21 An Evolution

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It's Thursday afternoon, and school is about to be let out. I look around the classroom since I'm done with my work. I have my legs stretched out under my desk. The desks don't accommodate 7'0 footers. I want to get out of here early and head to the park to get some drills and shoots in. I might as well ask. I get out of the small desk and make my way towards my 7th-period math teacher, Mrs. Lockhart. She lifts her head with my approach. "May I be excused early?" She looks at me for a second and pulls up her computer.

She is probably checking if I have any overdue assignments. I don't have any. I make sure everything is turned in so I can have moments to leave early. "You don't have any overdue assignments, and you have everything for all your other classes turned in. I see no reason for you to stay. You're excused, Ulysses." I say my thanks and head back to my desk to pick up my things. I look at the other students, and many are jealous since most have work in this class and others to catch up on.

I make my way to the door and dip my head down as I exit, so I don't hit my head. I head towards the exit closest to my favorite park. There are probably 30 minutes of school left, so this is a good time to throw off the scouts. I exit the school and pull out my basketball. I head towards the park running my drills and continuing my never-ending improvements to my game. After a little trip, I make it to the park, and I start to run drills and shoots. There are no cars in the parking lot across the street today.

They'll probably be here soon since school will be getting let out. They are either here or at the school itself. I hear my phone go off, and that's when I see I'm getting mentioned in many Twitter conversations. Most are about basketball. Others are future young talents in sports in general. I silence my phone and continue to focus on my drills. I zone out and the world is ignored, and all I do is continue to hit shot after shot, and making insane moves. For the first time, I feel a light buzz go through my head. It feels nice.


[You have unlocked The Singularity's Space!]

[This is a special one-of-a-kind badge that is exclusive to only you!]

[Once you are on the court the badge automatically activates. You get a 25% boost to all shooting percentages around the board! Yes, it is possible to use this badge to average perfect games! This badge has been unlocked due to your constant dedication and hard work to the game!]

I stop what I'm doing and read one of the only messages I've received from the system since I got it. I have to blink my eyes a couple of times to make sure that I'm not seeing things. My nickname in the basketball community is The Singularity and that's also the name of my legendary class. I never would've thought it came with an exclusive badge. I pull up my system stats to see the new badge that's been added to my badges section. That's when I see an entirely new tab just for the special badge I unlocked.

[Ulysses Kennedy]

[Class - The Singularity] [Legendary]

[Age 17, birthday January 24th, 2008]

[Shooting- S+] [Dribbling- A] [Passing- A+] [Speed- A+] [Defense- A+] [Lateral Quickness- A-] [Dunking- S] [Rebounding- A] [Endurance- S+] [Current Height- 6'11 without shoes] [Wingspan- 7'6] [Weight- 245 Lbs.]


[Quick learner][A] [Shooters Touch][A+] [One of a Kind][S+] [Incredible Work Eithic][B+] [Dribbling Talent][A+] [Deadeye][A] [Limitless Range][A+] [Lockdown Defender][A+] [Heartbreaker][A] [Deep Impact][S] [Highlight Reel][A+] [Ankle Breaker][A] [Post-move Master][A] [Moving Fadeaway][A+] [Deep Range Deadeye][S] [Tight Handles][S] [Endless Energy][S] [Uninjurable][S+] [Impossible Shot Maker][S+]

[Special Badges]

[The Singularity's space][X+]

[Description: As soon as you step onto any basketball court all shooting goes up by 25% and allows you the ability to average perfect games if you take smart high percentage shots. All opponents on the court suffer -30% shooting due to your presence on the court. All teammates have an increase in defense and better passing to you.]

I don't even know what to think... I never thought the system would take me this far, and yet it has. I'm still only 17 years old too.

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