A Guide on How to Not Survive A BL RPG world

Author: Cinnalolli
Video Games
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What is A Guide on How to Not Survive A BL RPG world

Read A Guide on How to Not Survive A BL RPG world novel written by the author Cinnalolli on WebNovel, This serial novel genre is Video Games stories, covering reincarnation, system, harem, transmigration, survival. ✓ Newest updated ✓ All rights reserved


Like some Isekai protagonist, You, Rune were thrust into the fantasy world of a game you may or may have not spent too many hours playing. You have no intention of becoming some fanfiction reader insert trope and did everything you could to remain as a background character. Though it seems like the entire world is doing everything it can to make you the main character. How annoying!

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I like the idea of the story and the first chapter was really captivating sadly there's only one chapters so please update more it's very interesting


I like how you used second POV to narrate the story. It took me back to when I was still reading fanfictions :). It felt like I was in the story myself while reading.


First time reading in this POV and I'm hooked. Promising start, I cannot wait for the next chapter so hurry up Author ;) Also, love the way you worded the old guy's speech, really felt immersive and I could just hear it in my head like I was there.


Dude. Don't. Stop. Writing. The first chapter came in a hot with a bang!! And frankly Rune loft and I have a lot in common—I wonder if that's a good thing 😆. Your writing quality is good. Great thing going on for you in the first chapter, pace work, themes, whacky sense of humour. I literally checked if one of the tags was comedy, sadly, it wasn't 😫😩. I had so much fun reading it. Problem starts from second chapter with the info dumping. Take things slow, the world needs to be explained but that can also be done as the story progresses. Here's a tip from your new fan😁, don't explain things that haven't happened yet. Explain the world, setting and everything as those things come to light in the story. Overall, I laughed so hard tears came out of my eyes in chapter one😆 wait... you probably did not need to know that.


It's rebirth time ! This is just so nice , writing quality is just wow . How can something be this perfect? I really like how the characters are designed . we can picture them in our head so precisely! keep it up good job!


This POV is such interesting, at first, it felt like I'm the one being addressed by the author, and before I could notice, I'm done reading the chapter. Hope the author would release more chapters soon, or else I might storm his/her house. 😁😁😁


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