23 Date with Hannah II

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I stop Kissing Hannah and slowly pull away. She flutters her eyes open and gives a beautiful smile. "That was the first time I've been kissed on the lips..." I raise my eyebrows in surprise. I just stole her first actual kiss on the lips. I feel kind of bad now. She is beaming, on the other hand. She has a visible increase in happiness and energy. "So what are we going to do when the movie's over?" She has a slight purr in her voice, trying to suggest we do something physical. I don't want to cross a certain line on the first date.

While I don't have problems with people doing stuff on the first date, it's just not something I'd do. I'd actually like to get to know the person before I get really intimate with them. "How about we enjoy the movie and head to the park to walk the levy." She smiles, knowing that I purposely avoided the activity of something physical. I guess that was a test. I'm not sure. "If it ends up being too cold to do so, then we can sit in your car and talk." It's mid-September, and the temperature is dropping here in Oregon. However, it's not freezing yet.

So there are still opportunities to spread time together outside. "I really like those ideas. Mind if I ask you something uncomfortable?" I nod my head in indication she can ask me. "Whatever happened to Mitchell and you?" Ahh, the falling out of my best friend and me. During sophomore year, I went from 6'5 to 6'7, and that caused some problems. Not with Mitchell, but with girls. One in particular that Mitchell has like for a long time. It turns out she had a crush on me, and Mitchell ended up resenting me for it.

We drifted apart pretty fast after that. I never even made a move on the girl. I guess the threat was just too big for him. "Mitchell really liked this girl who was a junior in sophomore year. After that summer, my body really began to develop. I was gaining muscles and curves in all the right places. That attracted the girl that Mitchell really liked. He hated the fact she liked me instead of him. I didn't know the reason he stopped hanging around until someone told me..." It sucks finding out why a friendship ended with another person.

That's the story of how I lost my oldest and best friend, Mitchell. It still makes me feel like shit to this day. "I can see why she would like you. I always had a crush on you. Since we first met, but you did start to develop that year in the right ways.~" She has a slight tease at the end of her voice. I can't help but blush at how bold she's being. It makes me want to be bold too, but that shy part of me is still there for women. "Did I develop in all the right places?~" She hits me with another bold question, and I am sorta at a loss for words.

I don't want to be rude and disrespect her by not saying something, but I don't want to offend her by saying she did it in the wrong way. I'm lost here. I don't want her to be upset at how long it's taking, so I find something to say. "You have, Hannah... Your sharp blue-green eyes and long flowing blond hair. Your smile and laugh get me the most... It makes me feel good when I see them..." I list off all the amazing things I see in her. About her. "I like how you've been my friend for years, and are comfortable around me, and I'm the same with you." It's just coming out and I don't know how to stop it.

She looks at me in surprise and slight shock. Not expecting such sweet and kind words. "I think it's cure how you put up a mean girl front when you aren't one. You're just scared to let people close, and that's okay. I like all that about you..." I'm not bold enough to say love yet. She looks at me with a mouth slightly agape and a rosy blush on her cheeks. Before I can say anything else. She quickly leans up out of her seat and kisses me. The kiss is calm and gentle, with slight movements from our lips. We are both inexperienced when it comes to this, so it's nice to explore with her.

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