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A skele-ton of nothing

-East Side of Hell-

(1st POV)

We can see me sleeping, but I was awoken by loud banging on the door. "Open the damn door already!" I heard, to which I complied. "What do you want, Gil?" I asked. Let me tell you how I met him, A few years back, the being that put me here also placed one other person for shits and giggles.

"I came here to tell you that Alastor is gone!" he shouted. I just nodded in response. "So, what's for breakfast—" "You mean lunch,"He corrected me. and he sighed, to which I interrupted, "You really need to stop sighing; it's bad for your health." I said and used shortcut to teleport to our living room.

'So, seven years till canon, or is this the pilot?' I thought. Suddenly, Gil appeared beside me with a ketchup bottle and some lasagna. 'Too much thinking, jeez, I need to relax,' I thought as I thanked Gil.


Hell Name: Gillish

Rank:Overlord (Maybe?)

Looks: Resembles Bezelbub from Chiken Nugget, so basically a Tumblr sexy man.


1. Discord from MLP

2. Bill Cipher

3. *Secret* •We're breaking the fourth wall with this one•

Hell Name:You decide as i am too lazy

Rank: An actual Overlord

Looks:Basically Morø Production Sans


1. Nightmare Sans

2. Nightmare Cuphead

3. Nightmare Bendy


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