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An avid Gamer who is also a Light Novel / Manga / Anime enthusiast finds himself reincarnated into the continent of Zemuria. And he might obtain a Gamer system along the way. To set expectations now, I got five girls planned to become mc's lovers at some point. Any more will likely be voted on. Tags: Harem, Adventure, Action, Fantasy, Science, Sci-Fi, Magic, Romance, Slice of Life *Cover is no longer Roselia for Vol 2 onward. It will update periodically. If you would like this cover pic taken down just feel free to leave me a comment.

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Chapter 270: Spar (V)

Bringing back the damage table, in case people forgot:

Crafts/Arts Rank: 

E = 90%, D = 100%, C = 110%, C+ = 120%, B = 130%, B+ = 140%, A = 150%, A+ = 160%, S = 170%, S+ = 180%, SS = 200%, SS+ = 225%, SSS = 250%, SSS+ = 275%, 4S = 300%, 5S = 350%

The Trailsverse is known to have a variety of modifiers. The one presented above is just for crafts and arts. Weapons too, have their own modifier, split into different weapon types. This allows characters to unbalance enemies easier, but considering this isn't a video game, I may just factor weapon modifiers as an additional calculation when calculating damage, but I will not do it for this fight.

But what you see here, all of it is called PRM.

This battle will go like this.

Naoto's Inflicted Damage:

((5*STR or ATS*PRM-3.0*Enemy DEF/2)) + Critical Bonus (+150%) - Sherryl's Reduced Damage (50%)) + Fire Boosted Damage

Naoto's Damage Received:

((3*DEF or ADF-Enemy PRM*ATK or ATS*3)/2)) + Critical Bonus (+150%) - Naoto's Reduced Damage (30%)) 

(Yes this formula was tweaked a bit)

You guys follow me with this, right? :)

As always, Giliath demands your power stones!


To continue going along with viewing my stats, I added up everything. Titles, skills, blessings, equipment, you name it. The only thing that was absent from these stats of mine were Quartz, Master Quartz, and Accessories. I did have my Enigma II device created a few years ahead of schedule thanks to Professor Erika's genius coupled with Professor Schmidt, but I wouldn't feel right gaining such a big advantage against others if I used it now.

Presently, Combat Orbments were still in their infancy. Sure, they were seen being used in the last war seen on the continent, which was the Hundred Days War, but that was likely only Generation I models. Not everyone could get a hand on them either. I'm sure during the war Father waged against the Divine Blade Cassius Bright back then, Combat Orbments were heavily regulated. Not just anyone could wear them. The sole exception to outside of military use, were likely Bracers. But even then, unless one became a Bracer themselves, they would not be given out Combat Orbments.

And what I had stored away wasn't just a Generation I model. No, I skipped some years thanks to the connections I had. I have the ability to get into touch with the leading professors and scientists at the Epstein Foundation, a connection that others would take decades to strive for. Generation II and Generation III models were developed over the last decade.

Generation IV models would be shown in Trails in the Sky. Even I can't believe thirteen years had already passed since I was brought into this crazy world. It was the dawn of the next century, S1200. My enrollment with Kloe at Jenis would take place in May, which was next year in four months' time. By then the Generation IV and their improved models will start hitting the markets.

And what was in my inventory wasn't a Generation I, nor a Generation IV model. Mine was a Generation VI model, or the Enigma II for short. Something that wouldn't reach the marketplace until the time of Cold Steel starts, essentially four years from now. Would I gain a massive advantage by using it? Absolutely. It was the first combat orbment that introduced Master Quartz, which drastically improves a person's combat prowess, even if they were just normal civilians. Having a single Master Quartz could allow them to fight against soldiers head-on. What would happen if I had a device six generations in to someone who didn't even have one on hand during this spar?

Well, a very one-sided battle, I'll tell you that much.

So, after leaving Ai KeA in father's hands for the time being, I stored my Enigma II away. I didn't want to have such outside influence directing this battle, especially after seeing all my stats combined together.

Just from seeing my stats during this moment, they were on par with Sherryl's Doping mode, if not already higher than hers. I had worked a ton these thirteen years of mine, and they were starting to show results.

One thought did remain on my mind though. My stats were this bloated already, and Sky hasn't even happened yet. Mine were on par with characters that would appear in Trails into Reverie in the coming seven to eight years. It was a topic of discussion for sure, but if monsters didn't adjust their levels to my system, then it would be boring in the coming years, would it not? Sadly, the closest one I could think of managing a function or creating an inhibitor to my Gamer System, was perhaps Ai KeA. It would be up for discussion with her later.

Or perhaps, I should get in touch with Roselia after this match? She's come into contact with my soul before, and knows who I truly am. She's seen where I came from, but thanks to my existence in coming here, stuff has started changing. But at the very least, she should likely know some Soul Magic to tamper with the soul, right? Considering she is able to delve into the depths of my mind, she may figure out a way to restrict my ever-growing power.

That discussion would be held at a later time, however. While thinking this, I took a moment to align my boosted stats against Sherryl's while my bloodfire needles were swirling around above me checking each direction in case Sherryl made a move before me. And sure enough, it caused me to suck in a cold breath of air.


HP: 48,500 EP: 2350 INT: 825 STR: 4240 DEF: 2590 ATS: 3000 ADF: 1990 AGI: 226 DEX: 150

Equipped Title: [Friend of the Vermillion Knight]

Current Skill Active 1: -30% to damage received.

Current Skill Active 2: +100% to Fire Damage

[Sherryl] (Purple-Named)

HP: 500,000 EP: N/A STR: 3000 DEF: 3000 ATS: 2000 ADF: 3000 AGI: 200

Current Skill Active 1: -50% to damage received.

Very similar to how video games worked in my previous life, all of the awarded bonuses I've received from what I mentioned just now were directly added into these stats. Not many actually triggered Active or Passive skills.

With that said, above my head, I saw a couple icons that constantly floated there, as I did over Sherryl's head across the room. It was a little flame symbol and an arms crossing each other symbol, likely for my two skills respectively. I saw a gourd icon and the same arms-crossing symbol over Sherryl's head. Yet both were flickering, likely showing how much time left she had of her skill. Unlike Sherryl, mine were permanent, so it made sense.

In the past, my Blood Needles was an A-Rank spell, but because of the successful double-cast, they were now S-Rank Bloodfire Needles. I saw that Sherryl's Shattering Fist was also an S-Rank Craft. It does me proud to know how much she had worked in the little time she was absent from me. I can't wait to hear about all the places Sherryl and Zin visited during their travels, and their experiences. Very similar to how Angie would decide to travel across Zemuria on her own after finishing school at Thors Military Academy.

I recalled our initial attack. We both caused damage to each other, which caused that small crater in the wall behind me. I definitely did take some damage from that, haha.

[HP: 41,100/48,500]

That one shattering fist while in Doping mode shaved off about 8.5% of my health from just that one attack...

I could hardly believe it came from the ten year old girl standing in front of me. She did come out victorious in Grancel's Martial Arts Tournament for a reason, even bringing a yet-fully bloomed Rixia down to her knees.

Sherryl took this time to square her body, entering another stance. Visible smoke escaped from her lips, and her skin was flushed red in various parts of her body.

"I'm going to crush those needles of yours, Big Brother.", Sherryl said, her eyes full of confidence as she bent downward. Her right arm drooped along with it, placing her left hand above her right arm. Pssshhh!

More steam escaped from her lips. I could feel the atmosphere's temperature start to rise drastically, thanks to the steam she was releasing along with my flames.

"Go.", I declared, letting my fifteen needles take flight. My blood spheres finished churning and twisting, and those needles formed as a result. They were very crimson in color thanks to the fire coating them. I didn't just let them fly straight forward. It was harder to direct them individually, but the arena soon became my entire playground to mess around with. Woosh. Woosh!

"Haaah!", Sherryl yelled out, letting the energy being released from her Doping mode scream. The sounds she was making were very similar to the weird sealed ball Majin Buu slept in during DBZ, just as Majin Buu was beginning to wake up.

One after another the needles were relentless, but Sherryl's figure quickly vanished from sight. Not even with each passing second would we hear a loud bang strike, followed by a fist punching the needles directly. The needles upped their speed, and soon began to overcome Sherryl's velocity. In the end, Sherryl was still struck with a few needles. She managed to punch clear over ten of them, however, not taking damage at all.

I didn't stay idle, though. I gripped World Eater, shifting my right hand down, and my left hand up, pointing the azure pole outward. With a single leap, I jumped up while Sherryl was still combating the needles. Sherryl's eyes quickly changed direction, and saw me incoming with my follow-up attack. As Sherryl braced for a heavy swing, I saw a few damage numbers appear over her forehead. She winced her eyes in pain, as the bloodfire needles that struck her managed to slice through her skin, singing it along the way thanks to the flames.

Yet it was thanks to her Doping mode that lessened that pain. Her body began to release even more steam as a result. Four numbers appeared over her head, two of which were landed as critical hits. With the boosted fire damage, the color of the critical hits were especially dark. The two that weren't crits still struck out. Boosted damage really was something.





[Sherryl's Remaining HP]:


Just from that single spell alone, it shaved off over 10% health from Sherryl. Roselia would be proud knowing that, right?

Giliath demands your power stones!

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