212 Meeting the Dragons

In this cave, there were crystals and gems brighter than the stars. Artificial rainbow clouds floated at the top, creating a mystical atmosphere. It was a mysterious place.

Rare treasures that could be seen in every corner further added to the mysteriousness of this place. The vastness of this place could be compared to the abyss. This was the Great Dragon Lord's cave.

"It seems like another special guest had come to visit." The Great Dragon Lord spoke with his majestic voice.

Right now, he was accompanying another two guests.

They were two dragons of opposite colours and opposite natures.

One white with a sleek, streamlined frame.

One black with a large, sculpted body.

Demon Lord Zeddro and Demon Idu.

"Special?" Idu muttered with intrigue.

The dragons directed their senses to the entrance as quiet footsteps entered.

"Three dragons in one place. How fascinating." Ari's crisp voice rang out as she appeared before them.

Her purple, gemlike eyes were as calm as water-facing these mythical creatures considered deities by many. A halo subtly floated above her head to announce her presence. A large robe covered her fine body, hiding her physical conditions from observers. Only her delicate face could be seen.

"A hero? No, you are not a hero. How are you an Archmage without a hero's fate?" Zeddro tilted his head in curiosity. There was not the slightest hint of hostility in his eyes.

"I've seen you before. You were hanging out with the Immortal when their stupid festival was taking place." Idu followed up.

"Great Lord. Would you mind taking care of the introductions?"

"These are my sons. You two, take a good look. This is the Archmage of the Great Continent, Ari. When she was young, she was acknowledged as the most talented of all time by many. Ari, what have you come for?"

"You must be lacking in entertainment these days. So- I've come to invite you to the Royal Palace of the Elves."

"There must be a special event taking place, is there not?"

"You are right. The special event is the engagement ceremony between my son and the Elven Princess."

When Ari finished her sentence, Zeddro and Idu communicated with their eyes at light speed. Their intelligence was not lacking, and they could rapidly connect the dots.

Undoubtedly, the Archmage's son was the Child of Prophecy, who was accompanied by Lilith!

"We'll go!" Zeddro and Idu simultaneously exclaimed.



"You two..." The Great Dragon sighed. "Does it sound like you are being invited?"

"Humph. We are dragons. The elves love us."

"The elves hate you." The father dragon retorted before returning his attention to Ari. "I will go under some conditions."

"Please state them."

"I'll be taking these two with me."

"They are welcomed to tag along."

"Excellent. Inform me of the dates when it's time."

"Very well."

The meeting was short and straight to the point. After achieving her goals, Ari left.

The engagement between Earl and Alea was bound to create a political storm. For one, this would be the first time that the royal family was marrying an outsider. Ancient noble families that are usually first in line as candidates for the royal family's in-law would be the first to speak up. For example, Abelis was able to become the Prince Consort candidate precisely because he was a member of one of the ancient noble families. Another issue was the elves' belief in tainting of the royal bloodline. The offspring of Alea would be a half-elf, half-human. Looking far ahead, it would bring doubts as to who the successor to the throne would be after Alea. It was the perfect excuse for a coup by the ancient noble families.

These were just the most apparent surface issues.

Ari respected the wishes of Earl and Alea. As the former's guardian and the latter's master, she wished for the best for them. To do this, she must consolidate her position and Earl's among the elven nobles.

Rather than displaying Alea's choice as a thoughtless decision that was doomed to taint the royal bloodline, Ari's goal was to portray this as a hugely beneficial political marriage. Her first move was to move the dragons over to her side for the engagement ceremony. This small action alone would be enough to quell the nobles' dissatisfaction for the time being.

With those lingering thoughts, Ari vanished into the snow.

This week was bound to be a busy week.

The reason?

The following week was Earl's official engagement ceremony with Alea.

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