538 Chapter 535: Damn Lu Family!

Chapter 535: Damn Lu Family!

There was no need for Kang Shuchun to say the rest. Lu Chen knew what she wanted.

"Hmm?" Lu Chen acted coy and asked, "Do you want all the underwear here? Sure, I'll get all of them for you."

Kang Shuchun weakly pouted as she declared, "Young master, put your thing inside me." It was time to go for broke. She did everything she wanted. And Lu Chen complied with everything she wanted!

Hearing her words, Lu Chen smiled, "No."

Kang Shuchun blinked a couple of times. No?

"Young master, Shuchun wants you inside of me! I want to have sex with you!" She had to say it twice! There was no way she could let it end like this. It was like taking a bite out of a cake and then not finishing it!

"Didn't I tell you to hold back?"

"!" Lu Chen ordered her to be quiet. He told her he would stop everything if she made a peep.

"But young master!" Kang Shuchun didn't want it to end like this! Lu Chen placed his finger on her lips, "This is punishment for not listening to my orders. So I won't continue for today." \

Kang Shuchun was dejected in the beginning, but she realized something,


"Mmhmm. Only for today."

Then young master and I will have other days to do it! Kang Shuchun's face brightened up. Even though today ended like this, there were other days she could finish it with him.

"But can I ask for something, young master?" Kang Shuchun grabbed Lu Chen's shirt, trying to act coy again.


"Can we keep kissing?" Kang Shuchun couldn't forget. She didn't want it to end like this.

"Of course!" Lu Chen didn't mind that. Kang Shuchun smiled as he kissed Lu Chen deeply.

This was the happiest day of her life.


While Kang Shuchun and Lu Chen were making out, Liao Yan was about to explode from anger. What? How could he take out the thugs?! He hired the best thugs he knew about to deal with Lu Chen.

Yet, he got a call from Long Shen telling him that they didn't survive?!

Useless! Fucking useless! Liao Yan was screaming in his head as no one could do anything right! When he entered his home,

"Where did you go at this hour?!" Liao Yan's mother, Bai Liu, questioned her son. With the incident at the birthday, she couldn't let him out of her sight.

"Nothing. I was relaxing, that's all." Liao Yan rolled his eyes.

Bai Liu sneered, "You need to stop going to those places. We have been giving you free rein up till now, but if you keep acting like this, we'll send you to military school!"

"Yeah, Yeah. I know." Liao Yan didn't care about what she said.

"Do you think we're fucking joking?" The person who said this was Liao Jin, Liao Yan's father. His face was dark as he stared at Liao Yan.

Liao Yan didn't say anything.

This useless fool! How could he cause such a scene at an important event! He was there too. And his face turned blue as he knew what his son had caused. He wasn't a fool to realize that Liao Yan was up to the antics. But,

Those damn Lu family! All his anger was directed toward the Lu family. More specifically, Lu Chen.

If he wasn't there, none of this would have happened. He wouldn't be looked down upon by the rest of the Bai family!

This will not end like this.

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