A Demon's Journey

Frascoia Continent… Various races like Celestials, Demons, Humans, Monsters, Elves, Dwarves, and so on occupied this continent. Humans and the other races lived on the mainland of the continent while the Celestials and Demons lived in Heaven and Purgatory, respectively. Within the Demons, a prodigy named Azaroth rose quickly, even by demons' standards, to the point of being dubbed a "Demon God. There was only one person above him within the demons: The Great Demon Venerable, the Demons' Supreme Godfather. Azaroth's extraordinary talent never had the chance to blossom to its full potential; a terrible calamity struck him down and he died soon after. But was this calamity just misfortune or was it hiding an opportunity for him? Near his deathbed, he prepared for his future ascent to achieve his lofty goal. Millions of years had passed after Demon God Azaroth's demise and now a young aristocrat called Edwin Rhodes came across a mysterious cave. ~~~~ Tags: Male Protagonist, Anti-Hero, Previous Life Talent, Reincarnation, Transmigration, Beautiful Female Lead, R18+, Schemes and Conspiracies, Sword Wielder, Friendship, Subordinates, Elves, Beasts, Beast Companions, etc.

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"I have a single condition to treat you," Azaroth said to Tiana.

"What is it?!" Tiana asked somewhat anxiously.

"Become my subordinate and work in my organization," Azaroth spoke with a serious expression.

Tiana was stunned to hear that condition and then spoke with a bitter smile, "You can't joke around with those words. Also, even if I do want to work in your organization, your father would never agree to it. And if you try to bring me away, it will implicate you as well."

"I can deal with these minor troubles. My question is… Are you going to serve me or not?" Azaroth was quick to get to the point.

Tiana thought carefully for some moments but she soon nodded and spoke, "I don't have any choice, do I? If I refuse, you are going to flare up the poison again."

Azaroth coldly glanced at her. It was obvious what he would do.

A forced smile appeared on her face, "I don't want to suffer anymore. I will serve you…"

"You can call me, young master or milord." Azaroth casually spoke.

"Alright, you can get up. The poison won't flare up any time soon. I have a task for you." Azaroth spoke with a smirk.

Tiana wondered just what task he would give her and when she heard it, she was sweating nervously.

Azaroth actually wanted her to invite Josephine Rhodes to her courtyard.

Josephine was one of Jonas's most beautiful women and the woman he adored the most. It was because of her gentle nature that she was well-liked by almost everyone she met.

She was one of the main reasons why Tiana had been able to survive until now. If not for the protection she provided, Jonas's other concubines, especially Claudia, would have killed her already.

However, instead of replying, Azaroth just intensified his gaze. Tiana shuddered in fear of the poison's outburst and stood on her feet.

She looked at her maid nearby and spoke to Azaroth, "Please hide her, y-young master. I will ask someone to summon Miss Josephine."

Azaroth glanced at that maid and stretched out his arm. Purple flames released from his palm and swallowed that maid's body.

Tiana nervously gulped as she sensed demonic energy from those Purple Flames.

But this fear only enforced her decision of not going against Azaroth.

Soon enough, she walked out of her room and asked a guard to call out for Josephine Rhodes.

Azaroth looked at her with a commanding gaze, "Close the doors now."

Tiana quietly closed the doors and then sat on a chair nearby.

Azaroth gazed at her and spoke mildly, "Tell me about yourself. From where you are and your family information."

Tiana began to state the answer with a somewhat fearful tone.

It seemed as though she was from a commoner before marrying into the Rhodes House. She studied at the Golden Oak College of Fine Arts in Borves City.

She was well versed in calligraphy, dancing, and singing. During their annual competition at their college, she was one of the participants in a singing and dancing event.

Jonas Rhodes was invited to the Golden Oak College in Borves City during this annual event as a chief guest. At that time, his vision fell on Tiana, and was adamant about having her.

He effortlessly got her information from the principal of the Golden Oak College and then met up with her parents.

Tiana's parents were too happy to hear that Marquis Jonas showed interest in their daughter. They happily accepted the marriage offer and sent their daughter to serve him.

But after entering the Noble House, instead of the life filled with happiness, what awaited her were the days and nights filled with dreadful pain.

Not long after she entered the Rhodes House, her temperature began to rise. Initially, it wasn't considered a big deal as some medicines could suppress them but slowly, they began to trouble her more.

And it was Jonas who found out that the disease had spread to her spirit as well. It would be impossible to treat her without permanently injuring her spirit.

"How boring," Azaroth commented on her life with a dry look.

Tiana was angry at those words. She had just narrated her life to this man and he actually called it boring.

But because of her fear of this man, she didn't dare to say anything.

By the time the story entered, they heard a knock on the door, a pleasant voice could be heard, "Little sister, are you well now? A servant came to me and told me that you wanted to see me."

Tiana turned towards the door and was frightened greatly. She didn't know how she should explain Azaroth's presence to Josephine.

As she looked towards Azaroth, she found that he was missing from his position.

And when she looked at the door, she saw that Azaroth was standing just behind the door. He was in such a position that he would be covered once the door opened.

Azaroth gave her a signal to open the door.

Tiana nodded somewhat fearfully and nervously before standing up and walking towards the door.

She soon opened it while showing off a big fake smile on her face.

Josephine Rhodes… The woman was wearing rather expensive-looking and vivacious clothing as compared to Tiana.

In fact, her body was even more mature and gave the person a gentle motherly aura.

Josephine was quite happy as she saw Tiana opening the door, "Looks like the servant wasn't lying to me. You have really gotten better, little sister. How did this happen?"

"I will explain everything, elder sister. Please come inside." Tiana invited Josephine inside.

Josephine stood along with her other maids and soon entered her room. She was a little excited to hear how Tiana had recovered.

But she never imagined that as soon as she and her maids entered Tiana's room her maids would be attacked deviously.

Azaroth grabbed Josephine's throat and prevented her from screaming while he killed her other maids.

Josephine lowered her eyes to see the face of the man who was actually making a move against her. She had tried to use her cultivation base but it proved to be futile against Azaroth.

As she was surprised to see that this man surpassed her 3 Star Rank, she looked into his eyes and was about to ask him a question.

However, she had no idea that the battle was already over as soon as she looked into his eyes.

Azaroth gave her a mental command, "Submit to me!"

He gave her this mental command while using the Hypnosis Skill. The power of his hypnosis skill was strong enough to immediately work on Josephine.

An order was deeply rooted in the back of her mind now. That she was Azaroth's slave.

Once Azaroth had formed the slave imprint over the woman, he let go of her throat.

Tiana didn't know what had happened. All she saw was Azaroth suddenly grabbing Tiana's throat, beating her maids, and then releasing her.

Tiana was very nervous as she didn't know what Josephine would do.

"Behave normally in the Noble House and give me weekly updates of what goes on in the Rhodes House. If there is an emergency then you can contact me through our spiritual link. Also, prepare to handle Tiana's disappearance from the Noble House." Azaroth gave her a set of instructions through their spiritual link.

Azaroth could easily control Josephine's body if he wanted but he felt that it would be a waste to spend too much time controlling her body. Instead, Josephine should keep control of the body while giving information that Azaroth needed.

"Emm…" Tiana nervously spoke. She was nervous because of her confusion. She couldn't anticipate Josephine's charm.

"I will make sure to obey your commands, milord," Josephine spoke while giving a light bow.

Azaroth nodded in satisfaction.

The hypnosis skill had worked better than he hoped for. It seemed that getting Sargan's Blood Essence was a good idea.

Meanwhile, Tiana was utterly shocked to hear Josephine refer to Azaroth as milord. Josephine's position in the harem was much higher than Tiana yet she was also addressing Azaroth so respectively. Tiana was now less reluctant to call him young master.

"You can leave now."

"As you command, milord." Josephine left without wasting another second.

After Tiana closed the door, she breathed out a sigh of relief. She felt as if she had just dodged a disaster.

Azaroth thought while analyzing Tiana 'The Three Yin Physique isn't a bad physique for cultivation. Maybe I can try and upgrade her physique to the Seven Yin Physique.'

Azaroth had quite some knowledge on upgrading the Yin Physique because he possessed a Mysterious Yin Physique in his previous life. He had upgraded it to Seven Yin Physique which wasn't too bad as compared to a Legendary Nine Yin Physique.

He left behind his instructions to Tiana, "Follow Josephine's instructions. She will contact you 2 days later. Be ready."

Josephine was absolutely under Azaroth's control and with her identity as one of Jonas's most adored women, he could do almost whatever he wanted in the Rhodes Estate.

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