1 ~Dream~

I go into a deep sleep

When the dream turn so real

This beautiful girl appears along the beach

She comes to me to guide her

Along the likes of girls

So slightly grab her hand to my apartment

We walk into the apartment

I leave a kiss upon her lips

She returns it to me

Which turns the kiss deeper

More intimate

As I run my hands down her beautiful hair

Then down to her breasts

As I remove her shirt

I leave a kiss on her belly

Deeply turning her on with each move

I remove her lace bra as a drop to the floor

I caress my hand on both her breasts

Then slightly sucking each nipple with such a moan I hear

As I stop right there

I grab her hand once more

Leading to my room

As I put her upon the bed

I kiss her sweet belly again

Grace touch with my hand down to her pants

With a unzip and unbutton they fall

As panties do the same

With a guide upon my hand

Touching the nice soft pussy

Of it's lovely shave

I move my hand in circles with her clitoris

With each moan I hear

I slip two fingers in back and forth with a tease

With the lick of the wonderful taste and scent of her

The deeper I finger and lick the more her hips sway in the air

Faster I go

Harder with a moan

With the hotter and wetter she gets I cum along with the drips down my legs

As she starts to orgasm I give one last

Tender deep lick

Her final grunt and moan she squirts all over

With a quick clean up

I come back up to her sweet lips and let her taste her very sweet juices

With a wake up the dream stopped

A smile upon my face

Wishing that was real

As I see myself in sweat

I find myself needing nice cold shower

With that hot dream was worth

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