23 Chapter 23: "Daddy~"

{Author hereee! I know I put it in the synopsis, but if you don't like shota and loli and stuff like that, you should probably drop it here. Sora does have the body of a young teen, but he is matured much beyond that, so if you're okay with that then feel free to stay.}

It was Sora's fourth birthday, and he definitely didn't look it. He had now grown to the normal height of a six year old, with intelligence at the age of 8.

Thanks the the abnormal conditions the boy was placed in, being fed foods with magical properties and even siphoning energy from the two parents he had who were constantly emitting some, he was growing strangely.

Araki could tell her child wouldn't grow like this forever, and she even assumed he was close to slowing down heavily, but she could only hope.

Considering she was 5'7 and Takashi was 6'4, there was definitely potential for tall children.

The family of three sat on a couch, looking at the TV in front of them. They were watching a favorite for them, Tensura.

The family that could only be considered apart of the nudist movement watched on in silence. That was, until Sora, who was sitting on his nude fathers lap, scooted forward and turned around.

"Daddy, I wonder." He started looking down and grabbing Takashi's soft buddy.

"Why is your willy so much bigger than mine and mommy's?" The child asked with a slight blush.

It earned quiet the reaction from the two parents. The question isn't what surprised them, as kids were curious, of course they'd ask questions like this. But it was the fact that the small kid was blushing while doing it.

Both Araki and Takashi exchanged glances with each other, their surprise filled faces confirming their thoughts.

Sora showed at least some interest in males.


It was now Sora's ninth birthday. This time, he looked like a 12 year old, surprisingly, he has looked the same for the past year, showing no sign of growth. But that was easily ignorable.

What was really different, was that he now held the maturity of a smart 15 year old. He was a highly functional, and highly horny teen at this point.

But he was just as close with his family, if not even closer than before.

Walking through the halls of his house nude as usual, Sora approached his parents room.

"I can't wait to show them!~" He said in a delightful hum. He had just succeeded in creating a self moving construct of fire magic and was quite excited.




Muffled moans came from behind the cracked door, making Sora stop and freeze for a moment. Red blush crept up his face as sweat started to form.

Of course he could recognize what was happening behind the door in front of him.

Thanks to the extensive database his father held, Sora was just as knowledgeable as any 15 year old, if not more.

'Are they really?...' He thought to himself, creeping up on the cracked door and peering through it.

What was laid out before his eyes shocked him.

His mother was on her knees, her head bobbing up and down before his fathers crotch. A constant slurping sound was being made as Sora watched his fathers face twitch.

His abs tightened as he rested his hand on the back of his wife's head.

"C-Cumming~" He moaned, clearly finishing in her throat.

Sora couldn't help but feel hot inside, his dick slowly hardening as his mind went a little fuzzy.

He stared intently as he watched his mother move her hair, backing up as the massive cock fell out of her mouth.

'Huge!' was Sora's only thought as he looked at the gigantic 13 inch cock that was just inside of his mothers mouth.

'How can she fit that thing in there?...' He questioned, his dick getting even harder.

'Could I do it too?~' He asked himself before shaking the thought away, continuously watching his parents as they shifted positions.

His mother who was on the floor previously, rose up and moved to the bed. She sat down, a ways away from his father as she seductively looked at him.

"How long has it been since you received one of these?~" She teased, moving her smooth and sexy legs towards him.

Her feet touched his hard cock that stood high. They wrapped around it, her soles connected to the throbbing appendage.

'A footjob?' Sora asked the rhetorical question. 'Dad's into that kind of stuff?' He questioned in his mind, looking down at his own feet.

He had to admit, they were heavenly. Nothing like his mothers, but absolutely amazing in their own way.

They were perfect almost.

Slim in the right areas, a visible softness that made one yearn for their touch, and of course the pink soles that even Sora himself enjoyed.

He often admired his own feet, knowing they were probably his best feature.

And to know that his father had a liking for them...

'Would he let me do the same?'

He would leave those thoughts for later.

He continued watching, examining the technique his mother used.

How flawlessly she jerked his cock with her feet. How her feet swapped positions every so often. Her sole moving up and down as she used the top of her foot to hold his dick on the other side.

How she would often place the bottom of her foot on top of his tip, caressing it ever so smoothly.

It was art.

Art that Sora yearned to replicate.

His own dick started to leak precum as he played with it. The sight before him was unlike anything he had ever seen.

And unknowingly, in preparation for taking that massive rod inside of him, Sora let his fingers slide into his ass, thrusting inside at a quick yet sensual pace.

"Oh daddy~" Sora moaned in pleasure, not even missing a moment of what was going on.

He watched as his father came again, soiling his mothers feet. He was even surprised when that wasn't the end of it.

"Come fuck me." Sora heard his mother said, making him blush wildly.

She had gotten up and moved to the wall, pressing her head and hands against it.

Thankfully she was at the perfect angle.

He watched as his father followed with a devilish grin, quickly appeared behind his mother's ass. He aligned his dick with her hole, letting it plunge deep inside of her.

"Ouu~" She moaned, his dick clearly reaching her guts.

"Daddy~" Sora moaned, slowly falling to his knees.

"Uhnn~" Araki moaned, Takashi relentlessly pounding her from behind.

"Dont stop.~" She moaned.

Every moan and every clap Sora heard, turned him on even more.

He couldn't help but feel pure euphoria from watching what was happening.

His mother was getting fucked so hard that she couldn't even stand anymore.

Her hand and face rested against the wall as her legs extended off the ground. The were fully stretched out behind Takashi, her toes spread as she felt each of Takashi's thrusts. His hands being placed on her hips, which helped in pulling her back to him whenever she was bounced away only increased their pleasure.

And Sora could definitely tell.

His insides stirred as he felt something well up inside of him.

"Ouu~ Yes, Ta-kashi!~" His mother moaned, her legs shaking furiously as his father pounded into her one last time, his groans escaping.

And at the same time.

"Nnh!~" Sora moaned, releasing his white fluids onto the floor under him.

His tongue fell out of his mouth, his eyes never leaving his panting parents.

He could see his fathers cum, dripping out of his mothers insides, falling onto the floor.

Though it all poured out once he himself pulled out.

"I'll need this treatment more often.~" He heard his father say as he waved his hand, all the semen being cleaned.

His mother turned from her position facing the wall, walking towards the Takashi who had backed away a few steps.

She reached up and wrapped her arms around his neck.

"Mmmuah!~" She kissed him passionately, letting his hands find their way to her waist.

"I love you Takashi~" She said, removing her lips from his face.

"I love you too Araki." Takashi said with a smile.

"Shall we go see what our son's up to?" Araki asked with a slight tint of red.

Hearing this, Sora's eyes widened as he scrambled to his feet. He used his low tier cleaning magic to erase the mess he left on the floor.

'Shit!' He whispered in his mind, running down the hallway with wind magic to muffle his steps.

"Yeah, let's do that." Takashi said with an even more devilish smile.

Unbeknownst to Sora, Takashi and Araki had knew he was there the whole time.

"Let's see what he does~" Araki giggled, her hand politely covering her mouth.

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