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An avid Gamer who is also a Light Novel / Manga / Anime enthusiast finds himself reincarnated into the continent of Zemuria. And he might obtain a Gamer system along the way. To set expectations now, I got five girls planned to become mc's lovers at some point. Any more will likely be voted on. Tags: Harem, Adventure, Action, Fantasy, Science, Sci-Fi, Magic, Romance, Slice of Life *Cover is no longer Roselia for Vol 2 onward. It will update periodically. If you would like this cover pic taken down just feel free to leave me a comment.

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Chapter 271: Gather

As always Giliath demands your power stones!


S1200. January 1st.

Leica District. 11AM.

Naoto's spar with Sherryl began shortly before the top of the hour. A few minutes had passed since Naoto's initial clash against Sherryl started. Several swings and fists pummeled against each other, grunts, and hissing noises created a cacophony of sounds that echoed throughout the entire hall. Every single person present inside the training hall didn't let their eyes gaze off the fight. In one instance, the two would be in one corner of the fighting platform, and in the next, they would reappear at the opposite end.

Some of the Vander-style trainees contained hints of jealousy in their eyes. The speed the two were currently fighting at was far above their own. Some even wondered how in Aidio's name could not one, but two kids manage to reach such heights. While they were learning the Vander-style, it was rare for its head to be home for long periods of time. These students would often find themselves learning the way of the sword alongside others at their own pace.

They didn't know the violet-haired boy had more than one teacher guiding him. One that taught him many combat forms and weapon styles while he was young, one that taught him the existence of magic, and another who honed his skills, allowing the boy to gain more proficiency in combat. They were his father, the long blonde-haired girl who was seated next to the Thunder God, and an aged figure who had retired from Liberl's military, but once was renowned through the underworld.

And as for the girl he was fighting, she had already accepted a master, and had no plans to accept another. He guided her these last couple years, which allowed the girl to find her footing in what she wanted to achieve, and had found the path she is now walking on. The students watching this spar didn't know this, but guests Naoto brought along did.

Regarding Princess Alfin in particular, she just watched on, dazed. She had encountered Naoto a couple times before this, even sharing a little date back in Grancel City a while back, but seeing this side of him, who not only had changed his appearance mid-battle, but the fact that he was smiling as he fought Sherryl made her heart flutter. She hadn't seen him act this way at all, so it was a first time for her.

Roselia too, watched on, but her eyes were currently displaying two vertical slits, appearing to be in hunting mode. Her eyes solely landed on Naoto, who launched spell after spell against Sherryl, sometimes adding spells on top of each other, or quickly casting one after another, to which Sherryl would successfully dodge over half of them. Apart from the clashing sounds of battle, the small explosions caused by Naoto's magic soon fell on deaf ears.

Only a few minutes have passed since the spar began, but it has reached over the halfway point. Sherryl was on a timer, and despite showing overwhelming speed in trying to control the entire spar, Naoto kept up with her pace, and even outsped her at times, causing Sherryl to become shocked.

There was one thing Sherryl didn't know as this spar took place, but she was quick to realize it. Speed was Naoto's forte. She found herself doing several defensive maneuvers while clashing against him. It wasn't easy reaching the 200s in his Speed stat, let alone using an offhand weapon that didn't boost his speed even further.

If Naoto had Radiant Starlight equipped instead of World Eater, no doubt he would become triumphant in a clash of speed alone, even while against Sherryl's Doping. After all, that would easily boost his speed up into the 300s. A force to be reckoned with.

To say the least, it was a very intense few minutes. Strike after strike, strikes clashing against spells, and the Thunder God took in every moment of it. Soon, the spar was reaching its peak, with neither side wanting to back down.

At the same time...

Further outside the dojo, back on the main street of the Leica District. Ongoing traffic of people going about the long open corridor could be seen. At the end was a small station for the orbal tram that let people further head out from the west, or go deeper into the capital. Beyond this point was a dead-end, but a large building stood in its place. It wasn't frequented unless one wanted to pervue historical records, as this building was the Imperial Museum. One of Emma's future friends, who went by the name Dorothy, a student who would attend Thors Military Academy along with Rean and the others, would eventually become a receptionist here in the coming few years, shortly after the ending of the October War.

But presently, the street here was mostly vacated. The happenings of the street were more centralized, with a popular bakery being at its center, and beyond that, the Vander Dojo, to which currently had loud, muffled sounds leak outside. Still, it would seem the people  nearby were used to hearing such noises. A couple of them did have interest in what was happening beyond the closed doors, but as they didn't personally have plans to head inside. The people walking around the street just watched on, or continued walking to where their destinations were.

Back toward the Imperial Museum, however, to be specific, the orbal tram line that was connected nearby, soon had a trolley pull up to it. After a few moments passed, the tram opened its doors, and some people began to exit the tram, entering the Leica District. Among this crowd of people stood a rather peculiar group of three figures.

One appeared to be a man whose hair was neatly tied up into a ponytail. Some people were immediately drawing interest to the large gourd that was currently over his back. He didn't appear to be around here, and was wearing loose clothing that hailed from the east. He seemed to have turned twenty-seven this year. Beside him was a rather breathtaking, beautiful woman. She was wearing a long, navy blue one piece dress that parted ways down the left side of her legs. A yellow jacket was embedded into her dress, which made her appear stylish. Coupling with her perhaps C-Cup, or D-Cup breasts, she was a pretty woman, to say the least. Her cerise-colored hair only added fire into that mix.

People were quick to spot a holstered orbal gun at her waist. Not only that, she also had a sword equipped. It wasn't often people would just flaunt their weapons out in the open like this, but the people passing by were quick to notice the Bracer Guild emblem on their bodies, and was quick to determine that these two figures were Bracers.

These two weren't alone. After getting off first, a rather small blonde-haired girl, who seemed no older than ten years old, stepped off of it, quickly reaching their side. She was wearing a short orange skirt, which made her easy to move around with. Her sky-blue eyes made her rather striking.

"Didn't think we'd shoot back to Erebonia this quickly, Sara, and to the capital no less. This is one of the districts, ain't it?", The little girl responded with increasing interest as she began to browse the large street. The Leica District was one of several that made up all of Heimdallr.

"Sure is. To be honest, I wanted to stop by Liberl instead and introduce you to the Silver Streak, but she's rather pre-occupied at the moment, Lavi. Apparently Scherazard is training a newbie. I didn't think she'd gain such a student like that. I do know she's been showing the ropes to the Bright brats, but those two aren't officially her students.", The cerise-haired woman said.

"Ahh, I know exactly who you're talking about. Met that rambunctious girl myself, actually. So I can definitely attest to Schera being busy. She called herself Angelica. With any luck, she'll be taking the Bracer Exam this or next year.", The bulky man said, crossing his arms as he said that.

"Still got no idea who the hell it is you're talking about. More friends of yours, Sara?", Lavi asked, still showing confusion in her eyes.

"You betcha she is. She can even hold her own in a drinking contest against me.", Sara answered, pumping her arm upward with a confident look in her eyes. Lavi just rolled her eyes in response.

"You know drinking like that will ruin your health right?", The man said. With his tall stature, he shifted his body, and looked down at the woman beside him, who appeared to have just turned twenty this last year or so. In fact, Sara had just turned twenty-one. Here in Zemuria, becoming an adult and earning the right to drink alcohol happens when one turns twenty. So it hasn't been that long since Sara was exposed to drinking beer.

Perhaps she did it earlier in her life back in North Ambria while she was still with her Jaeger unit. Thanks to Naoto saving her father, Colonel Valestein, he had retired off to the country-side, which allowed to watch her daughter grow up with peace of mind. And now, Sara became a Bracer of her own free will, and wasn't forced to lead onto such a path thanks to losing her father. As Sara heard the man say that, she shifted her eyes, and saw the large gourd on his back.

"Says the big lug who carries this giant thing like it's nothing. Seriously, how much liquor can you store inside this gourd?", Sara retorted.

"Haha, it's not like I always store alcohol inside. Anyways, it was a pretty sudden call-in from the branch here. What brought you two here in Heimdallr of all places? Weren't you having the time of your life back in Edith?", The man asked.

"Sure was. It was a shame to leave such a nice place behind. We had an amazing new years party, I'll tell you what. You basically heard what I wanted to do originally, though, which was to take Lavi here to Liberl. But after hearing what Scherazard had to say, I decided to come back here. We would have directly headed back up to North Ambria to celebrate the new year with daddy, but I didn't think you would be lurking around here, Zin. Seriously, what's up with that?", Sara asked the man.

"Shit happens. My disciple wanted to part ways here, and I saw her off. I'll actually be staying here for the next one to two months. Kilika's here too you know.", Zin said, looking at Sara. Sara's eyes turned wide in surprise hearing that.

"No way. Not that Kilika. Didn't she just get promoted as branch manager in Zeiss?", Sara asked in shock.

"Who?", Lavi asked again, still showing confusion in her eyes.

"Haha, word travels quickly it seems. Didn't expect to come across Purple Lightning here.", A voice suddenly called out to them. Before long, two figures arrived. Lavi's confusion only grew, as she hadn't seen these two figures before. One was a slender, black-haired woman with a stern look in her eyes, while another was a man decked out in a black suit, and had orange, short, spiky-hair. His eyes were hidden away by black shaded glasses. A lit cigarette could be seen in his mouth.

"Tch. Of course you'd show up.", Zin said, scratching his head, locking eyes with Walter.

"Hey man. Not my fault. You know I'm currently with Kilika. I know you hate me, but just pretend I'm not here.", Walter said, shrugging his shoulders as he heard that.

Sara blinked her eyes, not expecting to see Kilika arrive in front of her, and in Heimdallr no less.

"So you weren't lying, Zin. It's been a while, Kilika. But who are you? It's clear even to me that Zin hates your guts.", Sara said, looking at the rough-looking guy in front of her.

"Heh. Full points.", Walter said, taking a moment to take a puff of his cigarette. Seeing him do that, Kilika did a quick motion of her arm, and plucked it out of his mouth, and tossed it aside.

"Don't smoke in front of kids, Walter.", Kilika said, squinting her eyes.

"Sheesh. I get it. Smoking's bad.", Walter said, revealing a playful smile over his lips. "Anyways, the name's Walter. It's good that you showed up, Zin. We've some movement, so it's best you hear it directly from the Fool. Got a moment?", Walter asked him.

"Of course you do. Well, we did come to Leica with something in mind. We were going to drop by the dojo first. Can it be after that?", Zin asked.

"We aren't in a rush. Is something happening at the dojo here? This is where the Vander school is...", Kilika mused to herself.

"Well, there is only one way to find out. This will be good for you too, Lavi.", Sara said, looking down at the little blonde-haired girl before her. At the same time, she couldn't help but shake a feeling of uncertainty that came from the orange-haired man, who seemed of similar age to Zin. 

Unbeknownst to Naoto, an unexpected group came into contact with one another, appearing to have a destination in mind, the Vander Dojo. Three Bracers, Zin, Sara, Kilika, a Bracer-to-be, Lavi Winslet, and a member of Ouroboros, Enforcer VII, the Direwolf. 

Giliath demands your power stones!

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