A Chemist's Interstellar Saga

Dr. Arix Vetti, a promising chemist, died just two hours after getting her PhD. She woke up with her memories in a future world among the stars, filled with mechas, spaceships... and of course, scary enemies, the insectoids. Even worse, she found herself reborn in an orphanage, struggling for basic needs like food and clothes. Her chance to enter a military academy was stolen by a rich princess, so she had to find another way. Along her journey, she used her chemistry knowledge to create insecticides and life-saving medicines. During this tough time, she made many friends who stuck with her through thick and thin. Want to find out how she became a universally recognized Master Chemist? You won't want to miss this book.

C_Ryan_H · Sci-fi
Not enough ratings
179 Chs

Family Banquet

The next day, when Arix woke up, her mind was filled with dreams of her parents. She knew that things were as good as they could be, but she still couldn't help feeling a bit down.

"Owwo..." Cassian, who had just woken up, let out a puzzled sound when he saw Arix's low spirits.

He slowly walked over to Arix's head and buried himself in, trying to comfort her with his fluffy body.

Feeling the fuzziness against her cheek, Arix couldn't help smiling. She turned over and buried her face in Cassian's belly, rubbing against it.

"Croissant, thank you," Arix said, feeling healed and warmly thinking to herself that fuzziness really was a cure-all.

"Ding ding."

The doorbell suddenly rang, and Arix, curious, looked up at the door. She got up to open it.

"Hey cousin, good morning." Varden, standing outside, pushed his glasses up on the bridge of his nose and greeted her with a warm smile.