A Farmer's Journey To Immortality

"Battling young masters for some treasures in mysterious caves? No, thank you. What's so special about a ring containing an old sage's trapped soul? I'll just toss it away. Becoming a direct disciple of some big expert with many enemies? Count me out. I'll flip the bird to the pointless struggle in prestigious sects that only attract calamity. What I have here, this opportunity I've seized, is plenty for me. I'll choose safe and steady methods of progress, even if they're slow. After all, I'm just a simple farmer seeking peace through cultivation. I'll rely on myself to pave the way." - Aksai Everwood (Chapter 7) ============== Meet Aksai Everwood, a guy who thought he was done with life, but life wasn't quite done with him. You see, Aksai used to be Arman Arlott, a terminally ill dude who decided to take one last wild ride before kicking the bucket. And boy, did he get more than he bargained for! Thanks to a crazy experiment led by some genius named Musk, Arman's mind got tangled up with artificial intelligence in a way that would make even the most tech-savvy heads spin. Long story short, Arman ended up sacrificing himself to pave the way for some mind-bending breakthrough. But instead of resting in peace, he got a one-way ticket to a new gig as a spirit farmer named Aksai Everwood. Talk about a cosmic curveball! Now, you'd think being reborn as a chill farmer in some serene, pastoral paradise would be a breeze, right? Wrong. Turns out, Aksai's new world is anything but peaceful. Think cultivating crops is all sunshine and rainbows? Think again. Aksai's got more than just stubborn weeds and unruly crops to deal with. There are myriad worlds waiting to explore and challenges to overcome. Plus, a whole bunch of expected and unexpected twists waiting around every corner. Yearning for a tranquil life of farming and cultivation, Aksai, bound by a promise to his father, seeks peace in his new reality. However, when has the world of immortal cultivation ever been peaceful? Aksai and his readers must get ready for a tale of rebirth, redemption, and a whole lot of dirt under their fingernails. ============== Additional Tags: #druid #bloodlines #Martialarts #coldmc #calculatingmc #villain #farming #bodycultivation #worldhopping #rpgelements #low-keymc #sliceoflife #nonarrogantmc

Grayback · Eastern
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220 Chs

Venturing Beyond the Barrier: Embracing the Unknown

"Let's take care of the routine first before doing anything else."

Aksai thought to himself. He then got up and stretched his limbs.

Sitting in one place for hours on end was exhausting in its own way. It especially took a toll on one's mental faculties.

Although Aksai was a steadfast Spirit cultivator, he couldn't deny the feelings of boredom and mental exhaustion.

He allowed them to affect him on a mental level as if feeling the frustration and boredom ticking away on the clock.

However, after a certain period had passed, he would not let these feelings manifest within him, instead channeling them away like releasing steam to keep the pressure steady inside him.

Regardless of the feelings he cultivated within his heart, Aksai did not let them affect his path to progress. This was the mindset he had developed for himself.