A Cultivator's Odyssey

An ordinary man of a distant world, A new dream of an old soul, Another journey in another world Immortal is his soul, Undying are his bones, The ways of the world have shattered all hopes. The world of martial arts and cultivation welcomes a soul. A soul that transcends Nirvana, the most ordinary of all. A monster. --------------- Hello readers, this is Formless_Daoist, the author of the novel 'A Cultivator's Odyssey', this is the first novel that I am writing and I hope you will all love it. I would also like the highlight the fact that many readers might find the synopsis of the novel, A Cultivator's Odyssey, a bit confusing but all I would say is to give the novel a try, about maybe 20 chapters or so. I can say for sure that you will not find it confusing, in fact you will definitely love it. Also, check out my other book - Level-Up in the Cultivation World: https://www.webnovel.com/book/level-up-in-the-cultivation-world_28438894600725305 And yes, in case you're wondering who wrote that impressive 6 lines short poem above, then let me tell you, its me. ---------------- The cover page is not mine. I found it on Pinterest Link of the cover image - https://in.pinterest.com/pin/63613413479042832/ If the the artist of the image wishes to remove the image from the cover, please contact me. I will remove it immediately.

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20 Chs

2. The Little Genius

A month has passed since the Divine Physician visited and everyone in the family has heard of the name, Li Jing, the first young master, the son of the Patriarch.

However, it didn't cause much wave apart from the initial surprise. Though, there were people who were disappointed to know about Li Jing's low talent in Martial arts.

But thinking about it, Li Jing was considered to have died in his mother womb and then, he was suddenly found to be alive and was birthed with an extremely fragile body.

This was too messed up.

All in all, people coveting the position of the Patriarch chose to ignore the little, weak Li Jing.

Right now, though, the little guy was gulping down the milk from his mother's bosom greedily.

He had icy blue eyes just like his father and thin black coloured hairs just like his mother.

Li Jing, while drinking milk stared at his mother as he thought. "I can't believe that I would be reborn in a place like this. To think I had be sucking milk from a woman's bosom while dreaming of becoming an Immortal cultivator sweeping through the Myriad realms after obtaining that. Ridiculous!"

Unable to express himself, Li Jing could only get frustrated and suck on milk harder, no pun intended.

That right, Li Jing, here, was a man of destiny brought together by fate to this land.

He was from Earth and was an explorer driven by curiosity to unveil the truth hidden or left behind in the past. And just like that, he ended up in a mountain which was said to be the Imperial Mausoleum of Yu the Great.

Leading a team of dozens of people he entered the mountains in search and after half a year of exploration he finally had some clues.

Chasing after the truth which he thought was close, he had the place dug and finally the result was out.

Countless precious jewels and material were found, gold and silvers were piled in mountains. All the effort and hard work was paid off.

Li Jing, obviously, was exhilarated just like others, however, something caught his attention in that vast sea of treasures.

It was book that was kept on a small platform at the only place from light could come through a small hole in the mountain.

While everyone was excited seeing the piles of gold, no one paid attention the that book except for Li Jing.

It was as if destiny was guiding him towards that book. Walking towards it, he felt a great sense of mystery around the book.

Picking it up he saw some letters written on it which he could barely read.

"To the fated one". It said.

Li Jing felt that there was a great possibility that it was written by Yu the Great.

So he opened that book and a blinding light emitted out of it.

The book turned into a ball of light and entered between Li Jing's brows.

Li Jing was frightened, he had no idea or any comprehension as to what had happened. This was beyond his understanding of the world.

However, he suddenly felt his body heating up and what followed the suit was an intense headache.

Clutching his head tightly he screamed at top of his lungs. He felt the world go dark and the next moment he was here, in an unknown land, gulping down milk daily.

After Li Jing was born into this world he was very afraid, unable to accept reality but time was the best teacher.

Having accepted his current situation, he lived a life of leisure - drinking (milk), sleeping, popping.

This has been his routine for the past month. However, just after a few days since his birth, a foreign memory which seemed to be always there appeared in his mind.

Grand Heaven's Reincarnation Sutra.

It was a cultivation technique which allowed one to reincarnate as its name suggested. However, this was not the limit of this technique. As Li Jing explored further, he found out that there was no limit the number of times he could reincarnate and could retain his memories of his past lives too.

Li Jing had been an historical explorer, so naturally he had read many myths and legends about Gods and Immortals.

He easily figured out that this was an Immortal opportunity that could only be stumbled upon by those of great luck and destiny. He could already imagine himself being able to stand tall above the seas and clouds, sweeping through the Myriad Realms and dominating the Immortal Worlds.

But first, he had to finish drinking milk and go to sleep.

In this life Li Jing was born fragile and weak, and as an infant he was easily tired after only little bit of activity.

As these gargantuan of thoughts were popping inside Li Jing's mind, a man entered inside the room.

Li Jing's attention was shifted towards that man whose eyes looked the same as his, icy-blue.

It was indeed, Li Shang, his father.

"Husband~ you are here", seeing Li Shang, Su Xiaoyue called him sweetly. Ever since after Li Jing's birth, Su Xiaoyue's complexion has improved greatly and now, she looked like a beautiful maiden but with motherly aura around her.

"Hmm", Li Shang merely nodded before sitting beside her and gently stroking her hair.

He, too, had been hopeless and despaired these past few months, Li Jing's birth was no less than a miracle. Seeing, his wife and son, as long as they were healthy and safe, it was all he wanted.

A smile appeared on his face.

By now Li Jing has already finished drinking milk and went to sleep.

"Oh! Little Jing is done drinking milk, it seems to be my turn now.", Li Shang thought as a devious smile crept on his face.

The night was still young, and 'young' were the man and the woman.

Time is like a river, it flows unceasingly and now, 3 years worth of time has passed.

In the fourth month after Li Jing's birth, he spoke 'Mother' clearly for the first time which shocked and surprised his parents. Thus, starting the legend of the little genius.

In the seventh month, he took his first step and by the eighth month Li Jing could walk properly. His parents, the maids and servants were all extremely shocked.

Rumors of him being a genius had started to spread.

When he turned a year old, he displayed how fluently he could speak, surprising many family members and receiving countless praises.

When he was two years old, he had already finished read many difficult books and poetries that even adults found challenging, which further solidified his reputation as a genius.

Through the various books, he had read, Li Jing now had the understanding of the worlds topography - the kingdom he was in was called the Maple Sky Kingdom, vassal to the Sunset Empire. 

The Sunset Empire was huge and had 9 other vassal countries like the Maple Sky Kingdom. The Maple Sky along with its two neighbouring kingdoms were located in the Eastern region of the Sunset Empire.

Of course, the Sunset Empire was not the only empire, there were three other empires, however, there was no information about them in the family's library.

After turning three years old today, Li Jing would officially start learning about and practicing Martial Arts.

By now, he was completely famous in the capital. The Little Genius Young Master Li.

That was his title, however, he was more known for having a low-level talent in Martial Arts and was destined to have little accomplishment in Martial Arts.

However, no one ridiculed him because his father, Li Shang was one of the three dukes.

Thus, despite his inferior talent in Martial Arts, Li Jing lived peacefully.

Today, though, this peace was broken.

As Li Jing has turned three years old, he would have to start his Martial Arts journey.

Normally, Li Jing would have come to this stage at 7 years old as most children would start learning how to write and read at the age of 3.

However, being a genius worked in Li Jing's advantage which allowed him to enter the Martial Path 4 years early.

4 years!

The advantage was huge.