463 Too Many To Keep Track Of

You really would have to hate someone to curse them the way Simon's father did. That must have hurt as much as the results of the curse. Damien couldn't even imagine Bryant turning on him like that. 

"I'm sorry, Simon. You shouldn't have had to deal with that."

"No but I'm glad you don't. Paving the way for you and Maisie is one good thing that's come out of all of this," Simon said with a sigh. 

Damien felt sorry for him. He always did but sometimes it hit harder than others. Like right now. The poor sucker was stuck drowning in memories and the love of his life was currently only four years old. 

He didn't know how to make the guy feel better. Anything he said about waiting would only sound trite. He had done more than enough waiting for any one person. He had probably done more waiting than anyone else in all of history. That sucked. 


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