429 I Just Want To Understand

When Sylvie arrived home, the first thing Drake did was pounce on her and hug her tightly. "I thought something happened to you when you weren't here. Are you okay?"

Her heart twisted. Always so concerned for her. But that didn't change what she had found out today. 

Without preamble, she launched into what she had rehearsed on the drive home. "I ran into my dad today. He told me about Savannah. He thought it was my mom's ghost coming back to punish him for his sins but I think it was you. 

"You never told me what you did to get revenge for me. You never tell me anything about your work, your past, or why you picked me of all people to play house with. But I'm pretty sure I've figured it out. You're a dreamwalker, aren't you? That's why you never tell me anything and could make them lose their minds."


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