394 CH. 405: Boost!

Elden Ring is addicting.

Ddraig, being the master of souls she was, easily transferred her soul into the gauntlet. Even though God gave a few pieces of advice on how to connect the Boosted Gear to his soul, Asahi didn't do anything. Klyscha was more aware of every ins and out of his soul. Messing with the soul without knowledge was a death sentence.

(I know every ins and out of your soul… Hehe. I can still be useful to my love.)


(I'm pulling you into the void!)

Asahi waved his hand at his father-in-law before he was sucked into an unknown dimension, where he couldn't see anything except himself. Even with his high-level instinct, he couldn't grasp a thing about the void.

(There's nothing to be found here… just emptiness until the end of time...) Klyscha's voice brushed his ears. (Or I used to think until I met you… my love.)

"Asahi! I don't like this feeling," Ddraig's yell echoed in his head. "Asahi, can I reach you?"

Asahi shook his head. "Yes, yes. Just hold tight. I'll finish this and return soon."

"You better! This place is making my head throb."

Even a Heavenly Dragon was put off by the emptiness.

(Now, close your eyes… and we're done!)

'That was fast.'

(He, he. I know every nook and cranny of my love's soul.)

'Creepy goddess.'

(I'd prefer the word yandere, my love. It's done. Should I send you back?)

'Yeah, Ddraig might cry if I don't go back.'

(Won't my love enjoy her tearing up like this?)

'Let's leave our sadism for later.'

Asahi returned to God's workshop. This time, there was no gauntlet on his right arm.

"You did it?" God asked curiously. "Or you failed?"

God expected Asahi to nod, and he did just that. With a sigh, he pointed at the chair. "Fail my expectations every once in a while, would you? My back will go slack if you do everything perfectly."

Asahi sat down with a smirk. "I have to retire your old ass soon."

"We're back…" Ddraig's voice came from his head. "I was suffocated. Where were we?"

'A secret place.'

"Why you gotta hide stuff? I'm trying something here…" Ddraig whispered and suddenly, the Boosted Gear manifested on its own. "I can see you over there, Old Man. I'll have a rematch in ten years. Keep getting strong or you'll be burned to charcoal." Ddraig's voice came from the flickering emerald jewel on the Boosted Gear.

God shook his head. "Sorry, Red Dragon Emperor. I'm a retired architect now. My Son-in-law will do all the fighting for me. Why don't you satisfy your battle urges with him?"

"Him?" Ddraig fell silent for a moment. "I can't beat him as I am now… I'll be training for years to come after I receive a body."

"Give up, Red Dragon Emperor," God said with a sigh. "I can't see his limits today. Can you imagine what he will be like in ten years?"

"Never! I'll catch up one day. This is what we dragons live for!"

"Wrong," Asahi said and tapped the jewel. "Not all dragons are like that. I'll show how the strongest dragons in this world act."

One was incapable of showing her emotions, and the other was too expressive at times; Ophis and Great Red were unique individuals, to say the least.

"You aren't wrong. There are some like Tiamat. She wants all the gold in the world… I forgot I borrowed some treasures from her last time…" Ddraig's voice was shaking, not in fear but in laughter. "I'm passing on the duty as your servant. Good luck!"

"Tiamat? The blue dragon woman?"

"Yeah. Tiamat has been going around in that form for some time now."

"I'll deal with her when she comes."

Tiamat was one of the five Dragon Kings. In her angered state, she might even be stronger than Ddraig at her peak. Asahi had no fear since his elemental forms hard-countered beings with elemental powers.

"Let's test you out now."

Asahi raised the gauntlet.

"Boost!" Ddraig shouted. "Why did I say that? Asahi, what did you do to me?"

God gave a hideous grin as if he was a demon king instead of the Almighty God of Heaven. "I added a call for when your power is used. It would be troublesome to add an external device since the gear would be connected to Asahi's soul. Using your voice was the best voice."

"You bastard," Ddraig. "Using a dragon as an announce—Boost!"

Asahi couldn't help but chuckle at God's sadistic methods. He closed his eyes and sensed the power rising within his muscles.

"One more."

Another one of Ddraig's yells echoed after ten seconds. Asahi's strength had almost reached 1000 points after 3x boosts. He felt like he could blow mountains with just the shockwaves of his punch.

'Is this what xianxia cultivators feel after becoming a high-level cultivator?'

(Very much. Also, your stamina is draining… it's less than seventy percent now. Your body also needs time to harmonize to the abrupt boosts of this level. I wouldn't recommend going over six boosts in this world. You might shatter the boundaries I set.)

'Woah, I'll become a planet buster after six boosts? How much strength points would I have… over 22000! This is way too busted.'

(This ability is a cheat code indeed. The boosts will be easier once Ddraig adapts to the Boosted Gear's ability.)

'It's our first time. We will become used to it.'

(You are talking like you and Ddraig had sex.)

'I don't know. I need to see her human form before I decide.'

He might give her a physical body before the decided ten years. It was up to him to decide her appearance, and whether or not she became human.

(Designing your own dragon waifu.)

'Yes indeed.'

"Slow down, tiger. Not another boost in my workshop." God was feeling terrified of Asahi's fierce aura. "Good thing I chose you as my successor," God mumbled. "How many times have I said that?"

"I lost count after nine."

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