1 Where it all starts

Your eyes were drawn to a boy in sunglasses, white hair falling onto his face. He must have noticed you staring at him because he turns towards you, pulling down his sunglasses by a few centimeters to reveal his blue eyes. You can't seem to move your eyes away from him as you get lost in his eyes.

He chuckled at your dazed reaction and walks towards you.

"I'm Gojo Satoru. What's your name?"

"I'm (l/n) (f/n)."

You replied with a blush.

"So, (f/n), wanna go and get a drink together?"

You blushed at his bold use of your first name. He sounded so confident and you wonder where that confidence came from. You are tempted to say no just to see how he would react once he realized he got rejected but it's hard to do so when he was less than a meter away from you, staring you with his beautiful blue eyes.

So, you nodded.

You wouldn't have expected getting a drink together with him would lead you to having unsafe sex with him but somehow, it did. Once you realize what you were doing, you are already on a bed with his cock thrusting in and out of your soaked cunt. You moans as he thrusts in an angle that makes you sees stars.


He groaned as he thrusted even faster.

"Shit, you feel so good, y/n. So tight..So good..."

You meets half-way through his thrusts as you feels your orgasm approaching.

"Gonna cum."

You heard Satoru say with a groan but honestly, you couldn't care as long as he keeps going. After a few more thrusts, you came and not long after, he emptied his seed inside you. Cum leaks from your cunt as he pulls out.

He shoves his three fingers inside your cunt, getting some of his cum on his fingers in the process and chuckles.

"You look so fucking pretty like this." He says.


It was only supposed to be a one-night stand thingy but here you were, meeting with him now and then. Those meetings however, were not romantic or anything like that, just sex and sex. You knew by this point that he was not looking for any relationship and that he was only interested in having sex with you but it was hard to turn him down when he was so freaking hot and can make you feel so good. The only bad thing is that you are starting to get attached to him.

You can't help but want to know what it would be like if you two just snuggled up and watch a movie together or what it would be like if he caresses you romantically. You can't help but crave affection from him when you clearly know there isn't any. And, it hurts.

You should be stopping this stupid game. You said to yourself. But, it's ineffective when Gojo calls you at nights and asks if he could come over. Your answer always have been yes and he knew that.

The routine continued for a few months until one day you overhear a conversation.

"Hey, beautiful, wanna meet tomorrow?"

Gojo talks on the phone.

"No, of course not. I'm not dating anyone right now."

Which was technically true as he never mentioned about taking you on a date.

"I don't know who you're talking about." He said innocently.

"Oh..her? I mean I'm getting a bit bored lately so..you know."

You don't know why it surprises you or why it hurts. You knew it all along that it was only a matter of time before things come to an end yet, it hurts a lot more when you are forced to face it in real life. Tears fall down your cheek as you llistened to the conversation.


Satoru must have noticed as he tiled his head and asked nonchalantly.

He didn't care if you were crying. You let out a laugh almost bitterly.

"I heard you know...." You said.

"So, what are you gonna do? Slap me and yell at me for being such a womanizer?" Satoru asked cockily.

"That's all what you have to say? I mean..I know you said no strings attached and all but...you can't just..."

"I can't just what?" He asked.

"Can't just do that. I can't....I know it's my fault but...it hurts...like a lot, you know."

"You have to speak in full sentences , y/n. How else am I gonna understand you?"

"Leave it. You won't understand it either way. You...never cared about me..after all.

" You laughed bitrerly as the words came out of your own mouth.

Satoru didn't refute your words.

At least you were right about one thing.

He didn't care about your feelings. He didn't care about you.

"Goodbye , Satoru. Now, please leave." You finally said while wiping your tears.

"Fine." He said, not even looking back at you as he left.

Why did you even fall for him in the first place?

You fell onto the floor, tears falling down to your cheek once again despite your attempt to wipe them away.

You cried.


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