A Bizarre & Anomalous Adventure in the SCP Foundation

Volume 1: From Anomalous to Bizarre New Beginnings A young man name Rodeo, gets a mysterious package, revealing to be a Killer Queen helmet inside of it. To his curiousity, he wears it, and then gets ended up transporting to the anomalous universe of the SCPs. Now having the power of Killer Queen on his side, what will he do? Will he be contained or will he be helping the Foundation in protecting their world from complete world annihilation? Let's just say... it's going to be an explosive ride. (No pun intended) . . . Volume 2: Anomalous & Bizarre Wars After Rodeo and his friends' successful defeat of the demons of hell at the city of Las Vegas and the SCP world was now free from danger, the story continues with Rodeo and the rest of his team facing new challenges in the anomalous world of Scps. While they had defeated a few of their enemies, new threats loom in the horizon for him and his friends as beings and figures powerful and beyond their knowledge... or at least to their knowledge loom in the scp world and beyond the multiverse in a bid to take or annihilate the universe as more problems has now increased. But Rodeo's team has been growing and continues to show their might however will that be enough to face the impending dangers it has to offer? Rodeo will be tested both physically and mentally with these challenges in this strange dark world. With his friends, can he overcome his mental health and lead this world filled with countless horrors into peace? While he made many friends and allies, he also made many enemies, some that he has yet to meet.

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Am I Stuck Here?

(Scp Foundation, Site-17 - 9:35 AM)

(Security Room)

Rodeo, Dr. Buck, Dr. Collingwood and Simmons were in the security room checking the video footage regarding Rodeo's appearance on the site. 

"Ok, here we go." Simmons started tapping some buttons on the keyboard and checked the video footage that the cameras got on the site. Simmons checked camera number 5's footage and saw something on it.

"Ok, I think this is it."

All four took a closer look at the footage and saw an explosion happening in the hallway, which created a black dust cloud in the process. The black dust cloud disappeared and revealed Rodeo, lying on the floor. They saw Rodeo eyes were not glowing and were open rather than closed. But then they saw his eyes glow and saw Rodeo getting up and looking at his hands, and then took his phone and charger which were lying on the ground. 

They then saw that Rodeo took a selfie of himself and then he looked at the phone's screen and saw him panicking. But what was surprising to Rodeo, was that the footage showed his facial expression remained stoic and his eyes didn't even blink but his eyes were looking left and right & up and down and his mouth not moving, even though his voice and body language showed he was panicking, in the footage they were seeing. 

The two doctors and Simmons looked at Rodeo who was rubbing his chin with his right hand. Then he suddenly snapped his fingers and sayed.

"Ok I think I know why my facial expression is stoic. It's because Killer Queen is one of those stands whose facial expression stays the same, even if the user got hurt or not Killer Queen's facial expression will not change."

"And you're realizing this now?" Dr. Buck said.


"Wow, you're quite dense."

"Hey! At least I figured it out. Wait, you three saw..."

Dr. Collingwood nodded, "Yeah, when you were talking in the interrogation room well your face was the same like it was in the footage."

"And you three didn't tell me?"

"I uhhh..."

"Never mind. Ok, Dr. Buck, I have a request."

"What sort of request?"

"I'll give you my home address and I need you to check whether that home address is registered under my and my family's name in Bahrain. And you can have my phone to check it out if you want to."

Rodeo then opens his hollow stomach and brings out his phone and gives it to Dr. Buck who takes it and, then Rodeo says.

"Can I trust you with this?"

"Yes, you can."

"Alright." Rodeo then gave the address and location as well as the phone number that he had as well, to check whether he could contact his family. He didn't wanted them to be worried about him. 

Dr. Buck then said, "Ok, one of our tech specialists will try to find out your address but contact your parents, I'm not sure."

"What do you mean?"

"Rodeo, you're an anomalous entity with powers that can either be safe or dangerous to mankind, and the foundation might keep you here for a long time and there's a chance they might make sure... your parents never meet you  or worse make them forget you by using... Amnestics." Collingwood said looking down and feeling bad for him.

Rodeo stayed silent, this was not the answer he was looking for. Their were multiple things going through his mind that he didn't wanted to accept or comprehend especially the fact that he could never go back home to his family ever.

"Please tell me if there's another way."

"I'm sorry, but there's no other way."

Simmons who was listening to the three's conversation, couldn't help but feel sympathy for him but he knew that even the most dangerous and nicest kind of entities or anomalies are fated to be contained by the foundation and he knew this from experience. 

Dr. Buck didn't show much emotion for Rodeo because she knew it would come to this and she never humanized any entity whether they were nice or not.

"Ok, can you at least tell me where I am and what time it is?"

Simmons this time answered, "Well you're on site-17, in a forest somewhere in America. And it's currently 9:39 AM."

"Ok. Now what are you going to do with me?"

"Well, we will keep you in containment for now. Simmon, guide him to his containment cell."

"Yes, ma'am." 

Simmons and Rodeo then left the room. Dr. Collingwood then said to Dr. Buck. 

"Buck, are you sure about treating him like this?"

"What do you want me to do to feel bad for him?"

"He requested you to help him."

"I will only find the address he mentioned but regarding his parents there is nothing we can do. That's how the foundation works."

"I know how the foundation works but he seems so innocent and caring and back in the interview he didn't hurt us. Instead he pulled a prank, which any modern teenager or kid would do."

"That is the thing about him, while he is kind, the power he holds is dangerous and even we know the nicest kind of scp's for example SCP-073, while he is nice he has the power to destroy life that comes out from the soil and makes any land he walks on become barren of all anaerobic bacteria. We cannot treat every scp, even the nicest ones, with kindness. And I'm only helping him so that we get more information about him."

"He trusts you, you know, even though he finds you a bit mean."

"That was his decision to trust me. Now whether I trust him or not will depend on what he does in the foundation."

Collingwood sighs, "Whatever you say, stern doctor."

"Did you say something?"

"Oh nothing nothing." Collingwood said while looking away from Dr. Buck. 


(Containment cells, Site-17)

Simmons and Rodeo were walking down an area where they keep special cells for certain scps from safe to keter class. Simmons then stops next to a metal door and opens it with a level 2 yellow keycard.

"And this is your room."

"It's... pathetic."

The room was quite small and it only had one bed. Nothing else was there. It was just a simple small room with one bed.

"You guys really like treating entities with a cold heart."

"Not all of us are cold-hearted and we also have our reasons for being cold, Rodeo."

"I know. Well I'm going to sleep."

"But it's morning."

"And I don't want to mess up my sleep schedule since it was 8 PM in Bahrain before I came here, so yeah."

"Oh well suit yourself."

Rodeo enters the room and then Simmons closes the door with his keycard. Rodeo lies down on the bed and looks and notices a camera on the ceiling and it was the only one in the room.

"I hope I can leave this place and get back to my family... I just hope."

Although his facial expression wasn't changing his body language and the way he said it shows sadness and discomfort. Rodeo tried to sleep but... he couldn't. 

'Ok, why am I not feeling sleepy? Please don't tell me that because I'm a Stand I have no need for sleep. Wait, what about food and water, can I not feel hunger as well?' Rodeo thought this theory was crazy but...

(2 hours later)

Rodeo could not sleep and couldn't feel hunger and thirst for the last two hours he was sitting in his containment room.

"Well, ain't this great."

End of Chapter 5.


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