Chapter 84 The Rush for Quick Success and Instant Benefits_1

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On the first day of his mountain trip, Zhao Erhu's harvest was scant, as most of his time was spent on the journey. As darkness fell, he found a cave to rest in, a familiar spot he had visited a few times before. There was no need to search for caves; he used the same old place he had stumbled upon years ago during a frantic escape from a wild animal. The entrance of the cave, hidden by sprawling vines, was hard to notice without a close look.

After gathering some dry wood nearby, Zhao Erhu ignited a fire with flint and then opened the bundle Lin Yue had given him. "Well, no wonder the bundle was rather heavy," he thought. Along the way, he had carelessly eaten some of the food from the bundle without giving it much attention, not realizing that his little wife had packed all the food she had prepared the previous afternoon.