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CH. 295: Lucky Pervert

"You mean he is treating you as his son?"

Asahi nodded at Lord Lucifuge's question. "He does."

"He could be using you."

"He won't."

Asahi's confident words earned a skeptical look from Lord Lucifuge. Considering Biblical God's previous crimes against humanity, his wariness made sense.

Grayfia smiled seeing her father worry for Asahi. Two of her most important people getting along warmed her heart.

"He can take care of himself, Father."

"I saw that in the duel."

"Father-in-law, take care. We'll see each other in the meeting."

"Don't expect me to side with Heaven because of you," Lord Lucifuge stated bluntly.

"I know. You'll support Lucifer to the end."

"I will."

Lord Lucifuge wasn't going to abandon Lucifer. This loyalty was a little unnerving for Asahi, who had plans to remove the Devil Kings from the picture.

Before leaving, Asahi made sure to get some information on the current situation. The commotion in the Underworld wasn't surprising. Though it escalated a little beyond his predictions.

'The Devil Kings' stance against Lucifer will be the most important factor.'

Grayfia returned home with a bright smile.

'Let's give some love to Gabriel.'

Asahi teleported to Gabriel's room with impeccable timing.

Gabriel was showing off her white wings and the round cheeks of her ass. She slowly slid the pure white g-string panties down her lush, plump thighs. Asahi almost pushed her long curly hair hiding her intimate privates.

A white magic circle appeared above Asahi, prompting Gabriel to look behind.


Gabriel turned around without covering anything. Her micro-bra only covered his nipples, leaving the rest of her breasts bouncing in the open. Her child-like innocent eyes and her voluptuous body couldn't be any more contrasting to each other.

Asahi swallowed his dry saliva as more and more white circles surrounded him.

Gabriel revealed a mischievous smile. "Oh my. Did you come to peek at me?"

Asahi ignored her mischievous words. The tiny fuzz of pale golden hair drew his eyes. The faint glow around her pristine womanhood almost looked like a natural censor to hide anyone from defiling her holiness. The airhead Seraph deserved her 'Most Beautiful Woman in Heaven' from her womanhood alone.

Everything about her looked ripe, ready to be picked. He just wanted to stick his tongue in her holy crevice and eat her out.

'No, stop! That will be a crime!'

Asahi suppressed his hormones running rampant, which in turn weakened the magic circles consuming his desires until they disappeared.

Gabriel gave an amused smile. Asahi was having naughty thoughts because of her body. She understood this from the Heaven exclusive magic circles around him.

'Should I ask for more pats in exchange?'

Driven by the greed for headpats, Seraph unknowingly learned how to blackmail people. The tiny spark of worldly desires flickered her golden halo black for a second.

"You're late today."

Asahi took his eyes off her halo and returned a smile. "I was busy with some important matters."

"Your wives?"

"My wives are important, yeah. But this time I had to stop an evil organization."

"Oh, sounds interesting. Tell me more."

"Sure. Put some clothes on first."


Once she got dressed, Asahi sat on her bed. She spared no moment and cuddled with him, asking for pats with a lovely smile. She didn't bring up the last time when she fainted from too many headpats. So he also avoided that topic as he wasn't sure if Gabriel fainted from his headpats or an abnormal orgasm.

After he spent over two hours spoiling Gabriel, Asahi headed to the workshop. God was already there, patiently observing a spear. A blue spear with a long silver spearhead.

'True Longinus?'

The most powerful Longinus. It was used by Saint Longinus to stab Jesus Christ. Well, it got overshadowed by the wielder of Boosted Gear all thanks to the power of oppai.

"Another Longi—" Asahi coughed. "I mean Emperor Gear?"

God nodded his head. "The meeting made me realize how strong prey on the weak. I don't want the devils to slap humans like that. As it stands, even the weakest devil can bring down a group of humans without suffering a scratch."

God was finally saying something befitting his position.

"I'm going to bless humanity with the Sacred and Emperor Gears."

"Oh." Asahi summoned a chair and sat before God. "Are you sure about this? People can abuse these weapons to bring down countries."

He wasn't particularly interested in Sacred Gears anyway since Klyscha could create them whenever he wanted. But he was interested in the process of making them. The girls would become unstoppable with Longinus-class weapons.

God replied with a shake of his head, "I'll refine the system to only give the Gears according to their character. If nothing goes wrong, the exorcists might be able to scout them out."

"Well, I see no problem with your plan as long as you keep the exorcists on the right path."

God picked up the spear with a wry smile. "That's harder than making these powerful weapons."

"Also, leave Ddraig's Emperor Gear for me."

"Already fond of her?"

"Kinda," he said with a shrug. "I'm more fond of Gabriel though."

Especially after the earlier incident. Her figure will remain engraved in his mind for centuries to come.

"She is an innocent child," God sighed. "I hope you know what you're doing with her."

God was unsure if Gabriel was truly going to fall for Asahi. Gabriel looked so happy and bright beside Asahi, making him a perfect candidate for her partner.

"Of course."

Gabriel was on Ais's level when it came to relationships stuff. One was a mythological being and the other one was a daughter of a Spirit, possibly a thousand years old. He couldn't rush a relationship with Gabriel without giving her proper knowledge of how relationships worked.

"How do I craft an armor?"

"You like crafting that much?"

Asahi nodded. He already had a Life Creation skill, and he looked forward to obtaining another skill related to crafting.

(It'll make them happier if you make it yourself.)

'I know that. I felt their happiness with my body.'

So began his classes on forging armor.

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