A Fight For love

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What is A Fight For love

Read ‘A Fight For love’ Online for Free, written by the author Sri_Devi_0246, This book is a Realitas Magis Novel, covering ACTION Fiction, ROMANCE Light Novel, COMEDY Internet Novel, and the synopsis is: “Kak, aku tunawisma.” “Kak, aku lapar. . "" Kak, bagaimana aku memainkan bagian ini? "" Kak. . . "Kalau saja dia bisa me...


“Kak, aku tunawisma.” “Kak, aku lapar. . " " Kak, bagaimana aku memainkan bagian ini? " " Kak. . . " Kalau saja dia bisa membuangnya keluar dari tempatnya. Dia hanya dua bulan lebih tua darinya. Apakah dia harus terus memanggilnya sis? Tidakkah dia tahu berpura-pura menjadi bayi hanya membuatnya kesal? Siapa yang membuat peraturan bahwa ia harus merawat dan mendidik adik lelaki dari pacarnya yang sudah meninggal? Apa yang terjadi ketika seorang gadis yang rumit bertemu dengan seorang anak yang lebih rumit? (Seri Cinta Kampus)

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In a land torn by war and strife, a powerful warlord met his end on the battlefield. However, the warlord's spirit refused to pass on to the afterlife. Instead, it lingered in the mortal realm, seeking a way to be reborn and regain his former strength. As years passed, tales of a mysterious child with extraordinary abilities began to spread across the war-torn land. This child grew up in the most unlikely of places, a small village on the outskirts of the kingdom, raised by a humble family of farmers. As the child grew older, it became clear that there was something different about him. He possessed a natural talent for swordsmanship and strategy, and his presence alone seemed to inspire loyalty and courage in those around him. One fateful day, as enemy armies closed in on the village, the child stood alone at the gates, facing an impossible odds. With a calm demeanor and unwavering resolve, he led the villagers in a desperate defense, turning the tide of the battle and emerging victorious. In the aftermath of the battle, the villagers hailed the child as a hero, a savior who had delivered them from certain doom. It was then that the spirit of the once-feared warlord recognized itself in the child, reborn as a force for good, a protector of the innocent. And so, the child who was once an ordinary farmer's son rose to become a legendary figure, known throughout the land as the Warlord Reborn, a beacon of hope in a time of darkness.

Alfie_Bramhall · Fantasy
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