A Chaotic Symbiote Bonded To Natasha Romanoff/Black Widow

The main universe in this fanfic is the MCU otherwise known as Earth-199999. But MC and his host, Natasha Romanoff AKA Black Widow, will travel to different universes because MC's way of development is by eating other Symbiotes and gaining all of their abilities and powers. - What happens when someone dies, is it the end? Do they just cease to exist? Do they end up in heaven or hell? Do they get reincarnated? Or does something else happen? Well, for our protagonist, a just-barely-out-of-his-teens young man named Ali Lightborne, it's the third option! When he died in his world of nothing but ordinariness, a R.O.B casually picks someone up, and it happened to be him! One of his wishes was to have his soul be separated into as many pieces he wanted, and sent to different universes, with their own wishes! And this Ali, asked to be an alien. What did he want to be? A Kryptonian? A Saiyan? No, a Klyntar! Or famously known as a Symbiote! His host? It's Natasha Romanoff AKA Black Widow AKA mommy dommy!

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CH 14: Arriving

"Aaand that's what happened." Natasha finished explaining while leaning back on her seat. Steve, on the other hand, was shocked. Shooked. Shooketh.

Another alien invasion nearly went down right under their noses. And they didn't even have a single idea about it. At least they knew about the Chitauri invasion beforehand!

They didn't have a single idea about the Symbiotes. They were going to get hit right when and where they weren't expecting it at all.

"But as I've said, don't worry about Chaos. And his best friend Venom." Natasha spoke as she chewed on her gum and popped it :"They were the ones who stopped that other Symbiote, Riot, after all."

Steve :"Yeah... I guess... Thanks then. I guess I should be thankful. Of the both of you. But why didn't you tell anybody, Nat? We could've helped."

Natasha :"Simple, I didn't want the council to find out about the Symbiotes. The entire mission was top secret from the get go. Fury had made sure that nobody except me and Clint knew about it.

Because he knew that once the councilmen found out about these creatures that can grant such power so easily, they would definitely try to weaponize them.

So there you have it. We couldn't ask Fury for help, since SHIELD would've found out about Symbiotes. We couldn't ask for your help since it would be weird if Captain America suddenly disappeared for a while.

We couldn't ask Clint for help, because the situation was way too dangerous and not suitable for him, and long distance enemies weren't really that much of a problem for these guys with their Shapeshifting.

We couldn't ask Thor for help, because he was off-world. We couldn't ask Banners for help, since he really doesn't enjoy violent situations where he needs to fight.

And we couldn't ask Stark for help, because Pepper really doesn't want him in this... Business again. So yeah, we were kinda on our own.

But oh well. We managed. Beautifully. Took care of the Symbiote, and even befriended another one that can be great help at times of need.

And not to brag, but I even got to be the strongest in the team after Hulk! So I actually consider this a total win."

Steve :"*Eye roll* Yeah, yeah. So are we sure that the danger is gone? We won't suddenly have millions of these guys dropping on our heads, right?"

Chaos, without appearing :"No, don't worry. The others don't know the location of this planet, so you're all good. Heh, even if they did come, you have us on your side, so you have nothing to worry about."

Natasha smirked at his smug voice, before she raised her fist, and the Symbiotic duo fist bumped :"You've got that right. By the way, why aren't you showing yourself?"

Chaos :"First of all, wouldn't want him to crash the car from shock. Second of all, I wanna make it dramatic when I make my first appearance."

Natasha, shaking head in amusement :"*Chuckling* That second one is the real reason, isn't it?"

Chaos :"Yup. Absolutely."

Natasha, rolling eyes playfully :"Alright, show off. Now, enough about us. So where did Captain America learn how to steal a car?"

Steve :"Nazi Germany."

Natasha :"Mhm."

Steve :"And we're borrowing. Take your feet off the dash. I was too surprised to say it sooner."

Natasha, taking feet off with an eye roll :"Alright, grandpa."

Steve, rolling eyes :"I technically am 95, but I'm not actually that old. Come on. So... How strong are you now anyway?"

Natasha :"In Suit Mode or Symbiote Mode?"

Steve :"... What?"

Natasha :"Basically, Suit Mode is when Chaos is just inside of me, but still makes me stronger. Symbiote Mode is when Chaos himself takes over, and is seriously a LOT stronger."

Steve :"Uhh... Alright. How strong are you in Suit Mode?"

Natasha :"Hmm... Well... Actually, Chaos, how strong am I now?"

"I can enhance all of your physical capabilities by exactly 20 times. Without me, you can lift about 150 lbs (68 kg)." Chaos explained as he ran the multiplication :"Multiply that by 20 times, you get about... 1.36 tons (3k lbs)."

"Damn... I'm strong." Natasha nodded with an impressed look, while Steve stared at her with a flabbergasted face :"... You can lift how much?"

Natasha :"1.36 tons. You heard him. About 3,000 lbs if you don't get it."

Steve :"That's not what I... I'm not confused about the numbers here. I'm confused as to how you suddenly, out of nowhere, are stronger than even me..."

Natasha, smirking :"What, jealous? I guess I did seriously get lucky."

Steve :"No, I'm not jealous. Just... Shocked. Does that mean that the host of that other Symbiote, Venom, is also this strong?"

Chaos :"No. I'm a special case. Most Symbiotes can't empower their hosts without fully revealing themselves in a certain form. They can only use their full power when the Symbiote is in its complete and full form."

Steve :"... Sigh, alright. Then... What about your Symbiote Mode? How strong are you then???"

Chaos, smirking :"In my Symbiote Mode, I can fold your ass harder than the ice that kept you inside for 70 years. That's all you need to know for now."

Steve, curling lips :"Well isn't that comforting to hear?"

Natasha, chuckling :"Relax, Rogers. As I've said, he's a good guy. As long as he's not angry. Or hungry. Hehehehe, then a few people might lose a brain or two."

Steve :"..."


Once they reached the place, Steve stopped the car, turned off the engine, and they both got out before walking towards the gate.

"This is it." Steve spoke, as Natasha checked out her trusty, advanced phone before putting it in her pocket :"The file came from these coordinates."

"So did I." He said as he looked at the sign on the chain gate, CAMP LEHIGH. US ARMY RESTRICTED AREA.

"This camp is where I was trained." He sighed in nostalgia, while Natasha was looking around with her Symbiotic Sense active. Trying to find anything that was glowing :"Change much?"

"... A little." Steve nodded, before he stared off to space. "(Over there.)" A small tendril came out of Natasha's shoulder, and pointed at a certain location.

She nodded before turning to the blond man :"Steve, we found it." Catching his attention and pointing at the place which was glowing yellow in her vision.

When he saw what she was pointing at, he furrowed his eyebrows before walking towards the location with Natasha following him :"What is it?"

"Army regulations forbid storing munitions within 500 yards of the barracks. This building is in the wrong place." He said, and once they reached the place, used his shield to break the lock.

Once they entered the building, the redhead found the switch for the lights which was glowing yellow, and then turned on the lights.

Looking at the numerous desks and locks, with the SHIELD logo on a wall, she raised an eyebrow :"This is SHIELD."

Steve :"Maybe where it started."

"(That logo is triggering me...)"


Steve :"What?"

Natasha :"Oh, just talking with Chaos. He's speaking in my head."

Steve :"Oh."

"(Look at it!)"

"I'm looking at it."

"(The words should be going in a full circle around the logo, right? Then why aren't they?! It's gone zigzag! It should be "Strategic Homeland Intervention Enforcement Logistics Division" in a full circle, right?

So why is it "Strategic Homeland Intervention Enforcement Division Logistics"?! It's gone half a circle, then turned zigzag instead!

It's pissing me off. On a side note, fuck whoever came up with that bitch ass name. Simps were trying so fucking hard to make it become SHIELD that they just put every fancy word they could find. Assholes.)"

Steve :"What is he saying?"

Natasha, shrugging :"Complaining. As usual. Nothing out of the norm."

"Right..." He said before they walked into a room, and saw a few pictures on the wall. "And there's Stark's father." Natasha nodded as they looked at them.

Steve :"Howard."

Natasha :"Who's the girl?"

"..." He stayed silent before walking away, not answering the question. "(Girlfriend. Definitely his girlfriend.)" The Symbiote inside of her talked with a smirk.

"Why are you so sure?"

"(Would he act like that because of a normal girl? She was definitely someone special. He is literally acting like one of those guys in movies who can't get over their bitches even after she moves on.)"

"Hahahahaha. Guess it wasn't a mistake to let you watch movies, huh?"

"(Anyway, jokes aside. Check out that hidden door.)"

With her Symbiotic Sense active, she raised an eyebrow at the glowing door in her darkened vision :"These guys really put the t in the secret room, huh?"

When the shield wielder raised an eyebrow at her, she raised a hand before tendrils went flying to the iron bookcase or something, and pulled it to the side. Revealing an elevator a little behind it.

"Impressive... Another one of his tricks?" Steve nodded with curled lips before pointing at her, or what was inside of her. Causing her to nod with a chuckle :"Yeah, pretty neat trick.

Useful in important situations, and everyday life. Can make normal tasks really easy. Anyway, let's see what we're here for."

She walked towards the door, and took out her trusty phone. She held it against the numbers that were used to unlock the elevator, and the phone scanned it before showing the finger prints, and figuring out the password.

Once the elevator opened up, the two walked in, and went down. When they reached their destination, Natasha frowned as she walked in and saw the technology.

Ancient technology. As in having those movie reels used for storing data kinda ancient. Once Steve also walked in, and the elevator door closed, the lights turned on.

Since they could see normally, the assassin turned off her Symbiotic Sense while looking around with a mocking smile :"Heh, this can't be the data point. This technology is ancient."

"(Maybe everything else. But I feel like THAT is pretty modern.)"

Once the host of the Symbiote looked at where her Symbiote was pointing at with his tendril, she saw a multi-port USB splitter.

Which just as Chaos had said, was pretty modern and clean. Unlike everything else that was covered with dust. She took out the flash drive, and inserted it in one of the ports.

And the moment she did so, the room came to life. All the lights, movie reels and such started and were activated.

A camera on the old computer rose and pointed at them, before words appeared on one of the screens and a robotic, creepy voice was heard along with them :"Initiate system?"

Seeing the flickering green light, which was a sign of place for typing, Natasha walked towards the keyboard to type their answer.

"(I say we type "No", see what it does? Hehehehe, does it just turn off? Or does it do something else?)"

However, he was just ignored by his host, who just typed "Yes" to turn on the computer :"Y-E-S spells yes." And the computer started powering up.

"Shall we play a game?" She grinned before turning to look at the fossil of the history :"It's from a movie that was really-" But she was interrupted by him nodding :"I know, I saw it."

"(What movie?)"

"A very popular horror movie."

"(Alright. What movie?)"

"Don't you already know about it?"

"(... Oh, I'm so, SO sorry that even though I've already found out about it and have watched it a million times in my LONG time stay on Earth, I still asked what it was. Bitch, would I ask about it if I knew what the fuck it was?)"

"*Eye roll* Alright, geez! No need to get so grumpy about it. I'll explain it to you after we're outta here."

The camera on top of the camera moved again, and focused on Steve before the screen lit up, and the green lights formed a head with glasses on it before a broken, creepy, and almost squeaky voice was heard :"Rogers, Steven, born 1918." Then it turned to the redheaded assassin :"Romanoff, Natalia Alianovna, born 1984."