I woke up the next day as nothing happened, and did my business then came downstairs for breakfast meanwhile in Jung house.

Hyun-V and Joon told everything that happened yesterday to their friends aka brothers. All are happy but there are certain peoples who happy and sad as well because they knew what are all the things may going to occur in their nearest future. Park-J is the one who noticed everyone then said we should be happy for her brothers she is returning slowly. After hearing to Park-J all nodded their heads.

Park-J: hey Jung are you worried about her?

Jung: Uhm? *with wide eyes* Why should I?

Joon: yeah yeah, Only Hyung-v is worried...

from nowhere Aera pop in

Hey Guys...

Park-J: ash... This girl always doing this, yah you*Pointing his index finger at Aera*

Aera: hmm... ME?

Park-J: yes, why are you always entering like this. It gives me a heart attack if you keep on doing this one day I'm going to get a heart attack for sure.

Joon just laughed at their cute conversation while Aera just rolled her eyes at Park-J On the other hand Jung and Hyung-V are lost in their thoughts because of me.

Park-J: hey, Jung I asked something.

Jung: I already answered you, Brother.

Hyung-V: yeah, just leave him alone. go and practice for your album.

Park-J: shit... I forgot about it. Thanks, Hyung-v I'm get going now.

then Joon. Aera, Jung, and Hyung-V waved their hands to Park-J.

Aera how is she? Did she eat her medicines? what she is doing?

Guys calm down. She is better now. about medicines, you guys knew her very well about that.

still, she is the same. YES SHE IS

when everyone turned they all got shocked


In My house

when I came down I saw 3 people

MMM, what are you guys are doing here?

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