1 Announcement Duo's new book. "Princess Huang's fierce Meng" has been released. Come and read it!

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Duo's new book has finally been released. This time, she made a bold attempt and opened a super-good-looking classification of ancient sayings.

Little friends, come and read it! ! ! !

Book title: "Princess Huang's fierce Meng"

Introduction: What was the experience of having a father who was a diplomat in ancient times?

Did you feel that it was very flashy and very dignified?

However --

For a father who had signed all the humiliating treaties --

Liu yunge expressed that she was also very helpless!

In order not to be put in a burlap sack by the people, Liu Yun Ge had no choice but to give it her all.

Well, then let's start with the Godly General?

It's just that, that --

"Hey, hey, hey, I just wanted to borrow a piece of clothing from you to keep warm and give you a kiss while I was at it. Do you have to be so stubborn? "

A certain demonic heir-son Lord's face was cold. "You want to run away after flirting with me? You try -- "

* * * * *

While she was at it, she recommended another super-good-looking ending book from next flower

The title of the book was "report, the lovely wife has married"

Description: Big Earth Kang, big black wall, an empty room.

A full set of clothes, not long enough, washed white old clothes.

When she woke up, she was ten years younger, and she even had a cheap husband with a devilish appearance.

But this morning, she even beat him up -- this mother, how can this be broken? ? ? ?

A certain devilish man looked at her coldly. "Tell me, what did you do this time? "

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