9 The Start of the Plot

Quick Notice: Itachi killed the elders and his parents before joining the Akatsuki, Tobi faced Minato where Minato 'died' again. Danzo is being kept in check by the Third who is backed by the ghost of the 4th. It's time for graduation and Mizuki got his name written in a notebook a year ago.

"You ready for the exam Hinata-chan?" Asked the excited blond to his first friend.

"Hai, Did you finish reading for the written exam Naruto-Kun?" Asked Hinata while giving her friend/crush a playful glare.

"I did...okay I learned enough not to fail" answered Naruto as he looked away.

Naruto was wearing a black and orange Jacket, with black pants and blue shinobi sandals.

Hinata was wearing what she wore in cannon but now it was to hide for utility rather than hiding out of shyness. She was still a bit hesitant to actually hurt others but it was no longer a weakness given by her usually victories against her sister and clansmen she still losses to Neji tho.

Hinata laughed and said.

"Then you will be fine"

"What are you Love birds talking about?" Asked Ino.

"We are not Lovebirds!" denied Naruto tho he had a slight blush on his face as he avoided looking in Hinata's direction who was doing the same.

"Troublesome," Said Shikamaru as he joined his friends along with his best friend.

"Shikamaru you better do your best in the exam!" Yelled the blonds at the pineapple head.

"Will you guys shut up?" Said Rei a classmate with a pained expression on his face as he joined the group.

"Where is the Teme?" Asked Naruto.

"He is in class"

"Good morning Rei-chan!" Said Ino trying to hug the younger boy.

"Good Morning Ino-san." Said Rei as he dodged her which caused her to hug Sakura instead.

(A/n: Should I write Yuri?)

"Good morning Ino," said Sakura smiling towards her best friend while slightly hugging her back.

"You all ready for the tests?" asked Sakura to the rest of the group.

"Ready as I'll ever be" replied Choji.

"I wonder what teams we will be in?" Asked Kiba out loud as he joined the group.

Time Skip.

"those are your teams and your sensei, You can wait for them here or try to find them yourselves." Said Iruka after he read out their names.

"Why am I on the same team as Theme and not with Hinata-chan?" whined Naruto but there was no heat behind it.


"You really need to speak Mr.Hn," said Naruto still a little depressed.

"Hn." Said Sasuke.

"Should we wait here for Kakashi-sensei?" asked Sakura stopping a fight before it could begin.

"Let's go to the roof. He will find us there" said Naruto causing Sasuke to raise an eyebrow.

"I thought you of all people would want to find him?"

"I know him he practically raised me since the 'Incident' so there is no point in trying we can only find him if he wants us to, It's better to save our energy for whatever he puts us through. So you guys coming?" Said Naruto as he walked towards the door.

His teammates looked at each other before following him to the roof.

3 hours later.

<Cannon happened but with naruto being more serious and knowledgeable and Sasuke being less of an Emo>

Or this.

"Heyo Bakashi-niisan." waved Naruto to the silver-haired Jonin.

"Heyo squirt." Said Kakashi eye smiling.

Sasuke and Sakura took on a surprised expression at the arrival of the Jonin but quickly calmed down.

"Well then let's get to know each other shall we? I am Hatake Kakashi the Jonin assigned to you to see if you are worthy of serving Konoha and learning her secrets or not. Your turn squirt" Said Kakashi as he leaned on the railing.

"I am Uzumaki Naruto. I like Ramen, My family, and friends, I dislike people who make judgments about others without actually getting to know them. My dream is to become Hokage and learn a certain person's name" Said Naruto with great enthusiasm.

"Your turn Pinky"

"I am Haruno Sakura, I like Sasuke, My family, My friends, I dislike persistent idiots and attention seekers. I haven't really thought of a dream yet" Said Sakura with a straight face. Internally tho? 'Baka baka baka why did you say that?'

"That was unexpected..." Said Kakashi summing up the feelings of her teammates.

(A/n: Fangirls are annoying to read, write or imagine so I got rid of them. In this version, Sasuke was her secret crush kinda like Hinata's in cannon but not that obvious. To Sasuke, she was just a close friend one of the few who helped him shake off his depression and help him move forward.

Also, Grammarly keeps saying my writing is sad and disapproving which after reading this chapter is kinda true but who cares?).

"Mister Emo your turn"

"First off, my name is Uchiha Sasuke, I like Tomatoes and riceballs, I dislike not knowing and crazy people. My goal is to find out why my brother went crazy and kill /destroy the ones responsible for it"

"Noted."'Should probably give the Hokage a warning on second thought...' said and thought Kakashi.

Naruto looked at his classmate with sympathy, while Sakura was both fangirling on the inside and worried what her earlier statement might have changed things between the two of them.

Sasuke on the other hand was worrying about why he said what he just said.

Kurama who was listening to all this smirked and switched priorities.

<Stomach of the Shinigami>

{Looks like the spawn is about to take the first step to become a shinobi aren't you proud Minato?}

Minato would have answered him but he was currently hanging upside down above a boiling vat of lava in a ball of water so he just glared at the Biju. While it was unclear if he was glaring because he heard the Biju or just frustrated at his current situation only he would know.

Minato threw his dagger at a Tree and teleported to it and flickered away landing on the ground before the vines could treat him like a hentai character.

{You have gotten way better with the telportations} mused Kurama as he watched the blond Hokage.

"Does that mean you are finally going to fight me?" asked Minato.

{I will...}

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