A Happy Wife in a Rural Family Book

novel - Romance

A Happy Wife in a Rural Family

Gao Qingqing

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Gu Qingli, a modern-day doctor and poisoner, was killed by her best friend. She was reborn as a weak peasant girl who could easily be bullied. Not long after she returned home, her wedding was called off. Everyone in the village started speaking poorly about her. A greedy matchmaker showed up and tried to convince Qingli to marry an older man! The matchmaker had barely been gone for a few seconds before returning once again. It seemed that Xiao Laosan, a man from the same village who was famous for bringing bad luck to his partner, wanted Qingli as his wife. The matchmaker wondered why a wretched woman like her was so popular. Gu Qingli did not mind. She thought that she, a wretched woman, was a perfect match for this man. For the days to come, she'd take her younger brother with her to forage for herbs, and they'd stir up trouble when they got bored. Wretched woman? A failed investment? Those things had nothing to do with her!


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