34 Chapter 34: Divine Gifts (2)

The god's divine gift slowly pressed against her opening, threatening to pry it open with it's massive girth.

His thick tip slowly sank into her insides, her body falling down onto his dick.

"Mmh~" Contrary to what she expected, there wasnt a sliver of pain, and it seemed she would be able to take his entire cock without too much of a problem.

To her, it felt like heaven.

His massive rod sank into her pussy, passing any spot she had ever reached before and finding it's way into the deepest pits of her insides.

Unbeknownst to her, the god had gifted her an incredible physical trait.

Her insides were nearly endless…

"Awh~" She moaned, her head limply falling onto his chest as she could feel him massaging her walls in brand new areas.

"Heavenly is it not?" She looked up, her eyes flickering a bright pink contrary to their normal golden hue.

"Indeed it is my lord!" She almost exclaimed, a large smile appearing on her face as she took the initiative and started to rise off of the massive cock that seemed to be prying her open.

One of her most powerful skills was being put into play, a skill that was used very rarely.

The god easily noticed the activation of her innate skill, [Heavenly Virtue: Lust].

Her physical properties drastically grew, her body becoming more charming and more powerful by the moment.

It seemed making love to a god was an incredible power boost.

"Yes~" She moaned, the thick rod sliding in and out of her, ramming into her womb.

"Good." The god smiled, their lips once again connecting as his hands were placed on her ass, helping her jump up and down.

Their flesh clapped together while liquids gushed out of her pussy, dripping onto the floor beneath them.

The large cock smoothly moved inside of her, despite its size.

It scratched her womb and she could feel the pleasure she was receiving.

Her walls clamped onto it, as if trying to capture it.

It created a small resistance that only made it feel better for the both of them.

"Oh~ Ahh!~" She screamed, biting onto the gods lip as she quivered once again, squirting liquids onto his body as she felt a warm fluid shoot inside of her.

"Goodd~" She muttered, an ethereal aura forming around her body.

"Now, the other hole." The god spoke, his massive hand lifting her off of his dick, taking steps toward the pool of water near them.

"Let's add some more fun to this." He spoke, taking a step into the quite warm water, and taking a seat at the seemingly naturally formed step within the water.

She stayed within his grasp being lifted almost as if she was a baby.

"This is better." He said, turning her body and facing her away from him.

Her legs likely touched the step he was sat on, her ass hovering above his cock.

"Mmh." He hummed, his hands on her hip as she was slowly brought down onto the gigantic meat stick.

"Ahn!~" The primordial woman moaned, her lords dick spreading open her hole.

Her hands found their place on his thighs her legs digging into the stone so she could assist in bouncing up and down.

"Oh yes!~" She moaned, her home getting penetrated.

"Enjoy it." The god spoke, pulling her body back as he placed a hand on her neck.

His face came close to hers, making her face turn towards his as the two started to kiss.

"Mmh!~" She moaned, getting plowed from

behind while her god choked her, inducing ecstasy.

"I- L-Love…-it!~" She yelled in between breaths, her hands ruffling through the gods hair.

Her holes grew tighter and her back arched, her tongue swirling around in his mouth.

The lord's grip on her neck tightened and he thrusted into her violently, to two coming to a climax as a burst of energy seemed to flow into her body from the semen she received.

"Mmh…" She huffed, her lips departing with the man she laid on top of.

"You're a special existence…" The god spoke, his hands groping her breasts.

"I'll grant you more benefits in the near future. For now, I've chosen to give minor blessings to my prodigious descendants." He said, standing with the primordial mother still impaled by his cock.

"Summon the most talented of your civilization. If I am pleased with what I see, then maybe you deserve even more as a reward." He smiled raising a part of the floor with magic, sitting on the protruding stone.

"Yes my lord." Said the slightly delirious woman standing before him.

"At once."

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