103 Reprimanded (2)

To most people, Zhao Detong always appeared to be wild, reckless, and crazy. This perception of him was well-earned, he had spent his teens going to lavish parties and drinking wildly. Despite his love for Fei Bing Bing, he had always acted frivolously and flirtatiously with others, as a free spirit.

But that was only his outward appearance, Zhao Detong like most people, had many layers. In fact, he was a very controlled individual. He would always appear to be the person that drank heavily and went wild at parties, but in fact, he was rarely ever drunk. He never went over his limits. His outwardly frivolous behaviour had led him to be a top socialite amongst the elite Youth of his generation, and as a result, he was the most well-connected out of all of them.

Most things in his life were planned in his favour.


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