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Contemporary Romance
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Read A BILLIONAIRE'S TRUST GAME novel written by the author binni_seon on WebNovel, This serial novel genre is Contemporary Romance stories, covering comedy, weaktostrong, survival, betrayal, ceo. ✓ Newest updated ✓ All rights reserved


The journey of two souls filled with resentment of past betrayals,emptiness propelled by destiny to meet eachother to make eachother's emptiness vanish?? or reinforce it??!! will the fire of love illuminate the darkness of their souls or burn the reminscent traces of their existence

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I really love the entire concept of having unfinished business, to me it brings so much depth into the story. Not only am I concerned with the deception that had occurred on their past I am also very interested in weather things will work out this time... The female lead has such a deep feeling for the things around her and this personally made me feel many of her emotions along with the events around her. I love it❤️ I also enjoyed the world building, it made feel as if I were in the room with her at each point in time.


The story is capable of capturing the attention of readers. A little emotion is lacking in the story that could help bring more flare and help the reader feel more attached to the characters, but otherwise the I'm just loving it.


The storyline is interesting and it piqued my interests. The story development and character development is good. It's definitely worthwhile to give it a reading. Looking forward to more. Keep up the good work author


Reveal spoiler


To my surprise, I remembered a scene from the Korean film Extreme Job as soon as I saw the chapter on chicken restaurants. Okay, so without further ado, the first issue that worried me was that too many new people were introduced in the first few chapters. As a result, my brain's memory capacity, which wasn't very high, to begin with, became overloaded trying to keep track of all of the new faces. That is the one thing that disturbs me about it. Other than that, everything else is fantastic, and I want to know how their story progresses. If I may ask, would you consider this a romance novel? I can't seem to find the tag.


I really appreciate your work. The Characters depict love and intrigue readers to get more involved in them. The plot of story is amazing. Keep up the good work. I will highly recommend this book to the new readers looking for a great content.


Amazing and unique storyline, novel so far is quite intriguing. Characters are very well written and described. I can see potential in this novel. All the best!


The story plot is quite interesting, entertaining, and enticing with no grammatical errors and also with interesting characters. It was definitely a read for me.


Reveal spoiler


The story is well written and easy to read. Good work author. Can't wait for the next chapters. [img=recommend][img=recommend][img=update][img=update]


So far I believe the writing quality needs to be upgraded, especially in the second para, it looks more like a script than a novel. It lacks expressions and elaboration of event details. Although I've read only intial chapter I think there's a lot of potential in this plot and this novel can be improved if author uses precise usage of words accordingly. Other than that, I found it pretty engaging and I wish the author all the best


Overall nice unfolding style of the story...character plotting is superb, the writing style is nice ...great work author keeps it up. I really love the story line , highly recommend for others also .


The story flows wonderfully. Characters are likable and comedic. The authors use of language us exactly. Great scenes and a fun read. Keep it up for sure.


The name of this story is impressive. The main characters are good. it is also a bit comic. unique storyline. keep it up author I love 💘 ❤ it and waiting for the next. And keep it in my library as well.


Great novel with unique story and amazingly written plot . The author is very good at writing characters and background settings. Can’t wait for more chapters .


I really like the story and synopsis. The characters and setting are great. The story has great potential. I already feel connected to the characters. Keep it up author.


The characterisation of this story is very interesting and the story is fascinating. I really enjoyed reading it. Keep it up Author!!!!!!!!?


It's written very nicely and I like what I see. My only suggestion would be to get rid of the "Chapter One:" sort of stuff as it already marks the chapters, but it's really good and I can't wait for the rest to come out!


It is a lovely read.. I liked the opening of the novel very much..one is drawn to the character very organically. Looking forward to reading the upcoming chapters.


I love how the author started this story, it is well written. Characters are interesting and the story flow were well thought of, it's a good job. Keep on writhing!!! <333


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