A Godslayer in a School

One of my stories from my Discord, it's time to bring some of them over to Webnovel! This one is a Teen Weeb and a History nerd who ends up killing a God-King and acquires his Authorities. What does he do with them? He abuses them! It's loosely Campione world (Supernatural) x with some slice-of-life animes like Oreigaru (regular world) ------- Discord: discord.gg/denoffanfics my pat : pat reon.com/DragonsFics

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The Silver Haired Princess

La Folia looked at the new arrival with an interested look. What she was looking at was a Viking. 

She never saw one before. No one did. It has been over a thousand years since the whole culture of raiders became exciting.

Yet, this one was strong. The silver-haired girl can sense strange energy radiating from him.

This energy was weird. Different from demons. 

As she was pondering, he walked over to her. 

Only now did she realise that he looked no older than she was. 

"What's your name?" He asked her.

"...Umm… I am La Folia Rihavein." She decided not to tell the most important part: she was a princess. 

"Oh, it would seem my power struck gold." He chuckled as his hand went to her chin and made her look at him.

"You see... Princess." 

Her eyes widened for a second. She wondered how he learned about that. He ignored her shock before explaining some more.

"I am a Godslayer. I kill Gods and take their powers. One of those powers belongs to an explorer. It takes me to a location of my desires. 

It's a broad term. It even allows me to cross realities." 

Her whole body trembled. What is he talking about!? 

"That is right. I wanted a silver-haired Princess. And here I am." He chuckled as he released her chin before looking at the two demons standing up.

"I understand that you two were sent to kill this princess. However, that is no longer an option for you two. You can choose to die or to run away."

As Raynor said that, the skies rumbled louder; thunder lights brightened the island.

Such clouds looked quite angry.

"Oh Yeah? I don't know who you are, but you won't get another cheap shot!"

The woman slashed her whip at Raynor, who caught it with his hand.

"Are you sure you want to hold this?" The Godslayer asked with a smirk.

Before the vampire woman could drop it, the Storm King sent her a massive voltage. 


The woman started to shake and tremble, collapsing on the ground seconds later.

"You! I will—"

Before the man could comment, a spartan kick went to this guy's stomach.


The werewolf ended up holding his stomach.

"I didn't catch that. What did you say?"

The guy's mouth opened and closed a couple of times.

"Yes. I know, having a Greek God's body is shocking. But there is no need for you to be in such awe." 


With a backhand slap, Raynor sends him flying away into a tree.

Once done, the Godslayer turned around and proceeded to walk towards La Folia.

The princess looked at him with an impressed look. This Viking guy sure had a lot of power. He might be able to help her.

"They are dealt with, or do you want me to end their lives?" He enquired.

"...N-No, it's fine. A lesson like this is enough." The silver-haired beauty shook her head.

At that moment, Raynor looked at his knights. 

"Erica, Liliana, why don't you try your magic on them? See if hypnosis and other skills will work on people of this world." 

His suggestion made the pair nod as they swiftly walked towards their targets.

"...You genuinely are not of this world?" La Folia asked as she realised that either they were trying too hard or they were indeed not from this world.

"I just told you. Or do people have powers like mine in this world?" 

Thunder rolled in the skies. Illuminating the island as the dark clouds clouded the sun, casting a considerable shadow in this place.

"...not that I have seen." The Princess slowly nodded her head as she looked at the sky. 

"So. What will happen to me? Oh, great conqueror." The girl wasn't afraid, no, she was curious. 

Her reaction only made him more interested in her.

"In the Lord's world, Godslayers are known as Kings of the world. Nations bow their heads to them as no one is their equal. Godslayers defend the world from Gods who descend and turn mad. 

No one else could hurt them, only a Godslayer." Ena explained with a plain tone. 

The Princess listened patiently; she realised this girl was some sort of Shrine Maiden who most likely worshipped these Godslayers. 

La Folia wonders how strong these Godslayers are regarding Vampire Progenitors.

"I see. Does this mean I belong to the Lord now?" She came to this conclusion. Considering what he said the moment he spotted her.

"...Precisely. It wouldn't be wise to oppose someone who can drown countries in a storm or turn them into a desert." Ena, with a plain tone, told her what Raynor could do.

'So they are like the Vampire Progenitors who do whatever they want.' The silver-haired girl pondered on this. 

"I understand. I will be willing to go with you if you help me with something." 

Since she ended up in his clutches, then she might as well try recruiting him to help her with something. 

"Oh?" Raynor was interested. He knows she is in Japan because she wants to rescue a girl younger than her but still her aunt. It's her grandfather's illegitimate daughter, who was a nun in a monastery before she was kidnapped.

"Yes. I know I am getting out of bounds. But you are not from this world. So it's an excellent opportunity for you to see this world." She reasoned with him with a beautiful smile.

"True. However, My power doesn't allow me to leave this island that simply. Once I return to my reality, I will recharge it, and then we can go where you want."


The girl slightly frowned, hearing that. It would seem she was in a pickle.

Before she could comment on the circumstances, he stepped forward and got close to her. 

La Folia was about to take a step back, but then he grabbed her chin and proceeded to kiss her. 

The girl's eyes widened as she was shocked by his boldness, but then she felt mana flooding her. 

'W-Wow! What a potent mana!!!' Pleasure washed her whole body as her legs nearly caved in! 

But this was where Raynor wrapped his hands around her waist and kept her in place. Eventually, she closed her eyes and stopped resisting this energy, which ultimately washed her over and did something to her.

By the time the kiss was over, La Folia had glassy eyes, looking at something. The pleasure drowned her with an unfamiliar feeling. 

She felt like she was forcefully taken or kidnapped. A strange, intoxicating feeling washed her over. It was similar to a princess who was taken by a barbarian.

"...W-What was this?" The silver-haired beauty asked with a distant voice. She was trying to understand what he did to her.

"This is my authority I took from Zeus, the King of Gods. It is the authority of Olympus. My power claimed you as mine in the eyes of the highest magic."

He said with a smirk on his lips.

"There is no escape for you~." He whispered in her ear as he was holding her close.

The silver-haired girl had heard about this god before from myths in Greece.

Are these things real in his world?

Well, it doesn't matter. She just basked in that magic. There is no question anymore that those things are real.

"..." She didn't say anything. Instead, she looked at his glowing blue eyes. 

La Folia does feel like a barbarian kidnapped her, and now he will do things to her.

"Boss. The boys have told me that someone has landed on the island.

It's a white-haired teen and a girl with a silver spear." The leading Viking interrupted the Godslayer, who was having fun. 


"Ena, make sure La Folia doesn't wander off. I will find out who it is."

Raynor released the princess from his hold and instructed Hime-miko. With a casual step, he floated, rising into the sky and flying away.

"He can fly?" The Princess was surprised. She wonders how many strange abilities he has.

"His Highness has killed eight gods. Well, seven, as Athena is a subordinate goddess. By our world standards, he is considered a mighty slayer. Another name we have for them is Demon Lords. 

Because they do whatever they want."

Ena explained as she felt this was what La Folia was thinking.

"...And you just agree with everything they do?" The silver-haired girl curiously asked. She wasn't even planning to run away. It feels that it is pointless to do. Instead, she switched to the thousands of years old tactic of trying to influence him.

"It would seem you ignored what Ena said to you." Hime-Miko signed.

"Ena said. They kill Gods. How do you suggest ignoring someone like that?" 

"...Sealing away? We do things like that in this world." La Folia suggested.

"What part of being immune to basic human magic did you miss?" Hime-Miko said with a tired tone. It would seem this Princess is slow on the intake!


'No, these Godslayer are worse…'


Raynor grinned as he looked down and saw a pair of teens walking through the island. These two were the main cast. 

'To think that I will appear in an actual light novel.'

'It shouldn't be a surprise. Don't forget that we Gods sometimes appear from simple stories and myths humans created. 

Something a novel becomes a reality is not uncommon at all.'

Athena said with a plain, almost bored tone. However, her tone changed when Raynor's eyes turned to the white-haired teen.

'Oh my. Isn't that interesting? This teen has Fallen Divinity of some sort. I can sense several divinities he is radiating. It's as if they have been altered, turned or more like inverted.'

The Goddess was intrigued. It was like she finally found an interesting research material.

'That the fourth Progenitor. The artificial and the strongest of them all.

Vampires of this world have familiars they can summon. In a sense, they are similar to offensive authorities.'

Raynor explained to her as he slowly floated down in front of them.

"The Princess of Aldegyr Kingdom belongs to me. If you wish to 'rescue' her, you must pass through me." Raynor said with a hand motion to 'come at me'.

The girl in question had dark brown, almost black hair and amber eyes. She pulled out a silver spear from her backpack.

"Oi Himeragi, don't just take this as an offence. He is trying to bait us to attack." The white-haired teen said with a severe tone.

"Yes. I am, and little girl, don't interfere in fights beyond your pay grade. 

Without even looking, the black clouds moved and revealed a massive concentration of energy.

There was no warning as the blast of lightning descended on the pair of newcomers. 


The white-haired teen grabbed the girl and lunged to the side. 

But the lightning changed the directions and slammed into the pair either way. 

Raynor slightly smiled, seeing how the pair dealt with the attack. 

The aura of the 'main cast' was strong in this one. 

Lightning cooked the spear, and the Vampire Progenitor summoned a golden lion. It was a massive beast with red eyes and a golden lightning mane. 

"Hahahaha! That's more like it! Let's see who is stronger! My authority over Divine Lightning or your pet's lightning!" 

The sky crackled with power even more as lightning bolts bombarded the golden lion.

It's funny how the fight went south quickly for the Vampire Progenitor, who's fighting prowess is abysmal at best. He quickly lost control over his familiar, which started a rampage.

Sure enough, Raynor didn't need to move as the guy recalled his beast before it could get ugly.

"So that is all you can do?" 

"I am still here!" 

The girl jumped at him with her spear as she tried to stab him.

"Balmung, show her what a real weapon looks like." With the torrent of lightning, the spear clashed with the sword. 

The spear is supposed to send miniature vibrations to cancel magic, but Raynor's magic is not simple. Its divine, sheer scale of its power overwhelmed the spear's vibrations and caused the runes and arrays on it to shatter. 

"...N-No way!"

With a casual kick, he sends her flying away. 


"Don't lose sight of your opponent! You are next." There was a feral grin on Raynor's face. One could see his greedy look as he wants those familiars and that power the progenitor has!


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