A gay bought me Book

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A gay bought me

Tom Anna

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A story of how a popular singer was rumoured to be Gay leaving his fans devastated. The rumour really affected the industry and it affected him also because no one believes him not even his parents, the reason was because they never see him with any girl making them believe that their son is indeed Gay. So many things went from good to bad and he has to look for a way to prove to them all that he is not a gay. Main Casts:- Mina is a nineteen year old dropout who was brought up by her single mom in gwanju, a small town in korea, she has a sister who is mute and Mina is well known for always causing trouble, she loves money but hate working, she loves to eat but can't cook, she loves to gossip about others but hate when people gossip about her and also she is a social media freak Chen Jai popular known by his stage name (CJ) is a south korea singer and Model, he is the only son of Chairman Ryung, he is well known for his good looks and he is a total hottie Eric :- He is Mina male best friend who had a huge crush on her but couldn't tell her. Everyone in the community do laugh at him and all his friends do bully him because he is ugly. . . What happen when Mina's Mother sell Mina to Chen Jai?? Will Chen be able to cope with her craziness or will he use her as an opportunity to prove that he is not a gay?? Read to find out