what's the time now... oh no! 8:40 pm I'm pretty late today. damn sure I missed the last bus, what I'm going to do now.

can I call AERA!!! no no she might be busy with work but now I'm going to go???

Thoughts got interpreted by my phone "ring" ring" ring"

Uhm...!!! who is calling me?

A little smile lightens up at the corner of my lips, once the name displayed on the phone screen it was non-other than "Aera" one of my best friends she is a very caring person and mostly a lifesaver.

In the first meet, we became very close to one another she is a jolly type of person.

[Flash back]

Well, I'm a newbie in the office when I enter the office the first person I met was AERA we greeted each other after that one small introduction then she showed me my desk and explained about my work in here.

As an animator, my work started with some ads and images which are given by our M.D.(actually he has some bigger projects for me but the project owner need some time to discuss these things with our MD and his business partners that's why it got delayed 'cause of that, I'm doing ads project just for now )After an hour MD called me and handed one file guess what that's a new project which my MD planned to give me. I'm dancing inside but stood straight in front of him and wanted to ask about this project partners but I don't dare to ask any other questions so just left his cabin after thanking him.

Later that day AERA came to my desk and offered me coffee which I gladly accepted then we both went to the canteen and got our cookies and some chocolates along with some cold coffee and started to walk in the corridor while chit-chatting trying to know each other better in this way we both are totally into our conversation when Mistakenly my coffee was fallen on manager D's shirt... ". . ."

he looked at me like "I am going to kill you if I see your face one more second" At that time I just ran away from that scene. (2-3 times these things repeatedly happened I don't know how it's always MR.D maybe he and coffee had some past relationship.) by the way who knows>>>

From that day onwards whenever Mr.D (Manger) and I accidentally meet in the canteen, he starts to tease me.

like------SHRISHTI I think you have a crush on me that's why to gain my attention you always pouring that coffee on me I'm right? don't be shy dear just say it. I won't take it wrongly hmm



AERA and I working in the same office so she knew that, I have heavy work today, my thoughts were interrupted again by her call without any further delay I picked her call.

hello, shristi madam are you still in the office do you have any idea what is the time now ah? it's 10 PM, you are brand new in Korea, you still don't know where to get a bus, if it's too late and other stuff. At least you have to inform me that YOU WILL BE THIS LATE IDIOT. I'm thankful at least we have a TALK app otherwise it's hard.

worrywart ...I'm fine and yeah still in the office seems like I missed the last bus.

I knew it, wait there don't go anywhere else, OKAYYY.

wow, Are you coming? just for me soo sweet ...

I thought to come but.

but what?

Park-j asked me about you, I told him that you are still in the office so he told me that he will pick you up from the office ...

dear his office nearby ours so.

so what? and wait why he asked about me? he is my friend too he can ask me directly then what is this?

SHRISTI... please come with him. I too don't know about that, you can ask him directly when he picking you up okay naa sweety. (pleading)

but he??? never mind I talk to you later on.

with that note, we both hanged our call.

I just put a hear phone on my ears and waited for him, 10 minutes later PARK-J arrived in a white car, with a big smile on his face and he asked heyy shristi how are you? It's more than a week we were met with each other. I smiled back then he starts driving.

the time duration in between my office to the room is 1 .1/2 hours we both kept quiet for more than 30 minutes then the silences were broken by J, shristi do you remember how we met because of his question a little curve formed on my lips and he smiles too after seeing me smiling

how I can forget that moment, that day.

that was my first day in the office (Korea) I've waited for my very first client who wanna meet me in person. he is one of the most famous singers, actors and music producers in the industry so I was a little bit nervous to meet him.