A Godslayer in a School

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The Greatest Explorer of All Time

The day went quite sluggish; Raynor was able to tease and mess with his cousin throughout the day.

The girl was not used to that. She recalled her cousin being quite a lazy bum, but this time around. He was pretty active in his teasing.

One thing led to another, and she retreated. Instead, she found one of his girls and brought her to him.

It was Ena. The Hime-Miko is quite useless when it comes to the kitchen. So she was just an assistant. Eve changed with her and sent her to Raynor.

"Ena?" Raynor noticed her sneaking into his parent's bedroom, which had the biggest TV.

The Storm King is using that room to watch TV. It has the biggest bed and the biggest TV!

"Your cousin switched with Ena. She said you need help." As the red-eyed girl said that, she sneaked into the bed and laid her head on his shoulder.

Sure enough, the pair started to cuddle.

"Well, this is better help than the kitchen. Now I can cuddle~"

"Hn. As long as Ena's Lord likes it, It's fine." She whispered her reply.

Instead of saying anything, the Godslayer pulled her into a hug and continued to watch his documentary.

Eventually, it was something about Egyptian gods.

Something Raynor paid attention to quite a bit.

"Did any of my 'siblings' slay one of these?" He asked his Miko.

"...To Ena's knowledge, only the Balkan King has slayed Osiris." The beauty replied to his question after pondering on it for a bit.

"I see, I see. That is good. It means Ra and Anubis are not touched." With quite a giddy tone, Raynor exclaimed as he started to stroke her long hair.

"No. Not to my knowledge. My Lord should check some of the records. Some Heretic Gods were slain a hundred or so years ago and won't descend. They need to recover their powers."

"True. Well, regardless, we should book a holiday trip to Egypt." Raynor casually proposed.

"If My Lord wants it. We can go there."

"Yes, we will. However, Erica already suggested visiting Italy this upcoming summer."

Ena heard his slightly disappointed tone; she quickly decided to raise his mood.

"There should be some Heretic Gods for you to fight there too. You have Greeks, Carthaginians and Romans." She swiftly tried to sound excited for him.

"Hehehe. Ena is just cute. There is no need for you to worry. I know I was just more interested in Egyptian ones now. You don't need to worry." As he said that, he slightly pulled himself into a sitting position and placed her on his lap. He then proceeded to stroke her chin.

"I-I see… Umm— My Lord, w-we are not in a great place to do things beyond simple cuddling." She fiddled with her clothes.

"I know. But that means we can do things which are considered 'cuddling', and honestly, that's a broad term." He whispered the last part to her. Her blush only intensified.

Just like that, the pair kissed and cuddled, which didn't last long as Erica walked in and started to huff and puff at the pair.

"Dinner is ready, you two!"


Around midnight, Raynor's phone vibrated. One of Storm King's eyes opened. His hand sneaked under the pillow. He then pulled out his phone and checked what it was. He is sure he turned off data and wifi, which means it's a message.

'A Heretic God descended in Norway, it's moving towards Iceland. Its speed is that of a slowly moving boat.'

For a second, he pondered on the message.

"It's an explorer. One of the best lands the raiders has to offer."

Athena whispered into his ear.

'I see. Good to know.'

As he mentally replied, he looked at the girls sleeping around him. They all are hugging part of him.

'Well, this will take a while to get around.'

The Storm King proceeded to get himself out of this situation. Once again, he made Erica hug Liliana. Then he made the other two hug a pillow or a giant plush toy he won in one of the carnivals.

With mission success, he proceeded to sneak out. Instead of walking, he floated around the room. He collected his stuff and then floated out outside.

Then he rushed into the air and towards the Baltic Sea.

When he was outside the city's boundaries, he summoned his chariot and rushed towards the location Alicia had messaged him.

With how fast the chariot was, Raynor arrived there in around ten minutes.

What he saw in the distance made him realise that he found his target.

It was a huge Viking longboat as it was moving forward and leaving a mist behind it. With the full moon in the background, it looked like a haunted ship from a horror movie.

'Found you. Now it's time for a gift!'

As Storm King thought about this, he started to chant the authority of Apollo.

"The Great rays of the sun prophecies the end of times. Witness its fury! Phoebus Catastrophe!"

With a backflip, he sent the chariot into the ship. The chariot turned into a fireball as it slammed into the wooden boat.

A large explosion followed as the ship started to sink. Raynor observed this as he watched a person jump out from the boat and land on a piece of wood.

"I am Lief Erikson! The greatest explorer this world has ever seen! Who dares to interrupt my greatest voyage yet!?"

'Lief Erikson? The dude who discovered North America? Damn…'

Raynor was surprised who this Viking was. While his deeds are impressive, the Storm King wasn't feeling that kind of oppression like he felt from Sigurd or other Heretic Gods he faced before.

It felt that this guy was as minor as it gets.

'But usually the minor ones who have the most hax abilities!'

"Heh, never heard of you." The Godslayer provoked the Heretic God.

"Then you will learn today!!!" With an angry snarl, the Viking Hero rushed forward. The Norse Explorer was using a piece of his ship as a surfboard.

He was dashing forward towards the Storm King, who was smirking along the way.

Ocean and air? These are his two domains. With a growing grin, a blue aura surrounded him. Storm clouds started to gather.

It only took a few seconds for rain to start dropping. Heavy rain fell before the sky began to brighten from all the lightning gathered in the storm clouds.

Bolts of lightning slammed into the Heretic God. Making his speed fall, and he nearly lands face-first into the water.

Raynor realised that the guy couldn't fly! A Heretic God who can't fly? Now that's the first one.

'Then again, Sigurd was the same.' A random thought popped into his mind.

Regardless, the Godslayer raised his right hand and pointed his index finger into the sky. A bolt of lightning slammed into his hand, forming a sword.

It was Balmung, with a sword in hand. Raynor lunged at the Norse Hero.

The Explorer used two axes to block. But this was highly one-sided. The Storm King realised that this was not a proper fight. The Heretic God can't even operate on water.

"Let me end this quickly for you."

"Ha! Just because you can fly doesn't mean you will be victorious!"

Lief Erikson's aura surged, and a ship rose from the water depths!

"...Damn." For a second, Raynor was impressed by the ability to spawn longboats!

However, at that moment, his sword crackled with lightning as he released thunder arcs into the ship where the explorer landed.

This time around, literal Vikings became shields!

"...You can spawn ships and raiders? What the fuck!" For a second, he pulled back and pondered on this. Of all the Heretic Gods he faced before, none of them had subordinates!

"Are you surprised!? Godslayer! I am the greatest explorer this world has ever seen! I was the one who discovered a new continent! A new land!

Of course, people would flock to travel with me!"

"I see…"

Raynor realised that this guy had only one thing, that single thing which crystallised and became his Authority.

And that is exploration.

'Then I don't need to hold back that he can't pull a dragon out of his ass.'

"I understand. You have my thanks for telling me how to kill you."

"Arrogance! from a thief!"

"Don't worry because, Hear the sound of seas and the fury they bring! Reaching even the distant lands of Oceanus, my reach touches them all! Behold the Might of Poseidon! The God of Seas!" Raynor's words held power as the ocean surged, and a massive water titan rose with a trident in his hand.

"I have just the proper tool to sink your boat."

Lief Erikson looked with wide eyes as Poseidon stabbed his trident into the longboat as if it was something made from paper.

The wooden construct shattered and exploded with thousands of pieces as the trident dragged Lief into the depths of the Atlantic Ocean.

As this was happening, Raynor just watched with an indifferent look.

'His aura did increase the moment he was on a boat. Whatever authority he has, if he gathers a fleet, he could have become a dangerous opponent.

But sadly for him, he didn't know I had Poseidon's power.'

As Storm King recalled the exchange, Poseidon's avatar shattered into thousands of pieces and disappeared. The fight was over, and the Godslayer could feel the new Authority manifesting in his Olympus.

'What a peculiar authority this is.' His gut feeling is telling that he has a bunch of requirements for Lief Erikson's authority to manifest.

However, once it does, it could be— interesting!


With relatives leaving, Raynor could finally relax and tell his girls what he did last night.

"...So you killed another one?"

"To think 3 Heretic Gods in 3 days. That is unheard of." Liliana and Erica pondered what was going on.

Is this like a pebble thrown into a pond kind of thing? With a single rock generating a bunch of waves?

In a way, it makes sense. Raynor has killed two God Kings. Such a thing very rarely happens. It's rare for even one God King to appear. Of all the current Godslayers, only the Balkan King is the closest thing to a God King, and that is Osiris.

'Though Pluto has that Aztec God, allowing it to shift between animals. But nothing like Raynor's thunder or storm and ocean manipulation.'

"So what did you get from that Viking Explorer?" Yukino was more interested because she didn't sense any changes in herself.

"I got expedition."

"...expedition? What is that?" Erica asked with a confused look.

"There are three stages for this authority. Stage one, I gather divinity. As time passes, I allocate some of my power to this authority.

This authority, like a camp, produces Vikings for me. The more Viking I have, the more manpower I have. The more Vikings I have, the more longboats they can build."

"...And then?"

"I go Anywhere."

"...This sounds useless…" Yukino was not impressed at all. At this moment, his chariot can take him anywhere either way. But Liliana and Erica pondered on his words.

"...Wait! His authority is based on his voyage! In that Voyage, he discovered new land! But at this moment, there are NO NEW Lands!" Erica explained loudly; thankfully, they were outside now, enjoying some morning tea. No one was around to hear her exclaim like that.

"Correct. These ships can take me to different realities and mark them as new land."

"... is that even possible?" The black-haired girl joined in the shock.

"Very, Godslayers don't follow regular norms. If he says he can do it, then believe he will." Erica said with some sweat rolling down her forehead. Did her boyfriend just become an inter-dimensional raider?

From the look he was showing, that grin was telling her that this authority most likely would become one of his favourites. Of course, none of those authorities will ever surpass Zeus'. Those are his first and most used of them all.


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