2 Meeting You Zhichi

Dr. Susan led You Xi Wang to the testing area. He looked around in fascination with this new world. The technology was so advanced that he started thinking he was living in the stone age compared to this place.

The patients had a mask on their face, but they were not connected to an oxygen supply, instead, these masks worked as air extractor and purifiers, they directly absorb oxygen from their surroundings. The patients were also not surrounded by beeping monitors, but laid inside the capsule-like equipment similar to one You Xi Wang was in.

Dr. Susan noticed this and was amused by his antics, but she ignored commenting after all he was still a teenager. While a certain object didn't have the same opinion as to her.

[Master, will you die if you stop acting like a country bumpkin? Stop looking like a toddler going to watch the circus. Such an immature mentality I AM ASHAMED.] the system's voice dragged You Xi Wang out of his dreamland.

He saw the amused smirk on Dr. Susan's face; he looked down on the floor while walking straight, trying to avoid the embarrassment. That was when he realized that he got his ass handed to him by his own soul, a part of it.

'You... Stop being bossy okay, no matter how much you try you can never be the master, you exist because I gave you the power. So, shut up, it's normal to be excited about new places.'

He tried to retort.

[Yeah, yeah, whatever floats your boat loser]

You Xi Wang was pissed and almost felt like cursing out loud, but he gave up after noticing his surroundings. He thought 'It's okay, I am the superior one I should not quibble with a part of my soul'

They reached the testing area where Dr. Susan took some samples and asked You Xi Wang to stand on a circular disk type equipment which was surrounded by two rings, the rings had some bulges on them at equal distance.

"What do I do now?" asked You Xi Wang after standing on the disk, anxiously.

"Nothing, just relax your breathing, and don't worry, it's safe," replied Dr. Susan with a faint smile.

The machine buzzed, and the rings emitted red laser light beams over You Xi Wang's body and started floating up and down along his height in two different directions at the same time as if scanning him. You Xi Wang was fascinated by the principle behind this kind of tech.

In 10 seconds, the machine stopped and You Xi Wang stepped down. While the doctor analyzed the screens next to the machine, which showed detailed information about his body via X-ray, MRI, CT-scan, etc.

You Xi Wang had thought and couldn't help but ask the doctor, "How do you perform checkups on people who can't stand?"

Dr. Susan giggled and replied, "It's simple, we have other equipment for checking unconscious or critically ill patients." pointing at the machine across the room.

You Xi Wang was embarrassed yet again [tch, idiot] snorted the system.

Before You Xi Wang could retort, the doctor turned with a blissful smile on her face, which dazed You Xi Wang for a while and he thought 'she is so beautiful....' he blushed slightly out of agitation while imaging Dr. Susan and he does illicit actions.

"You are clear for discharge now little one... Eh? Why are your cheeks flushed, are you having any problems? But when I just checked, you seemed to be fine." Dr. Susan asked in rapid succession, not knowing that this guy was having perverted thoughts regarding her.

Subconsciously You Xi Wang blurted out, "No, I am fine, it's just your smile that was so awesome it agitated me." He stopped and realized what he has done and was embarrassed yet again.

Dr. Susan was surprised, but giggled after gaining her composure "Thank you for the compliment you are also the most dashing looking patient I have had in a long while."

She continued, "Your sister is here, I have already notified the administration staff that you are clear to go home."

She pondered for a while and with an amused smile, handed a card to You Xi Wang while saying "since you are my patient you can contact me if you feel any discomfort in an emergency."

After You Xi Wang stood in a daze and said: "Thank you, I will definitely contact you."

The doctor giggled and led him to his room where his sister waited for him.

After two minutes, he entered the room, and the doctor left the siblings alone as she knew about their circumstances. You Xi Wang entered the room and looked around to find a slender figure looking at him with eyes slightly red and filled with concern, the figure was none other than his elder sister You Zhichi.

She was wearing a white silk shirt and blue jeans paired with white sneakers, her long black hair tied in a ponytail, she had almond-shaped obsidian black eyes, dense yet sharp looking brows, a high cute looking nose, which had a slight pink tint, and a perfect pair of lips to make her look as if a celestial maiden has descended from the heavens.

She rushed towards You Xi Wang but stopped and gazed at him from head to toe when she saw him looking fine. She could hold back her emotions as tears started falling from her eyes "Gougou, how are you feeling?" She asked You Xi Wang as she hugged him.

Gougou, the nickname his mother and sister used to call him by. You Xi Wang felt warmth in his heart, something which he had been missing too much after his parents passed away in his past life and his brother left him alone.

"I am fine now Chichi." He answered instinctively, and the system notified him [master don't worry it's because you have merged with the previous owner's memories, you are him and he is you now.]

You Xi Wang released and relaxed while You Zhichi calmed herself. They separated, and she said, "let's go home, okay, don't worry big sis will be with you forever Gougou."

It was at this moment You Xi Wang decided to put all his effort to make You Zhichi proud. This was the first time somebody other than his parents in his past life reassured him he will never be alone. Unknowingly tears dripped down his cheeks and he raised his hand towards You Zhichi as if trying to see if she exists in reality and said: "Thank you, big sis."

You Zhichi felt warm as it was rare for her little brother to call her big sis as they always treated each other as friends and partners in crime.

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