A Gatekeeper and The Celestial Sovereign Book

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A Gatekeeper and The Celestial Sovereign


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There is another profile for GCS, the story will be continuing on that profile. Mao Lu was a regular Beijinger, well except for the fact that he worked four part-time jobs, was neck deep in debt and best friends with two rich conglomerate heirs. Normally Mao Lu led a tough but boring daily life, but everything changed when he received a mysterious letter. Follow his adventures as he travels between realms, falls in love with a powerful Prince and uncovers a terrifying conspiracy. This book will take you on a journey filled with emotions, action and secrets. A Gatekeeper and the Celestial Sovereign is a Danmei Fantasy series set in China influenced by xianxia and Chinese cultivation stories and Qigong martial arts, with a hint of science fiction. The first volume will soon be available as a fully proofread and edited eBook and Paperback with illustrations. To be ready for the pre-order and pre-release join the mailing list on my website: https://writing-pilgrimage.com or subscribe to my YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC5vuT5l1K1uVnfLTQQpNAuw Official cover: Art by Rodrigo Gil Chavez Support me on Patreon for early access to my latest chapters! http://patreon.com/WritingPilgrimage Discord chat: https://discord.gg/3kWfcfp Follow me on twitter @writingpilgrime Follow me on Instagram @writingpilgrimage This is a Danmei Novel -Release schedule: Crazy, I am the worst at regular set updates. -If ranked in the top 100, 1 bonus chapter -Ranked top 50, 2 bonus chapters and some extra romance. -Ranked in top 10 (If that ever happens I would be so grateful.) 3 bonus chapters ***on the following Wednesday the week after rankings. I reply and/or like every comment!


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