578 Chapter 576: Adios

Chapter 576: Adios

"Wake up!" Splash! What came after the yelling was Liao Yan being splashed with water on the face! Liao Yan woke up from that. He coughed and gagged as the water went into every hole in his face.

Liao Yan looked around to see that he was in an abandoned factory. He screamed, "Where am I?! Who the hell are you?! Where did you take me!"

Han Meng looked at Lu Chen, "This guy is doing the same thing as the brat. Is this a standard routine or something?!" Shang Ming Tao said the exact same thing as Liao Yan. He wondered if this was a tradition when people get kidnapped.

"Who Knows." Lu Chen shrugged his shoulders. He didn't know it either.

But what Lu Chen did know was to shut him up. He punched him in the gut!

"Would you shut up? So annoying." Lu Chen had never met anyone as annoying as him.

"It's you two!" Liao Yan looked at the two. Lu Chen and Han Meng wore fox and lion masks again, hiding their faces.

"Do you know who I am?! I'm the young master of the Liao family! You will not get away with this!"


"Shut it. Annoying." Han Meng was so close to ending him.

"I think you hit him too hard." Lu Chen shook his head.

"I'm the one at fault? What did I do?!"

"You smashed a bottle on his head. That's what."

"Oh yeah, that." Han Meng thought about it but retorted, "But it shouldn't have made him lose his memories. I've gotten hit in the face many times, and I'm alright."

"..." That's because you're a monster.

"So why did you bring him here?" Lu Chen asked Zi Han if he could use an abandoned factory.

"Hehe, I have something interesting in mind." There was a vicious smile behind his mask. And then came a knock on the door.

"And it looks like they have arrived." Lu Chen looked at the door being opened.

"Are you the one who called us here?" 4 guys came into the factory.

"Mmhmm. I was the one who did." Lu Chen said.

"Quite the abandoned place we have here. Are you sure you want us to have a fun time here?"


"!" Han Meng's eyes went wide under the mask. He's not doing that….is he?! He remembered Lu Chen calling someone as he drove. He never expected it to be this. He knew what would happen next.

And Liao Yan knew too because his face became pale!

"Who is the one we're having fun with?" Lu Chen ignored his look as he pointed at Liao Yan,

"He's the one."


"Quite the cutie we have here." The man said as he licked his lips. He was eyeing Liao Yan up and down.

That sent shivers through Liao Yan's spine.

"Do you have money?"

"Here." Lu Chen handed the money to the guy, "You can do whatever you want with him. I don't care how you want to do it. The only thing I have for you is not to let him die and that you cannot leave here."

"Oh, you go like that. We don't mind about this. But you will have to pay us even more."

"I don't mind. I'll keep paying you guys." Lu Chen said calmly. Money was not going to be an issue.

"Also, can we bring more people here?"

"Sure. But you have to bring them now. Because after this hour, I will lock the door up."

"You don't have to fret about this." With a snap of a finger, 5 other guys showed up!

Heh. Lu Chen looked at Liao Yan. He looked like he was going to die.

"Here's some extra. We'll be on our way now." Lu Chen signaled Han Meng to walk away with him.

"No! Don't leave me here!" Liao Yan screamed. All that pride he had was nowhere to be found.

"Adios." But Lu Chen waved his hand without a care in the world. The door closed, leaving Liao Yan all alone with those guys.

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