A Godslayer in a School

One of my stories from my Discord, it's time to bring some of them over to Webnovel! This one is a Teen Weeb and a History nerd who ends up killing a God-King and acquires his Authorities. What does he do with them? He abuses them! It's loosely Campione world (Supernatural) x with some slice-of-life animes like Oreigaru (regular world) ------- Discord: discord.gg/denoffanfics my pat : pat reon.com/DragonsFics

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Role Playing as Viking Warlord

The trio of girls landed on the beach and walked towards Viking village.

"To think that the ritual power doesn't just create Housecarls but an entire society as an authority." Erica was pleasantly surprised that her boyfriend inherited such a power.

"It's most likely related to the fact that Lief Erikson didn't just find a continent but build a village on it as well," Liliana said thoughtfully.

"Most likely the case."

'Does it mean that once we arrive in another reality, he can build permanent bridges between them? Such a thing is absurd to think about. Even Godslayers should have limits.'

The blonde knight thought with a nervous look.

As they walked over, the Vikings saw them. They respectfully nodded at them. Since they are creations of his authorities, they know they are here with their leader. 

"Umm, where is our Lord?" Erica asked the first Viking they approached.

"Lord Storm is changing his clothes."

'Lord Storm? Curious choice of words.' Erica wondered how they came up with that name. Not that she minds. The more titles he has, the better for him.

"Can you point in his direction?"

"Sure. The longhouse. There is nowhere else our lord could be in." The Viking said with a matter-of-fact tone.

"...Right. Silly me thinking he would be somewhere else." Erica wanted to smack herself in the head for thinking he could be in a different place.

Without wasting another second, they proceeded to walk towards the longhouse. However, they quickly found the elephant in the room, as they say. The longboat, or the dragon boat as they used to call it.

They found an enormous size longboat. 

It was emitting an absurd amount of mana. It was undoubtedly a creation from an authority from a Heretic God or Godslayer.

'So the leader creates housecarls, which in turn create a ritual site and prepare all the rites. To think that an authority could be the simplest of actions turned into an authority.' Erica so far has not seen such authority before.

"Cool boat, right?" 

That moment, Raynor walked from the longboat dressed in leather, chainmail and fur. He looked like a Viking Warlord.

The girl didn't know what to think. But they, of course, have to play along no matter what. That is what it means to have absolute faith in their King. 

"Of course. My Lord. It is after all authority you conquered from a Viking Explorer." Erica walked over and placed her hand on his hand.

Her senses washed over his clothes. Internally, she gulped down. 

'Those are not mundane clothes! Good God. Everything here is like authority, a ritual creation!?' 

The blonde is sure there are not many mundane mage weapons that could hurt divinity like this!

Erica looked at her fellow knight, and hime-miko, her gaze, said it all. It's like Raynor had armour Authority, too.

That's the thing about this authority. Preparations for the expedition fall under the same Lief Erikson's authority. The preparations, weapons, armour, and lodging are all part of the same ritual.

That's why there was a village in the land dedicated to the ritual.

While this power is potent when used how it is supposed to. Yet, all of it is incredibly fragile as well.

The moment Raynor doesn't want to explore, all of it would shatter like a glass dropped on the floor. 

As this is a ritual, the moment something doesn't work how it is supposed to, all of it collapses upon itself.

"Should I get a piece of armour for you girls too?" Raynor asked with a curious look.

"No need. We have spells for armour, too. With your support, they are more potent." With a burst of red, Erica wore tight blue jeans, a red sweater, and outdoor shoes. At the same time, Liliana ended up dressed in a blue one-piece skirt with outdoor shoes.

"So the get-up looks regular, but it's weaved in magic?" 

Raynor looked interested in how this worked. The Storm King could create something similar in future. So far, he doesn't have lifesaving authorities or spells. In that case, he could just make an armour spell or something.

"Precisely, we usually dress not to stand out too much." Erica did a spin. She could feel his gaze on her bum. Her jeans highlight her legs and ass quite well. That look tells it all.

"Impressive. You can teach me that spell later on. For now, let's board the ship!" 

The moment he said that, the Viking standing not far from Raynor scrambled. 

"Oi! You dogs! The boss wants to leave! Begin preparations for sailing!!!" The Viking shouted to other Vikings.

Everyone scrambled to collect their weapons or stop doing menial tasks. 

The girl looked impressed by how 'normal' these Vikings looked. It was like they were pulled out of the past by the authority.

At first, they thought these guys were like golems or familiars, but they were more than that! 

As the housecarls were rushing to the boat, Raynor smirked with excitement. It was time to explore the multiverse!

With a hand motion, he summoned his sword, Balmung. He needs to act as part of it. 

"Let's go girl. I don't know where we will end up, but it should be fun." 

'Let's find me a princess!'

He said that part to himself as he walked to the ship and floated on board. 

The girl followed after him. They looked excited, too.

One by one, the Vikings boarded the longboat. More than half of it will be rowing those oars. 

Soon enough, the remaining Vikings pushed the boat into the water and boarded the ship.

"Set sail!" 

Seconds later, the Vikings started to row. Raynor and the girls noticed that mist began to appear under the boat. It was like the mist was the water which they could row.

'So the ritual shifted from the land to the water. I suppose we entered the second phase.' Erica pondered as she realised that rowing plays a part in it. It's like a spaceship which flies through the void.

The actions create the energy needed to leave the very fabric of reality.

'Does this mean that we could use ships to bypass distances between continents?'

The girl pondered if they could use the ship to skip thousands of miles. For example, leave Japan and in a few minutes appear in the Baltic Sea in North Europe.

That could be a fantastic shortcut!

As the blonde thought about possibilities, she noticed the mist had surrounded the vessel. 

Before long, the trio's eyes widened as they sensed how they lost support from Hermes, while Ena noticed that she couldn't feel her ancestor Susanoo's power flowing through her!

The only thing they still have is Raynor's blessing.


"Yeah, I noticed." 

The teen looked at his hand. He could feel like a single boat in unknown waters like he was in an alien world. The very fibre of his being tells him that he is no longer in his home reality. The support he has from the Godslayer ritual does not support him anymore.

'That means even if I kill an outsider god, I would not get any authorities.' 

Well, that was a bummer. But Raynor could get something from the outside world and bring something back to his reality place.

The Storm King is optimistic and doesn't give up easily.

Eventually, the mist cleared, and they noticed that they were high in the air. It's like they stumbled upon some sort of reality.

"We are in the sky?" Liliana was surprised for a second, but then she realised they were rowing through a mist.

"Yeah. There is an island below us." Raynor nodded for a second as he turned to face his boys.

"Descent! We are landing on that island!" The Godslayer issued his orders.

"You heard the boss! Descent!!!" The leading Viking roared at the rowers.

Just like that, the longboat proceeded to dive and landed in the water in a few short seconds.

The speed of travelling was absurd! There was no resistance from the air whatsoever.

In just a few moments, the boat arrived at the shore. 

"Land ahoy! Boss! We have discovered a new land!" The leader Viking said with an excited tone.

"Great! Proceed to look for booty!" Raynor, with a grin, said that. 

At that moment, the longboat released a pulse of energy in all directions. 

The Storm King looked intrigued by this. He looked at his hand.

'Wait… does that mean…' 

His eyes widened as he realised how he could overcome the shortcomings of having no support from the godslayer ritual!

His power, Lief Erikson's authority, is a core principle of a Viking. And that is exploring, plundering and colonising!

The moment he declared 'plundering', the ritual activated.

'That means I could plunder the powers of the places where I have arrived.'

A shit-eating grin appeared on his face.

"Boys! Spread out! Look for anything of value!"

Raynor pointed forward with his dragon-slaying sword. At that moment, he looked like a conquering Viking Warlord. 

The girls behind him could only sweatdrop. They realised that he was getting into the character of a pillaging Viking.

"You heard the boss! Let's gooo!!!" 

The Housecarls jumped from the dragon ship and proceeded to explore.

As 120 Vikings left the ship, Raynor and the girls were the last ones to do it.

"...It feels strange. My powers have diminished considerably." Erica said with a frown as she looked at her hand.

She doubts she can utilise her original powers, which came from Hermes. Sure, Raynor's blessing boosted her original abilities. But at this moment, she only has what Raynor shared with her.

"That's because we are away from the influence of our original world. This place is indeed strange. I can feel a 'roof'. This roof is suppressing me to a certain extent." 

The Storm King realised they had entered a completely new 'ecology' of power.

'To think that Lief Erikson's power is enough to invade another ecology altogether. and give me plundering abilities on top of that.' 

He thought it was impressive, but then he realised he had spent days charging the ritual. He would pump more than half of his reserves daily!

That's enough to power a God King! 

As they walked for a bit, Raynor's improved hearing picked up signs of battle!

"Let's go!"


The trio rushed after him, and soon enough, they found a battle. It was a silver-haired girl with a bayonet fighting a woman with a whip and a— werewolf?

"Is that a—" The girls realised that this was not an authority or some sort of divine power! No, this guy was emitting mana-like energy. Does it mean he is a regular werewolf? Does it mean there are vampires here, too? It's the most cliche setup, after all! Werewolves can't exist without Vampires!

But this was too soon to conclude.

However, Raynor's expression was extreme as he realised that his power had delivered him where he wanted! In front of him was the most legit Princess! Long silver hair and beautiful blue eyes! 

'Where did I see her before?' 

For a second, he frowned. He pondered for a second before his eyes widened. 

He connected the dots!

'That's that princess from Strike the Blood!' For a second, he clicked his fingers as he tried to recall her name.

'... La Folia! That's right!'

A grin formed on his lips. It's time to collect his first princess! Viking style!

Lightning crackled around his blade as he swung it.

A simple swing generated an arc of lightning, which slammed into the pair of attackers.



The pair flew away like a pair of kites.

The princess in question stopped fighting and looked behind her.

Her eyes widened as she just saw a Viking with a massive sword, and behind him were three distinctive girls, and behind them, there was a small army of Vikings! 


"I am Raynor Valeron, The Storm King. Hence, forward this island and everyone on it belongs to me." 

In the background, thunder rumbled as the clouds turned dark. 

Raynor's acting was right on the spot to give the best first impression!


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