A Demon's Journey

Frascoia Continent… Various races like Celestials, Demons, Humans, Monsters, Elves, Dwarves, and so on occupied this continent. Humans and the other races lived on the mainland of the continent while the Celestials and Demons lived in Heaven and Purgatory, respectively. Within the Demons, a prodigy named Azaroth rose quickly, even by demons' standards, to the point of being dubbed a "Demon God. There was only one person above him within the demons: The Great Demon Venerable, the Demons' Supreme Godfather. Azaroth's extraordinary talent never had the chance to blossom to its full potential; a terrible calamity struck him down and he died soon after. But was this calamity just misfortune or was it hiding an opportunity for him? Near his deathbed, he prepared for his future ascent to achieve his lofty goal. Millions of years had passed after Demon God Azaroth's demise and now a young aristocrat called Edwin Rhodes came across a mysterious cave. ~~~~ Tags: Male Protagonist, Anti-Hero, Previous Life Talent, Reincarnation, Transmigration, Beautiful Female Lead, R18+, Schemes and Conspiracies, Sword Wielder, Friendship, Subordinates, Elves, Beasts, Beast Companions, etc.

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Staying in the Silver-Blood Inn (R-18)

Azaroth and Sophie took many breaks as they moved towards the capital's direction. This went on for nearly half a day and in this time, Azaroth had perfectly healed his injuries. His Heavenly Demon Transformation Technique and already changed his physique significantly that had enhanced his healing. Also, he had been actively healing his bones with the Golden Flames so it was natural for it to be back to normal in half a day.

At this time, the two had finally reached a tavern on the way that was specially made for the travelers on their journey.

The Silver-Blood Inn…

The inn was a three-story stone-walled building, with a small fenced yard and a large cellar. Accommodations consist of several large rooms with beds and straw mattresses.

Its location was at the entrance of a village named Beetham.

Azaroth and Sophie took a good look at the inn and soon decided to walk inside. Once they were inside, they saw that the ground floor had a lot of open space which was used as a dining hall.

From the entrance, the reception was a couple of steps ahead. The innkeeper appeared to be a middle-aged man with a rough look.

"Let's get something to eat first." Azaroth gave his suggestion to Sophie.

These days, they had been eating the supplies in Sophie's rings. As the two smelled this delicious aroma in this Inn, they instinctively knew that their food would be much better than the supplies they had been eating.

The two occupied a table and a waiter soon appeared to ask for their order.

"Roasted Mutton and Millet Bread, Tankard of Mead." Azaroth gave his order.

"Salted Lamb and Soft Cheese, Tankard of Ale." Sophie gave an order.

The waiter nodded his head and headed back to get their order.

Now that they were safe in the inn, Sophie began to think back about what had happened.

She remembered that everything was fine before she lost consciousness because of exhaustion. But after she woke up, the entire situation was far too crazy for her to understand.

"What happened after I fell asleep?" She asked Azaroth since he was the one who was managing the barrier after she lost consciousness.

Azaroth was ready for this question and began to narrate the entire story with a few lies mixed in it to make himself seem somewhat helpless in the situation.

Since Peter had not returned or contacted her, it already told Sophie that he was dead. However, when Azaroth informed her that only a single 5 Star Beast was leading the Beast Raid, she understood that Peter had already killed the 5 Star Beast before his own death.

Sophie was feeling quite melancholic as she remembered how her guards had given up their very lives to buy time for her and escape.

When she had come to deal with this Beast Raid, she had never expected that all her guards would die and she would be returning to the Capital City with Azaroth.

It was then she stared at Azaroth. She remembered how he had jumped forward without hesitation and taken a strong blow for her. If he had wanted to, he could have easily escaped the Golden Ape alone while leaving Sophie to deal with it.

But he had stayed behind and tried his best to protect her.

She was touched by those actions.

Sophie was aware that she was beautiful. Many men had approached her and confessed to her with cheesy lines. Many were rather extravagant about it as they would do anything for her to return her feelings.

However, she knew that those people would abandon her without a second thought when they were up against that Golden Ape.

She was fondly gazing at Azaroth while thinking 'I was just thinking of having some fun and try a relationship. Who would have expected that I would really fall in love with him.'

Even now, Sophie wasn't exactly clear about her feelings. She didn't know whether it was an infatuation or love since this was the first time she had experienced such strong feelings related to romance.

The waiter soon brought their orders…

Once the food had arrived, Azaroth and Sophie began salivating at the same time.

Azaroth was truly waiting for the food as he was really hungry. As soon as the waiter had placed the plates down, Azaroth picked up the Roasted Mutton and took a large bite, and chew it properly.

In contrast, Sophie was eating her food rather calmly.

As she looked at how Azaroth was eating his food, she couldn't stop herself from smiling mischievously and speak, "I have never seen a noble family heir eating his food so crudely."

Azaroth first chewed the food in his mouth and then picked up the tankard of Mead that had arrived before gulping down a lot of it in one go.

He then replied to Sophie's words, "Say what you want but I am damn hungry right now. If you don't hurry up, your order is gonna be in my stomach as well."

Although Sophie's expression remained calm on the surface, her speed of eating her food did increase.

The first thing they finished was their drinks. Azaroth immediately asked for a refill and Sophie did the same.

Soon, the two requested another serving.

Sophie drank more Ale and soon the alcohol began to show its effect on her as her cheeks turned reddish.

Her eyelids dropped as she began chuckling suddenly, "Hehe… Your face is so red. I didn't think that you had such low tolerance for alcohol, Edwin."

"Speak for yourself, woman." Azaroth countered with a smirk as he chugged down the Mead in that turn.

Sophie seemed to be getting competitive over this as she also picked up her tankard and chugged her Ale.

After she had strongly placed the tankard on the table, Sophie's smile seemed to have grown wider.

"This is our first date. Hehe… I am so happy to finally have this date with you. During our Academy time, I was waiting when you would come and invite me to a meal but you never even talked to me properly. It's nice that you have grown out of your inferiority complex, Edwin. You were too shy to even talk to me while looking in my eyes." Sophie revealed one of our inner thoughts to Azaroth.

Azaroth didn't find it that surprising but he still made an embarrassed look in front of Sophie as he replied, "…Myles will probably burn in jealousy if he knew that I am sharing a meal with you right now."

The two chuckled together for some moments.

Sophie also added to his words, "Hehehe… True."

Suddenly, her entire mood switched, and instead of that smile, she had a melancholic look on her face, "It's because of everyone's sacrifices that we can come of it alive. And instead of mourning them, we are seemingly celebrating our survival. We really are degenerates and heartless people, aren't we?"

Azaroth heard her words but he still picked up another bite of his food. It was as if he was ignoring those earlier words from Sophie.

Sophie wasn't happy to see this and she frowned before asking Azaroth, "Why are you ignoring my words? I am genuinely confused as these thoughts appear in my head. Please… Say something!"

"I didn't reply not because I was ignoring you but because I believed that there was no point in replying," Azaroth spoke as he raised his head before looking into Sophie's eyes with a calm expression.

"You feel guilty because you are enjoying your survival while those warriors had sacrificed their lives? Tell me, how has the situation changed from before?"

"The peace that you and I enjoy in our cities is because the soldiers and the warriors die during the war. Do you feel guilty while you enjoy your life at that time?" This question seemed to have struck Sophie's mind immediately.

She knew in her heart that she had never once considered the life or the work of a soldier or a warrior fighting on the battlefield. However, as she thought of it now, she found that it was more and more similar to her current situation. The only difference was that the soldiers or the warriors weren't just dying for her, they were dying for their country. But she was still enjoying the rewards of their sacrifices without giving it any thought.

Azaroth was still not done yet.

"The situation is the same. However, in this, only the two of us have survived. I can more or less understand why you even feel sad or guilty about this situation. It's because your guards went ahead to hold back the Beast Raid, allowing you to escape, right?"

Once again, Azaroth nailed his target with his hypothesis. Sophie turned away her head as she couldn't bear to look into Azaroth's eyes.

"Allow me to give you a clear explanation why they went ahead, welcoming their death. It's because they wanted you to survive so that you can return and take good care of their families and return their favor of saving your life."

"When the beast army was approaching, they must have realized, if you stayed behind, you wouldn't be helpful at all. The beast army would absolutely kill all of you and their families in the capital wouldn't even receive the news of their demise any soon. Moreover, even if they did receive the news, do you think your father will take special care of the families of the soldiers who failed to protect his only dear daughter?"

Even under the effect of alcohol, Sophie understood that her father wouldn't have cared one bit about those families.

"Keep this in your heart that other than those who love you dearly, the others will never sacrifice anything for you unless they get something in return." These words from Azaroth strongly resounded in Sophie's mind.

There were a lot of thoughts going on in her head now. Her mind was recalling all her recent events and unconsciously connecting them to Azaroth's words and surprisingly, in most situations, Sophie found that Azaroth's theory was absolutely correct.

"…Thank you. I feel a lot better now, Edwin." Sophie said from the bottom of her heart as she looked at Azaroth with a sincere expression.

Azaroth replied with a matter-of-fact tone, "I naturally need to help my girlfriend during such moments."

As Sophie heard him call her his 'girlfriend', she found a strange liking to this word.

Soon, Sophie smirked as she saw Azaroth was done with his food. She asked him, "Are you ready to get the main thing now?"

Azaroth was confused by her words.

Sophie raised her arm and called for the waiter.

After the waiter arrived, she spoke, "Get us 6 shots of vodka. Also, prepare another round of 6 shots after this one."

The waiter nodded his head and returned to get the order ready.

Meanwhile, Azaroth was thinking calmly 'It seems this woman really wants to drink herself until her mind collapses.'

But a clever smirk soon appeared as he added in his mind 'Other than slightly decrease my focus, alcohol can do nothing to me. I wonder her limit though.'

Soon, the waiter returned with 6 shots of vodka.

One by one, Azaroth and Sophie finished those 6 shots. Azaroth drank 3 and Sophie drank the other 3.

They ordered another 6 shots. It was finished as Azaroth drank 3 and Sophie drank the other 3.

Soon, they continued to order those vodka shots until Sophie's eyelids began to drop. She was truly sleepy now.

Azaroth noticed this and after finishing up the shots, he paid the bill.

He had quite some money since he had looted Peter and other Sophie's guards so it wasn't difficult to settle the bill.

Soon, Azaroth went over to the reception while Sophie stood in his arms.

As the receptionist glanced at them, he saw Sophie snuggling up in Azaroth's embrace. As he laid his eyes on Sophie, even the innkeeper couldn't help but have lustful thoughts about her.

Sophie had fair-white skin, an exceptionally beautiful face that seemed perfect from every angle, and her breasts were also rather large that enhanced her sexy charm greatly. Moreover, as the innkeeper's eyes lowered down, he saw those long milky-white legs that just made his mind go crazy with desire.

The innkeeper even began thinking boldly 'This girl is completely drunk. I just need to deal with this annoying guy and I can play with this woman how I want. Keke…'

Suddenly, the innkeeper's dirty fantasies were interrupted as he was thrown back by a sudden burst of Ardor.

It naturally came from Azaroth.

The innkeeper soon returned to his senses as he was struck by that shockwave. He stood back up and looked at Azaroth, speaking with an awkward look, "…Yes sir? What were you saying?"

"I said, give us a room for tonight." Azaroth coldly spoke.

"Yes sir. Definitely sir." The man quickly replied. He then turned to a servant and ordered him, "Quickly show sir the room number 107."

Azaroth soon followed that servant up on the stairs while Sophie just continued to hang around him in that drunken state. Her grip on Azaroth's arm was tight and it prevented her from falling down multiple times.

After getting in the room, Azaroth asked the servant to return. Soon, he went to the bed and just fell on it.

The exhaustion his body had built up until now was showing its effect. Azaroth just wanted to continue sleeping for a long time to recover his energy, whether it was the physical energy or the mental energy.

Sophie had already stopped holding Azaroth's arm once she entered the room.

As Azaroth turned his head to look at what she was doing, he was surprised to see that she had already removed her top and was in a plain red bra that held her large breasts.

Once Azaroth saw that sight and then the motion of how Sophie was also removing her shorts, his body temperature increased suddenly.

The exhaustion from a few seconds earlier was going away as his hormones completely activated and he felt his dick react to that sight.

Soon, Sophie was just in her bra and her panties. And as she raised her head to look at Azaroth, she found that he was no longer on the bed but right in front of her.

There was that lustful look in his eyes as his lips immediately captured Sophie's mouth before she could even speak anything. Their tongues battled out against each other as Azaroth slowly turned Sophie towards the bed.

Once their kiss ended, Azaroth suddenly pushed Sophie on the bed and lustfully said, "Let's have some fun, my dear seductress."

Soon, Azaroth's hands moved towards Sophie's large breasts as he held them and fondled them expertly.

Sophie began to release loud moans from her mouth as she felt Azaroth's hand movements on her chest even when he was fondling her breasts while she was still wearing her bra.

Sophie didn't even realize when her bra was removed and Azaroth was soon fondling her raw breasts. Sometimes pinching her nipples, nibbling or licking her breasts, or sometimes just fondling them expertly as she felt extreme pleasure from this.

However, this wasn't all she was feeling. Azaroth's fingers were already inside Sophie's pussy and he was surprised that it was so wet.

"You really are a temptress," Azaroth spoke before licking his lips as he removed his clothes.

In her drunken state, Sophie saw Azaroth standing ahead of her, with his 10 inches dick large dick that just made her wonder 'Is it normal to be so big?'

And once Azaroth had used his true weapon, Sophie realized that the pleasure she had been receiving earlier was nothing but the mere tip of the iceberg.

In that night, Azaroth took Sophie Russel's virginity and still went on to pound her pussy for half a day until it was midnight time.

It was only then that Azaroth's lust was satisfied. After that, Azaroth used his Ardor to clean the sheets effortlessly and the two slept in each other's arms naked.

Maybe it turned out to be slightly more cringy than I planned buy I hope you liked the chapter.

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