A Bond Through Worlds

It has been 12 years after the Great Tenma war. Rimuru is ever-busy with the reconstruction of his capital, the treatises between nations, and his harem. On a date with one of his subordinates, a mysterious magic circle forms beneath them, and they get summoned to another world. Only to find out, he was summoned completely by accident! What will be his fate, or rather, the fate of the world he finds himself in? I do not own any of the characters. All characters portrayed are owned by their rightful owners. Image by foxhall There are some pretty big spoilers in chapter 2 for Tensei Slime, so if you wish to skip it, feel free to. It's primarily an explanation for Rimuru's current relationships.

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Chance Meeting

(A/n: Super sorry for being almost three weeks late for the update. During July, I was mainly focused on finding housing since there were multiple people who wound up signing others before me, and writing was largely put on the backburner. The good news is that I hopefully will have a room by tomorrow and can finally put this whole thing behind me. If that winds up being the case, it will be a huge load off my shoulders and I should have another chapter out by either Friday or Saturday.)

The past six weeks of the occupation of Van has been, quite honestly, stellar from Souma's point of view. In fact, he has had very little to complain about. The main thing was that due to encouraging the people of Van to be more free in their expression and day to day lives, this led to plenty of added paperwork on Souma's end. This was offset a bit thanks to a surprising amount of help from Rimuru and Testa, but he was still honestly shocked to see a city that basically looked like a town out of the Great Depression turn so vibrant so quickly.

Not only that, true to his word, the food situation has increased dramatically thanks to their efforts. Not least of which was due to Tomoe's and Poncho's help. Without Tomoe, they wouldn't have been able to solve the situation so smoothly, and without Poncho, they likely wouldn't have even known about it. In fact, Poncho has been getting himself quite the reputation for his part thanks to his efforts being very public. Not a day went by where he wasn't serving food to the people, and many of them, specifically those wanting to marry their daughters away, took to him quite fondly.

It might have worked, had it not been for Serina, the head maid, looking after him. Liscia initially sent him with her, partly because she noticed the surprising chemistry between them, but mainly so that she wouldn't be able to bother for the time being. In fact, nearly everyone noticed how fond Serina was of Poncho, largely because whenever she ate his food, her characteristically neutral expression turned incredibly delighted.

In any case, Serina's presence around Poncho deterred many of the people wanting to either use him for their own benefits or try to marry off their daughters to guarantee an easy life for them. While the latter wasn't in any sort of bad faith, it could quickly be a problem if someone so high up the totem pole was so 'easy.'

The only thing that hasn't gone so smoothly, per say, would be Aisha. Specifically, her relationship with Testa. While the other two girls slowly came around to the fact of her differing nature, the two were ultimately content with her as long as she didn't seem to be a threat. And with Rimuru guaranteeing that he couldn't see a situation where he would turn on Souma, that matter was settled for them. He did at times have a propensity for half-truths and insinuations, but two things that he has never done for them was lie nor go back on his word. With him additionally saying that he would take responsibility for anything negative that Testa did, the two let the matters rest.

Aisha, however, wasn't as content to just let things go. This was mainly due to her seeing the demon as her friend, and with that sort of trust being broken, she felt it difficult to simply move past. Part of her admitted that she was just being stubborn, as she understood the reasoning behind Testa's actions, but there was some sort of feeling in her chest, a certain discomfort that she was clinging onto.

"You know, I do wish that you wouldn't look at me like I'm some sort of monster."

"I'm not looking at you like some sort of monster." Aisha explained with a pout. "I'm just still not over what you actually are."

The two were currently situated in a room by themselves as the others went off to do their own things. Since Souma was out and about taking a much-needed break with Tomoe and Juna, this meant that there wasn't a whole lot to be done right now outside of basic bureaucracy stuff. Rimuru and Liscia were helping out while Hinata was helping out with the food distribution. This allowed for the rare event where Testa was by herself, and Aisha so happened to spot her.

"Well, I don't exactly see how that's an issue I need to deal with."

Truth be told, Testa wasn't all that bothered by the way Aisha was treating her. What was starting to bother her, however, was the fact that some people were beginning to ask questions, such as if the two had a falling out. While it was limited to just a few maids, rumors like these were better off squashed than left to spread.

Aisha gave her a pointed glare, which prompted Testa to stop what she was doing and sigh. "Why did you come here, exactly?

"Because I don't want to feel like this anymore." The dark elf said. "It bothers me that I'm the only one that seems cautious of you."

"Then, don't be?"

"Don't you think I would have tried that if I could have?"

Another exasperated sigh escaped the white-haired demon. "Do you even know what your problem is with me? And by that, I mean, have you asked yourself why you're alert around me?"

Aisha looked like she was ready to answer the question, only to find the words stuck in her throat. She had an inkling of what she wanted to say but didn't want to go on a hunch.

Testa certainly had a good idea of why she was cautious of her but wanted to hear it from the dark elf first. When she produced no words, she said, "It's for the simple reason of me being me. Whatever problem you have with me is entirely created by you. Those two other girls managed to get over it, or at least hide it effectively enough, but I don't see why you are the only one hanging on to this. I'm a demon whose loyalty lies with someone other than Souma. That's all you really need to know."

"…Why do you have to simplify things like this?"

This one caught Testa off-guard a bit. With a puzzled look, she asked, "I thought you liked things to be simple, no?"

Seeing the dark elf struggle to find the right words, Testa continued, "Like I said, nothing is going to change unless you yourself do it. Even if I wanted to, I can't accommodate you if I don't even know what you want from me."

That apparently got Aisha thinking a bit more, and after a thoughtful few moments, she came to her genius conclusion. "Then help me."

Testa blinked a couple times. "Pardon?"

"You said that I don't know what I want out of you, and you're probably right. So, help me."

Testa put her face in her hand, marking the start of many sighs to come. While she could just tell the dark elf to piss off, Aisha's stubborn nature would undoubtedly mean that this would just be delaying the… whatever was going on with the two of them.

Suffice to say, it would be a long day for her.


While the two were working things out, another three people were in the city of Van. If someone were to come to the city after leaving it before Souma came in, they would barely recognize the capital. Sure, many buildings were the same, but districts got changed, streets were renovated and changed, and the atmosphere around the city was completely bustling, which is the complete opposite of what should be the case when a city is occupied.

Souma was currently with Tomoe and Juna, of course, with an alias and a complete makeover. He initially wanted to go with the alias of just switching his first and last name, but Rimuru, in a less-than-favorable chiding, told him that very few people have the names that Souma has, and it wouldn't take a genius to figure out who he really was. Therefore, the alias that he was operating under was Robert Day. As for the outfit, it was of a simple merchant, complete with a straw-hat with a traveler's cape covering most of his shirt. Juna was dressed as an adventurer, allowing her to both fit in and carry a weapon out in public should things get messy, and Tomoe, well Tomoe didn't really need to try and dress up. Most of the public in Van didn't know her, and her outfit didn't stand out much, looking like the child of a relatively wealthy merchant.

"I never would have guessed that Van could be this lively." Juna chimed. "It really is something…"

Souma looked over at his 'bodyguard.' "The result of all of our hard work. Speaking of which, I wonder-"

"Today's a rest day. No talking about work."

"Ah, right. Sorry. Everyone always tells me that I have that problem."

Juna chuckled a bit. "Well, all the more reason to take Rimuru up on that option."

Souma wondered what she was talking about before remembering that Rimuru offered to take his position for a week and send him on a vacation. To be completely honest, Souma wasn't entirely thrilled with this, as there could very well be a backlog that he would have to work through, but the idea of an actual vacation was so very tempting.

"Yeah, I probably will. But besides that, did you have anything in mind for today? Anywhere in particular you wanted to go?"

Juna hummed a bit as she pondered what she wanted to do. Much like Souma, this was one of the few days off that she has, and it's somewhere that she hasn't ever been before. "Hmm. To be honest, nowhere in particular. Van isn't like Parnam where there are things to do practically on every street corner."

Naturally, despite Van blossoming in the past six weeks, the people were still figuring out what does and doesn't work. Since everyone wanted to have some say in what was going on, which caused its own fair amount of chaos, there weren't a whole lot of fun and interesting things to do that they haven't already done or seen.

Pondering, Souma said, "In that case… let's leave things up to her."

Looking over at the bundle of joy that was Tomoe, she was curiously looking at everything the city had to offer. To someone like her, who rarely, if ever, got out of the castle, the place was magnificent and full of wonder.

Not paying enough attention to the conversation, Souma repeated, "Is that alright, Tomoe?"

"Eh?" came the cute response.

"If you see something you find interesting, just point it out and we'll head over there."

With stars in her eyes, she happily exclaimed, "Leave it to me!"

With a renewed sense of purpose, she looked like a bargain hunter looking for the best possible discount as her eyes took in every bit she could manage, looking for something that both interested her and something she thought both Souma and Juna would like.

Seeing this, Juna gave a light chuckle and whispered to him, "She's honestly adorable."

Souma was much on the same page as her. Maybe it was all children, but Tomoe had this propensity to just light up their surroundings in almost any given situation.

Since it seemed that he had no intention to add on to her statement, Juna asked, "Hey, why don't you give her a gift for all of her help?"

He thought about the idea. Tomoe has been more than instrumental in the success of their country, especially with some of the more logistical approach to things. Having the rhinos carry supplies, detecting if horses were sick or not, and most recently, helping with the food situation, he would be lying if he said that he didn't want to get her a gift.

The problem, however… "I have no idea what kind of gift she would like." He whispered. "I do want to give her something, but…"

With a smile indicating that she already knew his answer, she happily chirped, "Don't worry. I know just the thing that she would like."

While she didn't know everything about the city, she was aware of certain points of interest. This was made easier since originally, everything was oriented around war, so there weren't too many notable shops and things of that nature that stood out. One of the ones that captured her interest, and the one that she was currently leading Souma and Tomoe to, was a place called the Silver Deer. This was a place that was originally tailored to specifically suit nobles, specifically men, however they were one of the first to quickly adapt to the new climate.

Another interesting tidbit about this place was that it was named after a renowned adventurer. While no one fully knows the origin of how he got the name, or at least the silver part, the reason why he was named the Silver Deer was because of his incredible swiftness. However, a little over a decade ago, he basically vanished.

As they went and entered the shop, and elderly gentleman greeted them, dressed as a butler and with silvery-gray hair. He appeared to be pushing his fifties, perhaps even breaking through. When he introduced himself, Souma couldn't help but recall the language back in his old world.

"Welcome to the Silver Deer. Though, excuse me for asking, but are you travelers? I must say that it is an odd time to be having them."

While Souma let out an awkward chuckle, Juna easily lied through her teeth and told him a bogus backstory of how Souma, or 'Robert', was a merchant and heir to a bakery business. Tomoe, or 'Mary', was his little sister, and she introduced herself as Silvia, a servant/bodyguard.

"I see…" commented the man. "Oh, where are my manners. My name is Sebastian, and I'm the owner of this shop that you see here. Is there anything that I may assist you with?"

With the name like that, and how you're dressed, wouldn't that make you a butler?

Shaking away his thoughts, Souma answered, "I was wondering if you have anything for my little sister here. I was hoping to get her a gift."

Tomoe let out a cute whelp as she was addressed, and also since she would be getting a gift. Not fully knowing how to respond, she stammered a bit before Souma said to her, "This is my treat to you. If you see anything you like, just bring it up to me and we'll get it."

Not wanting to leave the matter up for debate, and more importantly making sure that she doesn't accidentally reveal themselves in a slip of the tongue, he pushed her off to Juna to let them look at the various items that they have for sale.

Once they were busy looking for things, Souma turned back to Sebastian and said, "On second thought, I think we're good for now."

That garnered a simple smile from him in response, and Souma went off to look at the various items that they had for men. If the place originally sold men's clothing, the current outfits that it sold did not belay that at all. In fact, if he had to make an estimated guess as to how much men's clothes they sold, he would guess that it was somewhere between fifteen and twenty-five percent. The store clearly adapted quite a bit in order to stay in business.

Naturally, since shopping wasn't something that he enjoyed a whole lot, he only briefly searched through the limited clothing options that he would realistically wear before searching for a gift for the two ladies with him. Once he found something acceptable, he was about to call out to them to finish up shopping before Sebastian cut him off.

Souma was initially wondering what the man wanted, but in a roundabout way, informed him that finishing up right now wasn't the best idea. Once he took a glance over at Juna and Tomoe, noticing their happiness at picking out and looking at the various items, he couldn't help but agree with the man. Though he questioned his odd use of a war council analogy, he nonetheless thanked him for his wisdom and let the girls continue until they were done, a little past noon.

Once they exited the shop, Souma decided to give them their gifts. Starting off with Tomoe, he gave her a pair of loafers that he thought she might like. It certainly wasn't anything fancy for a ten-year-old, but Tomoe treasured it, nonetheless.

For Juna, however, she was a bit more hesitant to receive her gift. Not that it wasn't good, but because for a different reason. In a brief lapse of judgement, she forgot their aliases as she said, "Sire, while I appreciate the gift, it is not something that should be given at a whim. I understand that it is commonplace in your previous world, but if you give any gifts, you must be sure to give them to the other women as well. Someone in your position will undoubtedly have multiple wives, so you must either treat them all equally or come to terms with accepting marriage as a political tool."

While her speech was nice and well-meaning enough, there was clearly some undertones in it with how fast she was speaking and the little blush in her cheeks she was trying to hide.

Surprisingly, Souma already anticipated this, and said, "Don't worry. I already got gifts for Liscia and Aisha. But I also wanted to get something for you, so here."

Juna sheepishly took the ladybug pin from him and put in in her hair, which matched well with the look that she had going on. After Souma teasingly told her that right now, they were using their aliases, she gave a little pout before retaliating by clinging to his arm. Though it didn't get the flustered reaction that she wanted out of him, she was still content to hold on.

As they continued to walk through the streets, looking for something to eat as it was approaching lunchtime, they came across the main plaza, which was completely packed full of people, especially vendors. It seemed much like how Parnam used to be, but still, they were surprised by the amount of people there.

"This place is super busy." Juna commented. "Even more so, it's incredibly diverse."

Souma agreed with her. Not only were there civilians buying things for dinner, but there were also off-duty soldiers from Elfrieden, and Souma even recognized a couple bureaucrats who were either off as well or taking a break. While there were no nobles there, Juna couldn't help but imagine that they would have taken the time to get off their high horse just to not miss the fad.

"Still, I wonder why they don't just open things like a restaurant if they are peddling all this food. It would surely make things easier."

Juna giggled a bit. "I can see that you are still seeing things through the logic of your old world. The reason why they don't open a restaurant is because they don't have a reliable source of food. They can't just go and buy from a manufacturer since most of the things here, especially the meat, is freshly caught and ready to go."

That made him grimace a bit. Not only because he heard someone say that they were peddling lizardmen meat, but because without proper screening, there could be some dire consequences from eating that food.

Noticing his look, Juna said, "Don't worry. We already had poison testers make sure that nothing dangerous was here. After all, we don't want an incident."

That made him stand up a bit straighter. "Poison testers? Not taste testers?"

"Of course. As unfortunate as it is, your body is no longer yours alone. Poison testers, especially if the castle has guests or we are away, always makes sure that nothing dangerous comes into contact with you."

Deciding to put those last words of hers in the back of his mind, he went back to the topic. "And you said that nothing dangerous was there?"

"Outside of someone reporting a mild stomachache, no." She replied.

This was enough of an alarm for Souma. "Find out where they ate, and make sure that no diseases are in the food. If they refuse to cooperate, shut them down. The last thing we need right now is a disease spreading around."

While Juna thought it was a pretty radical overreaction from a stomachache, she nonetheless complied, as a serious Souma always had a good reason. Calling for one of the guards that were blended in with the crowd, she sent them to the castle with his order. Soon after, the three of them got some food, with Souma going for some meat skewers, and they went to sit down at a bench that was nearby.

While it was still crowdy thanks to the broadcasting receiver being there, they were still able to find some space. One of the things that most of Amidonia often looked forward to were the now daily broadcasts that were being performed, whether they were from their own city or from Elfrieden, as it was one of the biggest sources of entertainment and inspiration for many people. Thankfully, it wasn't active now, as they would have one hell of a time trying to find a seat.

As they were eating, Tomoe had her eyes fixed on something, or rather someone, eating what looked to be some kababs. Juna couldn't be sure what kind of kebabs they were, but if she had to wager a guess, she suspected that it was from a saber-tiger. One of the more deadly animals to hunt, and therefore, fetched a higher price.

"Did you want to try one of those skewers?"

Tomoe looked at her, wiping away the drool that had started to fall from her mouth. With as big a nod as she could manage, almost looking like she was trying to give herself whiplash, she said, "Yes!"

Smiling and ruffling her hair a little, she went off to search for the stall that sold them. As she was gone, Tomoe commented, "That person who's eating looks a lot like Sir Rimuru!"

Souma just chuckled and said, "Not every man with long hair is Rimuru. Besides, remember, Rimuru has light blue hair. Not black hair."

Souma believed that there would be no reason for Rimuru to come out here like this, especially since he enjoyed not causing a scene. Obviously, he could just change his appearance, but if that were the case, he wouldn't choose something that was so close to his original appearance.

That belief quickly changed when he saw the peculiar golden eyes that the mystery person had, a trait that only the Royal Family shared. And he could feel an even greater headache coming on when said person made eye contact and waved.

He sincerely hoped that was the end of things, but apparently, Rimuru had other things in mind.

"What the hell are you doing?"

"What? We both are using disguises, so it works."

Hearing the remarks from the both of them, Tomoe quickly put two and two together and said, "So it really is you! How did you change your hair?!"

"Haha. Nothing a little hair dye can't do. I'll show you how to do it when we get back to the castle. Kay?"

Adorably looking up at him, she was able to get out a resounding yes before taking a seat on his lap. After she explained that Juna, who she fortunately remembered to call Silvia, was getting more food for her, Souma looked back at him and asked, "So? You still haven't answered my question. Last I recall, you were supposed to be helping the others with documents and the like. Not to mention that I gave you my seal of approval."

Waving his hand like it was no big deal, he said, "And you also gave one to Liscia and Hakuya. Which fortunately allowed me to take a lunch break."

Looking at him like he was full of it, Souma said, "And how long, exactly, is this little break of yours?"

Feeling a slight sense of nervousness tickle his skin, he said, "Oh, not that long. Something like… two hours?"

Since Souma looked like he was going to blow a gasket, Rimuru quickly added on, "Don't worry, don't worry, I've made sure to do all of my work like a good boy. No need to get angry. In fact, since I was ahead of schedule, that's why I decided to take a longer break."

Wanting to point out that there was no such thing as 'ahead of schedule' in their line of work, he was about to say just that before realizing that such a level of reasoning simply wouldn't work against Rimuru. He'd more than likely just come up with some other form of logic to weasel his way out of doing more than was necessary.

In any case, they continued to wait for a few minutes, with Tomoe telling him all about his day before coming down with a case of drowsiness. After a couple more minutes, she was snoring on the bench with her head on Rimuru's shoulder.

"Was she that tired from today?" Souma asked. "She didn't look all that exhausted."

"Well, children always find ways to tucker themselves out. Especially with how hard she's working, it's no surprise. Though I'd be lying if I said I had no part in it."

Souma's face turned into a mildly incredulous one before morphing into something much sterner. "I'm assuming that you have a very good reason for this."

"Yes, I do, and it involves both you and…" Turning over to see the woman return, "Oh, perfect timing. I was just talking about you."

Juna struggled to comprehend the situation before her eyes, saying "I'm sorry, who are…" Before seeing that Tomoe was sleeping next to the person. Quickly realizing who he was, she said, "I swear, those guards are getting some serious retraining when we get back home."

"Oh dear. I almost feel sorry for them. By the way, are you going to eat all of those?"

"Well," she responded, "a couple of them were for Tomoe, but since she's asleep, I guess I'll part with them for seven silvers a piece."

He almost looked appalled by her upsell. "That's a blatant rip-off." He said with disgust. "They were three when I got mine."

Feeling a smirk cross her lips, she said, "Well, nothing's stopping you from going to the shop and getting some more. I'd hurry if I were you, though. They are selling like crazy."

Engaging in a staring contest with her, he eventually let out a defeated sigh and forked over the coins. "That's so petty. That's just so petty."

With a smile, she chimed, "Well, this bodyguard has to make a living somehow."

Sending a dirty look her way, he commented, "You're a commander in the navy. You make more than enough money."

Interrupting their banter by clearing his throat, Souma again made his presence known. Remembering what he asked, Rimuru answered. "Right. As for why I'm here and what the deal is, I'm sure both of you know that the Empire is closing in on us."

Both of them nodded their heads at this, with Juna adding on, "With an army of fifty thousand, at that."

"Just fifty?" Souma asked. "To be honest, I thought that they would send quite a bit more. Like, three times that amount." Shaking his head, he continued, "Still, this isn't exactly news to us. We always knew that they would be coming."

"Well, yeah, but aren't you curious as to why they are sending so few soldiers?" Rimuru asked.

Souma answered, "I can only assume it's because that it'd be too much of a hassle to work out the logistics for three times that amount. Or they are just underestimating us. Or almost any other reason outside of knowing that they can beat us. Or at least, us minus you three."

Flashing a smile to him, he answered, "Well, I'd be happy to let you know that I and the other two consider ourselves to be a part of 'us.' But in any case, the reason why they have sent less soldiers than us is for three big reasons. First, is that Amidonia would be worried that they'd simply be conquered by the Empire as a result of basically abusing the Humanity Declaration. Though in my opinion, the Empire would be foolish not to make an example out of them. Secondly, and this pertains to you specifically, is that they feel we can be easy to negotiate with. And lastly, of course, is that they know they can beat us, even without Amidonia's help. The unfortunate thing about a country like the Empire that has found its success in war is that they have developed tactics and weaponry that simply outclass us."

Juna looked lost in thought. "I see… It is true about the problem with Amidonia for why they didn't overdo it with their soldiers, but still… Wait, do you perhaps know how close they are to us?"

Smiling at her, he said, "I'm glad you're quick on the uptake. They are less than a day's march away. About twelve kilometers, I'd say. But more importantly is the group that has already made their presence here."

Again, Juna was pretty quick on the uptake. "The Empire's spies, I'm guessing?"

"As disturbing as it is to know, there's not a whole lot we can do about it. In fact, I would be more surprised if the Empire didn't have spies in the country." Souma remarked.

"Well, yes, but they've also been following you today for quite some time now."

Juna widened her eyes at this. "Wait, wait, wait. Are you saying that they've been following us without me knowing about it? How were they even able to track us?"

"Well, if I had to guess that one, my guess would be that they probably spotted you three leaving the castle. As far as you not knowing about it, it's a combination of blending in with the crowd and having lookouts. But that isn't important right now. The more important thing is that somewhere in that sea of people is the second princess of the Empire. As for why she's here, it's because she wants to set up a 'chance meeting' with the two of you."

"Well, then we can just leave, right?" Souma asked.

"Unfortunately, Sire, things aren't that simple." Juna lamented. "Perhaps, if the second princess doesn't mind, we can get away with it, but more likely than not, if they know that they've been made and we leave, it may come back to bite us in negotiations."

That unfortunately complicated things more than he would have liked. While he thought the reasoning was a long shot, he could see someone asking why he just suddenly left in the middle of the plaza. And unlike trying to avoid a creep, the second princess of the Empire wasn't someone that you wanted to avoid unless there was a very good reason. Which basically meant that they were at her mercy in a sense.

"Well, thanks for the warning, I guess. But-"

"Hold on, I'm not done." Rimuru interrupted. "My question to you two is if you want me there. Think of it as back up, or security."

The two of them contemplated the offer. Certainly, even without knowing his true identity, he was still one of the best warriors in the country. Add to the fact his dark magic, and well, that easily made him the best individual fighter in the world. However, Juna noted a crucial thing that he seemed to be missing.

"Well, Sir Rimuru, the only issue I can see is your hair. More so the fact that you've dyed it. I'm guessing that it's quite common back in your old world, but hair dyes here are incredibly rare, and are rarely ever used since they are quite damaging to the hair. Something like a wig would have been better, but…"

Rimuru, however, waved off her concerns. "Even if it's rare, someone so close to the king should have access to it, so I don't see that as a huge problem. And the damaging part is negligible. I mean, it isn't like she knows what I do on a day-to-day basis."

That part was true. The damaging portion wouldn't really happen unless someone used it consistently over the course of a couple weeks. But Souma also had his say in the matter.

"Hold on, though. Didn't you say that she brought a smaller army because she felt that we could be negotiated with? I feel like we should meet her halfway here. I mean, even though I've never met her, I trust her enough not to cause an international incident here. That would practically be inviting war between our two countries during a time when they are preaching about coming together."

"You do have a point there, but I also wouldn't be too quick to judge someone who has an army outside of our doorstep. Even if she is here just for business, an army is still an army. And about the point of causing an incident, that can go both ways. From what I can guess, she's probably going to want to get a grasp of your personality to determine how to proceed during negotiations. On top of that, I wouldn't be surprised if she also wanted to get some information out of you. I'm not too worried about Juna, but for you, keep in mind that you haven't even been in this world for a year."

Souma, however, took some offense to this. "I also know how to hold my own. Even if she's good at her job, it feels like every week I have to deal with some pesky noble who wants something or other. I'm no slouch when it comes to things like this."

To that, all Rimuru had to say to him was 'if you say so,' followed by asking them again if they wanted him there.

While there was some back and forth between the three, the eventual consensus was to have Rimuru leave with Tomoe and talk to the princess themselves. The only question that Juna asked was, "What if the princess asks about why you left?"

To which Rimuru replied, "If she asks a question like that, I want you to politely, calmly, and of course make sure she knows that these are my words, tell her to fuck off."

With him quickly dispersing within the sea of people, Juna noticed how the princess began working her magic as people gradually gave them a wide berth of space, and she also was able to catch how there always seemed to be people calling them over somewhere else. Some people were calling them over to the stalls, she overheard others asking them to go shopping, and when she spotted her guards, she saw them preoccupied with what she could only imagine to be the Empire's people.

During this time, she and Souma managed to act natural, and after a couple more minutes of this, a young woman came into view. Her hair was a natural blonde with blue eyes, and years of military training gave her a body that was quite athletic, though it was deceptively hidden behind her clothes. Originally, Juna thought nothing of the woman, but once she set her eyes on the two, she figured she wasn't just another average customer.

And sure enough, once she made her way over, she opened the conversation saying, "Don't you think this is such an interesting utilization of the Broadcast Jewel? It makes you question the mind of the man who was able to think of such a thing."

Finishing her statement by turning to look directly at Souma, he asked, "I'm sorry, can I help you..."

"Euphoria. Jeanne Euphoria. Though in this setting, you can drop the formalities and just call me Jeanne."