22 Date with Hannah I

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It's Friday after school, and I'm in my room looking in the mirror on my closet door. I'm wearing cargo pants and a plain light blue t-shirt. Most of my clothes are sweats, but I have some normal clothes in my tall size. I have to bend down to see how I look since my eyes are above my entire closet. I think it looks good, and it's enough to wear where we are going. She has decided on a movie. The movie theatre here in Holden is showing some old-school movies tonight. Two of them being Lethal Weapon one and two. I've never seen them, but I hear they are really good movies.

I make my way downstairs now that I'm ready. Hannah is coming to pick me up. I don't have a car. I enter the living room and see Ellie relaxing on the couch. She looks over in my direction with a smile. "You look good. How are you feeling about your first date ever?" Before I can respond, my phone goes off. I have a text from Hannah. She's just pulled up. I say my goodnight and head out the door before she can lay any ground rules down. I see Hannah's car, and I quickly jog up to it. I open the passenger door and struggle to fit in the front seat.

She giggles as I maneuver my long body into the seat. "You seem excited. You been really looking forward to the date this much?" I nod my head with a big smile now that I'm in a comfortable position. She beams a clean tooth grin at me. She leans over and gives me a quick kiss on the cheek. "You are so darn cute." I can't help blushing at that slightly. I like the confident and forward nature of Hannah. It's like being around a genuine person who isn't afraid to be real. She takes the car out of park, and we head for the movies.

We don't have a single boring conversation. It's mainly because we have known each other for so long. She pulls into the parking lot, and there aren't many people here. We get out of the car, and we head inside. I walk up to the counter with my wallet out, but we get free everything due to it being me. That was nice. Hannah just shakes her head with a smile. We make it into the dark screening room and notice we are the only ones here. We take the seats all the way in the back and sit down with food and drinks.

I prop my legs up on the seat in front of me since there isn't much legroom. "So, have you decided on which college you are going to yet?" No one other than Ellie knows I'm heading to New York tomorrow. Hannah has never told anyone any of the secrets I've told her over the years, so she is a trustworthy person. I know she will not tell anyone about my potential-jump from high school straight to the NBA. If people found out about it, college schools would be outraged. They think they have a right to make money off of me.

I turn to her, and she turns to me. Commercials are playing before the movie right now. "I'm heading to New York tomorrow. I've been talking to a lawyer, and we are going to the NBA headquarters to make a case for me to head straight to the NBA after high school. So I don't have to waste a year in college." I see her surprised expression. I watch her face look a little sad. "What's wrong?" She usually always has a happy grin when we are talking to each other. She fiddles with her fingers and breaks eye contact every so often.

She leans a little closer to whisper as if someone can hear us. "I was going to go to whichever college you went to... I'm getting gymnastic scholarship offers from almost all the same schools as you... I was looking forward to that..." Aww, that's really sweet. Instead of saying anything. I lean over and kiss her lips. She is very surprised for a second but closes her eyes. I do the same, and the kiss is lasting longer than I intended.

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