14 IM DROPPING (this story is tiring to write)

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I followed Mia to the kitchen and saw lots of people working. The smell of the food was stronger in the kitchen and I almost got hungry again.

"Mr. Sanders, can I talk to you.?" Called out Mia. A man that looked to be around his early fifties came out of the kitchen and led us out the back door. He had chocolate brown hair and hazel eyes.

"Yes? How may I help you?" He asked Mia throwing a glance at me. Mia pushed me in front of her.

"He wants to speak with you actually." She said. I stepped forward and looked at him for a while then spoke.

"Can you teach me how to cook?" I asked. He saw no emotion in my voice, but my eyes. I was eager to start cooking and learning.

"Why do you want to cook?" He asked me. I thought he was a sage at first.

"I want to learn to cook, so... I don't have to have to only eat hot pockets for dinner when I have a fridge full of meat and other things." I said. I thought this out and it was my reason.

"Really?" He asked me. His voice was more stern this time.

"Yes." I said with a simple nod.

"HAhAhahahahahahhahaa." He went into uncontrollable laughter and Mia giggled as well.

"Okay kid, be here before we close down. We stay open between 3-7." He said wiping tears from his eyes.

I was confused, but nodded. He then escorted me back into the kitchen and he got everyone's attention.

"Everyone, we have a new intern who wants to learn to cook. Let's teach him well, yeah?!?" They all yelled and started clanking knives together.

'Well they are professionals.' I thought. Mia took me out of the kitchen and I walked past those kids table and threw a glance at the before walking off.


"So what exactly is the mission, Nick?" I asked. I was at the base and we were going over the details on the mission.

"There is a terrorist group in Ireland that has plans on making moving bases and have codes to energy sources they shouldn't have. Your mission is to go to Siberia take anything about their weapon plans, power sources, and then destroy the base. They are a threat to the U.S.A."

'Sounds like bullshit to me.' I said inwardly. I nodded and we all began suiting up. All but me.

I put on a skin tight suppression shirt and some all black joggers. I had a holster for two of my pistols on my sides and a strap for a sword on my back.

I had the sword custom made by professionals. It was skinny and black at the top and faded into a sky blue at the bottom. The hilt had a gold tail on it and was black with a blue stone embedded into it.

The pistols were the ones I also customized. They were the Heckler and Koch P30L. They were black and gold with a suppressor on them. They had a red dot sight aimer on them, but it was modified to see infrared.

I put on some combat boots and was ready to go. When I came out of my changing room and met up with everyone else m, they looked at me like usual. I always looked plain because I never wore a suit.

We had to travel by private jet so it was spacious and I didn't fell like talking to anyone m.

'Wait how long will this mission take?!?!' I thought. I wouldn't want to miss the first day. My only option is to ride this out get the plans and commit them to memory before taking some of their tech, kill them all, destroy the base, then class.

'My agenda is more packed now.' I was in my own space and leaned back to relax for a nap. The other Avengers was talking with each other. They know I don't want to talk and I'm not going to add anything to the conversation, so I'm left alone just how I like it.


We reached a forest in Ireland. The flight took about five hours to get there. I could only say that shield modified their vehicles. Well they are shield.

"Follow me. I have the base locked and locked. Let's get this over with people." Said Tony flying off. Everyone had some vehicles out here already.

'Why the hell would they do that? Now shield is just being dumb with this shit.' I thought to myself. I was faster than the motorcycle so I left it to jog.

We were about a good way to the base when we started seeing some towers for snipers. I looked over and found that they were empty.

I shrugged it off and kept going. We saw some more empty towers and some with ammo. I skipped them over like the previous one.

"Already, divide and conquer. Take the base from all sides and stealthy. Then we leave with a bang." Said Steve over his earpiece.

They already had an way they do things, but that was too slow. I sped up past them since I had no be to partner with. I went into camouflage mode and practically disappeared.

I saw two guards at a gate and dashed to the one on the right. My steps were silent and my presence was gone so when the guys head was diagonally cut off the other guard was stunned.

I used that chance to get in front of him and cut his head off. His head actually didn't go off. I cut so fast it was like he just started bleeding out of nowhere. Like when you pull a sheet on a table to fast and everything if fine.

At this point the alarm is on and people are rushing to the gate. I pulled my gun and shot the guards that were in both of the towers.

I ran up the sides of the tower and jumped over the gates and slashed my sword down on someone. His body split like a banana peel I went on a massacre.

I cut, shot, kicked and punched all the guards at the gate. It was about a hundred or so, but this base was big so I knew they had more.

As I walked away from my blood bath I became visible and swiped my sword getting some blood off of it. I then proceeded to run towards the main entrance of the base.

The entryway is a steel door that looked like a garage and it had three guards that looked alert. When they saw me coming into view they immediately started shooting.

I blocked all of their bullets with my sword and started zigzagging before becoming invisible and simultaneously cutting all their heads off.

I took two grenades from them and two flash bangs. I then started ripping the door apart and jumped to the side just as a volley of bullets came flying at me.

I pulled the grenade pin and tossed it in when they were reloading.


It went off and I jumped through the doorway and saw people that looked like rag dolls scattered everywhere some were still alive so I just walked past and shot them.

I went invisible again and ran through the base disabling cameras so they don't see me. I killed anyone I saw and was now running down a hallway.

I was looking for any type of operation room or a planning room, but I couldn't find it. I kicked open a door and killed the people inside before looking over at a monitor with only one screen showing something while the others were static.

I couldn't see the room over all the guards that were inside it. I looked over at the monitor control system and found a rout to the room. It was on the east wing of the building while I was on the south.

I cut the cameras and dashed out of the room and made my way to the east wing.





I was in a hallway full of people who were nothing more than a corpse now. This specific hallway was heavily guarded by hundreds of guards and even a century gun.

It didn't help them though since I shot a bullet directly into one of it's barrels making it blow up and even killed a few people. I then started using both my gun and sword like a Deadpool remake.

I kicked open a door and did the same thing with the people in the hallway. They didn't even resist which I found smart. The room was big. It had plans everywhere and even some weapons that could utilize power.

I saw something that I dearly needed though. It was a blue print on some nanotechnology. It showed the steps, what I needed and how to utilize them.

I picked it up and looked it over completely committing it to memory. It was advanced and I needed more stuff, but nothing I can't get from scraping down a good computer.

I needed some signal receivers so that when I want the Nano-bites to come together they will by picking up the energy signature through the receiver.

I needed a stable energy source. This was for the actual power and energy that will be used to power the receiver or weapon, in my case suit.

I also needed a main source and network for the Nano-bites to connect to. You need this so they know what and where they actually need to respond to so they don't blitz towards another signals that has the same reading as mine.

'So complicated.' I thought. With all this remembered completely I did what I had to do. I froze it and shattered it to pieces.

'If shield wants nanotechnology they can wait for Stark.' I thought before turning my earpiece on.

"I found something." I said casually and walked out of the room. I was covered in blood that it was disgusting for other people, but I never cared how people saw me anyway.

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