A Faerûn Wizard in the World of the Witcher Book

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A Faerûn Wizard in the World of the Witcher


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A Wizard hailing from the Sword Coast finds himself transported to an unfamiliar realm. Here, wilderness is dominated by menacing monsters, and the various races, including humans, have turned to mutants to eliminate these creatures instead of facing the task directly. The principles that once governed his life no longer hold sway, and many aspects, ranging from magic to the very essence of nature, have become unrecognizable to him. Being both a skilled mage and a man that is always seeking knowledge, he cannot suppress his profound sense of intrigue towards this world into which he has been mysteriously thrust... --- DISCLAIMER: 1. If you want to review the fanfic, PLEASE, give only one star, I repeat, give only one star, and then say your peace. if it's not one star, I WILL delete it. yes, I'm copying it from Alexander Creed.... 2. I'm still new to the Forgotten Realms lore, so if I got anything wrong, just take it as homebrew or AU


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