided in me your true desire. Do you still wish for it?" Merlin looked into her eyes and asked, much to Artoria's confusion.

~To be her Knight.. To be there so she doesn't ever need to suppress her human side. To help her through the difficult decisions~ Altria nodded, a resolute light flashing in her eyes.

"Good. As Artoria has her path set out for her and choices to make, so do you. Dependency can be a good thing. But you know what they say, yes? Longing makes the heart grow fonder" Merlin grinned as Altria coughed and turned her head away from a confused Artoria.

"I still just want to help" Altria whispered, thinking of what could and would happen without her.

"And you'll be a far better help when you are trained by such a-" The woman shot him a murderous glare as he broke out in a nervous sweat.

"Capable teacher! Yes.." Merlin saved himself, putting on a righteous expression.

"You there, protective girl. You wish to be King, yes?" The woman asked, a little bit more impatiently.

"Yes! I want.. To save my people from the impending Saxon danger" Artoria declares, though she looked at Altria with a furrowed brow.

"Then you need support. One such support is right before you. She is strong enough to kill a Demon Boar and her potential is incredible. You won't see her for a while but when she does return to you, she will prove a powerful ally" The woman explained, seeing Artoria look at Altria.

"So the dream was.." Artoria muttered before shaking her head.

"I will certainly miss you, Altria but it is your decision if you want to go and study under.." Artoria looked back at the woman, as if she were asking a silent question.

"Scathach" Scathach simply replied.

"She'd have no better master to teach her the spear" Merlin added.

Altria nodded before taking Artoria's hand.

"I'll try to be back when you pull the sword.." Altria quietly said.

"If I can.." Artoria whispered, much to Altria's confusion.

"Very well. Take my hand, Altria" Scathach held her hand out, waiting for Altria.

"Kay, Ector.. Take care of her. Hopefully my cooking lessons sinked in so you won't have to deal with a hungry Artoria" Altria half joked at the end.

"Hey! I am not that bad.." Artoria huffed, much to Kay's amusement.

"We'll take care of her, Altria. You do the same. Don't take too long, aye?" Ector pat her shoulder and smiled.

"Merlin.. You too. Teach her just as well as I will be" Altria looked up at the magus and requested.

"Well.. I'll certainly try. Do your best to hang on, Altria" Merlin warned at the end as Altria took Scathach's hand.

"Just come back soon. Okay?" Artoria finished, seeing Altria nod resolutely.

After that, a black gate appeared nearby in their front yard. Scathach leading Altria as she tightened her grip on her hand.

"Do you worry for her?" Scathach asked as they walked.

"She is strong. I have faith in her. I just.." Altria looked up at the gate.

"Kingship, is it?" Scathach asks as they walk into the gate and disappear before their eyes.

Upon entering, Altria looked at the barren, craggy environment where a towering castle lay. The clouds above all black and grey with very little light, if any reached through. Aside from that, the dead roamed around. Bodies desiccated and some only seemed like shadowy entities that drifted aimlessly.

"Trace your weapons. The dead do not take kindly to the presence of the living without my approval" Scathach said, releasing her hand.

"Don't I have your approval?" Altria asked, noticing the number of dead converging on them.

"You have my approval to come here and be tested. You show promise but I must see it for myself. I'll hold you at a higher standard than even Setanta, given your heart, magecraft and Reality Marble. Use Gae Bolg. You'll fight until you kill five thousand of them" Scathach declared as she moved back and watched as Altria's eyes glowed, summoning the red spear.

As Altria held the familiar stance, Scathach watched the spear carefully. Altria starting combat against the denizens of the Land of Shadows. Using the skills she taught her past disciple as she struck with precision.

~A perfect copy. Down to the last detail. I can hardly tell the difference. If I didn't know I had the spear myself..~ Scathach thought as she watched Altria fight.

It was more a test to find the limits of her body. She was beyond even a grown man and she hadn't used reinforcement yet. The world, it seemed, hadn't become boring in Scathach's eyes. If such beings like this were taking part in shaping it. She may truly get her wish, but did not allow herself to hope for it, not yet at least. As she dismissed those thoughts, she watched Altria push her strength and swing with her grip on the back of the shaft. A cyclone of the dead flew back and died as she created a circle of free space between them and her.

"Impressive. Use anything and everything you can to kill the rest. I want to see what you're capable of" Scathach said aloud, seeing Altria nod.

Seeing the number of enemies increasing, Altria used reinforcement and dashed into a group of the undead. Piercing into one's skull, she used the pole to parry two more slashes of their chipped blades. Kicking the end and spinning the spear around, she hacked one's neck off and repeatedly blocked strikes from several more before several swords tore through the air and decimated a dozen more.

Scathach narrowed her eyes as she watched this. Altria fighting harder to keep the enemies off her, used the skills she inherited from the memories of the man she was determined never to become. Minutes passed by and several hundred blades littered the landscape. Yet the enemies never ceased. Pushing her young body this far with reinforcement had her sweating heavily and only brief moments of respite were allowed to her after clearing a space of the undead.

"I am the bone of my sword" Was what Scathach heard as the swords arced across the dark skies and into the undying bodies.

~She's not using her Reality Marble. Why? I hear the first part of the aria. And she's going to run out of stamina soon~ Scathach thought as she watched Altria engage once again.

Panting, Altria broke off the clash between her and five of the undead as sweat rolled down her face. She heard a snort of mockery from inside her head. Gritting her teeth, she tried to ignore it but the last man within her Reality Marble spoke up.

~"Fool. She said to use everything. Why aren't you using it?"~ The gruff voice asked as Altria kicked an undead's skull in.

~Because I can't.. The words.. Both of yours are wrong. It's not who I am. It won't work~ Altria replied as she freed up another space for herself using the flying blades.

~"Of course they don't, idiot. You are not us. Our experiences are different. You have lost more memory than even I. Experiences, Memory and Goals. All are different. We were here to share ours. Don't ever become like us. You are no longer Shirou Emiya. You hold his patched together soul. Almost a blank slate except for that thing you treasure the most. How envious.. To still be able to hold on to such a thing. Hmph.. Figure it out. I've said enough"~ He finished with a scoff as Altria found her mind quiet once more.

"I see... Yes, I think I understand now" Altria projected a wall of large swords around her, enough to keep up a wall the undead would struggle to break through.

"Oh?" Scathach muttered in interest as she watched Altria's mana unleash.

"I am the bone of my sword" Altria spoke clearly.

"Steel is my body and fire is my blood" She followed up, focusing deep within as her eyes close.

"I have attained over a thousand blades" Her mana filled the air, starting to warp the space nearby.

"Searching for the one to make me whole. My beloved sheath" Altria spoke once more as Scathach's brow raised.

"Having spent an eternity searching" Altria's eyes open.

"I have no regrets, this is my only path"

"All my life is Unlimited Blade Works" Altria finished as the area around them all was overtaken by a strange sight.

A grassy hill of blades stretching as far as the eye can see. The sky overcast with a strange, dark blue light peeking through the clouds. As if paradise intertwined with an otherworldly influence. The undead looked to the darkening skies as a tsunami of blades rose up from the horizon. Altria waved her hand as thousands of blades descended upon them all. Scathach was visually impressed yet looked up at the odd blue light in caution.

"What a strange student I have.." She muttered, seeing the Reality Marble dissipate as Altria panted and took a knee.

~In the end she killed over eight thousand of them. Quite the little monster I have~ Scathach strode toward Altria, who picked her head up and looked at Scathach.

"Congratulations. You are now my new student, Altria. You may call me Master or Teacher, is that understood?" Scathach asked, the stoicism never leaving her face.

"Understood, Teacher" Altria nodded in agreement.

"Good. Pick yourself up. You'll be staying in the Castle with me. And if you think this was difficult, be prepared. I do not go easy on my students" Scathach warned as Altria nodded.

"If it means I can be strong enough to stand beside her" Altria thought as her eyes flashed in determination.


Artoria had watched Altria leave and clenched her fists as she looked over at Merlin.

"What does it mean to be a King? I hear nothing but contempt for the current one. Tell me, what should a King be?" Artoria asked.

"A King, hmm.. A King is one who shoulders the weight of his Kingdom. A strong being. Above human. A King shows no weakness because he cannot afford to. A King loves his people, yet cannot show it. In time, you will understand, Artoria" Merlin said, though Kay's brows furrowed as she nodded in understanding.

"That is the King we will need, Artoria" Merlin finished, nodding to Ector.

"We'll be increasin' Artoria's training regiment then?" Ector asked, folding his burly arms.

"Yes. Altria will be trained by a rather fierce master herself. I will continue to educate her in magic and you will continue to educate her in combat and tactics" Merlin stated, seeing Ector nod in agreement.

"Good.. I can't fall behind Altria. I want to stand beside her when she finishes her training" Artoria declared with a determined smile.

Merlin smiled and rested his hand atop her head.

-Years later, Dun Scaith-

Altria parried a block from a phantasmal beast, a Chimera. Practiced katas and rune magic drilled into her head made the battle trivial. She wasn't fighting to kill it, but subdue it. To move it out of the lands around the Castle. More for its own safety, since Scathach would kill it if it tried to mark its territory around her home. After a knockout hit to its head, Altria picked up the thousand pound beast and hauled it over her shoulder while walking away from the Castle grounds.

Her skills and physique in the years since had drastically improved. Her looks also matured, as a fifteen year old's naturally would. Her pale blonde hair reaching her upper back was put in a simple ponytail. Her face schooled in a stoic expression, much like her teacher's. Her eyes a pale gold and her body beginning to properly mature. Scathach had given her some proper silver armor with dark blue sturdy cloth making up her clothes. She almost looked like a proper knight if not for the lack of full plate and helmet.

It suited her just fine. She could move just fine in the armor and she didn't consider herself worthy enough to wear full plate until she officially joined Artoria's forces and was knighted by Artoria herself. As she looked over into the dark horizon, she allowed herself a small smile.

"It should be soon, Artoria.." Altria muttered.

-Brittanian Forest-

"If you take that sword.. You will no longer be human, Artoria. A King is someone who kills everyone of their enemies to protect every one behind him" Merlin said as Artoria gazed at the sword in the stone.

"I know, Merlin. I just.. I want her to be here. Please, at least.. tomorrow, allow me to be a little selfish" Artoria turned to her teacher and asked.

"Very well.." Merlin smiled as Artoria looked off into the bright horizon with a smile.

"Please come back soon.."