3 Realisation

(With sirzechs at the time the orc discovered isseis pieces.)

Sirzechs could be seen sitting in his office going through papers that needes his attention. They ranged from permissions to travel to having a rating game. He could never actually understand why did things so trivial need his authorisation. He sighed because just as he finished his current batch another one twice as big was waiting to be check and signed through.

Grayfia who was sirzechs wife and queen was standing beside her husband- clad in her maids uniform- she was waiting for him to ask her for assistance. She knew how hard this job was on sirzechs, he was a free spirited soul that enjoyed freedom rather than being confined to a room all day. Maybe one of these days she could convince Ajuka to take over his work for a day or two and she could take sirzechs for a day out.

She was bought out of her musing when a communication circle formed near sirzechs ear.

"Oh hello Ria-tan did you need something?" asked sirzechs as he leaned back into his chair.

"Oni sama its terrible, I-I-I need you." said Rias while sobbing.

Sirzechs immediately turned serious and he said "I am sending grayfia over to get you. We can talk in my office."

"Hai. Thank you oni sama." said rias as the communication circle disappeared. Sirzechs then turned to grayfia and just looked into a her eyes. Any unspoken request was made and she nodded before disappearing in a red flash.

Sirzechs sighed as he leaned back into his chair hoping that his Ria tan was safe. If not then who ever hurt her would be lucky to have his head on their shoulder.

With grayfia*.

When grayfia appeared at Rias's location she half expected them to be facing a strong opponent who they could defeat alone. However she was not expecting all of the girls to be on their knees and to be crying there eyes out. She also noticed the glaring absence of a certain brunette.

She then asked "Rias sama what happened? Why are all of you crying so badly?"

"Its Issei he is d-d-d-dead." Rias stuttered out

Grayfia went cold as she heard that. She may not be as expressive as Sirzechs when it comes to her emotions, but she still viewed Issei as her lovable younger brother. So she asked in a urgent voice "Rias sama are you absolutely certain?"

"Hai look these are his evil pieces. He did not come home last night. When we searched for him today we found his evil pieces here." Rias answered in a shaky voice.

"Very well then, please step into this magic circle as we go to Lucifer samas office." said grayfia who had a stoic expression on her face but inwardly she was worried very worried. The others nodded and soon disappeared in a flash of red light..

Back with sirzechs.*

It had been 30 mins since grayfia had left. We could see sirzechs pacing up down his office anxiously waiting for his queen to return with his sister and her peerage. A few moments later a magic circle with the gremory emblem appeared and from it Grayfia appeared with Rias and her peerage. Grayfia nodded to sirzechs before excusing herself and left the room.

Sirzechs was pleased to see that she was fine physically but frowned when he saw that nearly the whole peerage was crying the only one who wasnt was kiba and he looked as if he had seen something ghastly.

"Ria tan whats wrong?" Tell me I am worried?" asked sirzechs

"Oni sama its Issei. He is dead we found his evil pieces in kuoh park. I-I-Its all my fault. I-I-I-I pushed him too hard and he left me." stuttered rias as she sobbed

"Wait what?! Isseis dead your fault? Explain to me what happened all of it." said sirzechs using his experience as a faction leader to not show any emotions, however on the inside he was in complete and utter turmoil.

Rias tried to speak but was unable to form anywords. Everything she said about him came back to her and hit her like a truck. Overcome by sorrow she started sobbing again. It was then that kiba stepped forward and motioned sirzechs to follow him outside.

Once out on the porch kiba began to explain every thing that had happened over the few months. He of course omitted the part where the occult research club had bad mouthed issei. He said "It all began 2 months ago, around the time that ravel had transfered in to the school. Issei kun had failed to confess to Rias which caused her to run out of the room, Despite the fact that Issei looked genuinely confused everyone ganged up and called him on it. After that Issei kun started spending a lot of time away from the club. He was there only for the least possible time. Performing his contracts and leaving. This continued for 2 months before we found his evil pieces in the bush and contacted you." said kiba.

Sirzechs was taking in all that had been said before he finally spoke "Did you find issei kuns body?"

Kiba shook his head and said "We did find a little flesh and blood but no body."

Sirzechs brightened a little at this before saying "Then there is a chance that issei is alive. I will organise a search party for him and will let you know of the findings as soon as possible."

Kiba nodded and soon the peerage returned to the Occult research club hoping and praying that Issei was alive and safe.

When Rias and her peerage left sirzechs immediately called azazel, micheal andand yasaka and summoned them for an emergency meeting. Azazel appeared after a few moments where as Yasaka and micheal participated using holographic spectrums of each other.

When all 4 leaders were available sirzechs informed them of what had happened and the possibility of Issei being kidnapped by the khaos brigade. For a moment the leaders were silent before micheal said "That is troubling. I will contact all the churches with information on issei. And ask them to keep on a look out for him. If he is being held anywhere in europe we will find him."

"I will send the information to our temples and other yokai kingdoms. Hopefully if he is in the eastern part of the world we will be able to locate him." said yasaka.

Sirzechs thanked them both and both of them soon left to organise there parties. Sirzechs then waited for Azazel to say something. He knew that for azazel issei was very much like his own son that he never had. So among all the leaders he must have been affected the most. Azazel was however staring at the ceiling lost in thought.

After a while he Azazel said "That wasnt the complete story was it?"

Sirzechs sighed at that before saying "Nothing escapes you doesnt it? No there was a small piece that I chose not to reveal."

Azazel hmmed before saying "Can you tell me? I am sure you know how I viewed Issei right?"

Sirzechs nodded before proceeding to teltell azazel what had happened over those 2 months. And what it had resulted in. Azazel then became silent again before he got up and started to leave but was stopped by sirzechs who asked "You arent going to harm Rias are you?"

Azazel shook his head and said "No, she is also some what like a daughter figure and moreover she is a maiden in love. I understand that a heart in love can get desperate, so no I'm not mad. Though I will sending in a team of my best trackers out hoping to find out where his body was taken."

Sirzechs sighed in relief before asking "What do you that his body was taken? He could still be alive you know."

Azazel turned around before touching sirzechs on the shoulder and saying "I have been a faction leader for over 5000 years and I know when a cause is lost or not. This time it is. I suggest you mentally prepare rias and the others this news won't be good for them."

Sirzechs did not say anything. He had to admit that azazel made a valid point. Compared to azazel in terms of being a leader sirzechs was green. He knew the chances were slim but he needed to hold on to the hope and possibility of Issei being alive. It was then sirzechs decided to visit his best friend Ajuka beezelbub the person who created the evil pieces. If anyone had the slightest idea of whether issei could still be alive it was ajuka.

Sirzechs then disappeared into a magic circle appearing in front of a man with green hair. The said man looked up in surprise and said "Sirzechs what are you doing here? And why didnt you inform me that you were visiting.?

"Ajuka its serious. I want to ask you is there any way for a person who lost his evil pieces to be alive?" asked sirzechs

Ajuka was initially surprised at the question but non the less answered "Evil pieces strengthen the soul holding ability of dying body. If they were removed forcefully then death is almost sure. However if by anychance the body somehow by another way manage to strengthen its core before the soul leaves it it is possible, for them to be alive."

"Hmm I see thank you for the assessment ajuka. I will explain every thing in detail soon. Bye." said sirzechs as he vanished into a magic circle.

Time Skip One year*

Issei had been officially announced as KIA. The peerage in the beginning were heartbroken but non the less moved on. And once again everyone in the club was smiling. However Isseis disappearance affected the girls in more than one negative way. Rias and Akeno had both started sleeping over with different guys. Asia had abandoned all of her faith. Xenovia had become some thing similar to koneko. She hardly showed any emotion at all. Koneko had gone from monotone to down right emotionless and hardly even talked anymore.

Rias even had 2 new pawns to replace issei. They were the wielders of the kusanagi and the legendary water dragon Mizukai. However rias and the rest of the peerage had become laid back and hardly trained anymore. The only ones still serious were Kiba, Gasper, Koneko, Xenovia and Rossweisse(who wasnt affected by isseis supposed death as she wasnt that close to him.) And because of their strenght Rias had managed to get a decent record in the rating games.

We currently find the peerage in the Gremory mansion in the underworld. They had a rating game at the weekend and hence were waiting in the underworld. Before suddenly a very loud explosion was heard.

"What was that?" shouted rias. At that moment sirzechs and grayfia appeared the latter one then spoke and said "The old satan faction have attack 4 terroritories. The sitri terroritory is one of them go there and try to free as many kids as you can before they kill them. please hurry milicas is also in the same school."

Rias and her peerage nodded before teleporting to the sitri terroritory. Once they got there they began there operation and some how successfully managed to take out most of the low class devils and rescued most of the kids. However they werent able to find Milicas. Soon after they heard a booming laugh come from the roof and rushed to it.

Upon reaching the roof they saw that the old maou Shalba Beezelbub- who they thought was dead- was infront of them and he had an unconcious Milicas in his arm. Rias shook in anger as she saw the unconcious figure of her nephew.

"You I will kill you." Rias growled out and fired a wave of destruction at shalba who simply shrugged it off, shocking rias and her peerage.

"I was expecting sirzechs to show up. His power of destruction is worth facing. Yours barely even tickles much less can kill me. Now I will kill this boy and then all of you and force sirzechs to become a cold blooded avenger who can be manipulated. Hahahaha." said shalba.

However before Rias could reply a voice boomed the area "Even after coming back from death you havent learned your lesson have you shalba?"

This infuriated shalba who shouted "How dare you insult me the great descendant of the original Beezelbub. Show your self or I will kill this boy right here and now." Shalba was about to stab milicas before a blur rushed past the peerage and punched him hard. Forcing him to release milicas who was then caught by the blur. As Shalba was flying back the call of "{divide}" was heard. Shalba looked up from the ground and shouted "Vali how dare you betray a fellow old maou?"

The figure who was wearing a hoodie removed it to reveal the face of Issei. He was instantly recognised by Everyone there. He put milicas on the ground and jumped in front of Shalba before the peerage could say anything.

Issei looked at shalba and said "Balance breaker." "[Welsh dragon balance breaker]" rang out ddraigs voice as issei was now clad in his scale mail ready to fight shalba.

With sirzechs and azazel.*

Sirzechs and his peerage along with Azazel were fighting of the jabberwocky bought by the old maou faction. Along with other ultimate class devils of the old maou. The monster was inching its way to the centre of lilith before they heard a chant

"I, who is about to awaken,Am the White Dragon Emperor who will take the law down to the darkness.I walk the road of domination with infinite destruction and by piercing through the imaginary dream.I shall become a pure Emperor of White Dragon And I shall have you obey the silvery-white illusions and the perfect evil ways!"

Juggernaut Emperio Overdrive

A white mechanical dragon appeared and started battling the jabberwocky. Whereas the rest of the vali team scoured the city and started taking out any threat to the civilians.

This scene surprised Sirzechs and azazel but they non the else accepted the help and got back to facing the ultimate class devils of the old maou faction that were attacking the city.

Back with Issei*

Everyone was staring at issei there eyes wide open in shock. Shalba pointed an accusing finger at issei and said "You bastard how are you here.? You were supposed to be dead."

"The reason I am here is simple to kick your ass. And for how I am alive, I never really died I just decided to go off the grid for a while." replied issei

"Hmph It doesnt matter today is the day you will die along with the boy and the sister of that fake maou." said shalba as he fired a concentrated blast of demonic energy at issei. Issei however remained rooted to his spot and took the hit head on. There was a loud explosion, resulting in a crator and smoke from Isseis position.

The peerage looked on worried. They thought that issei was gone again, after he had just come back. However from the smoke came isseis voice as he said "Seriously is that the best you can do? You sure are an insult to the rank of maou. I thought you'd be a little strong considering the fact that sirzechs and vali are also at maou level."

"You insolent fool how dare you speak that way to me. You are nothing but a bug when compared to me." shouted Shalba

Issei sighed before he began charging an attack. Fire in his left, Ice on the right. When the attack was ready issei disappeared from his position and appeared above Shalba and Shouted "Flaming Freeze Cyclone." The attack hit shalba head on and an explosion ensued. Issei picked up his lifeless body before taking milicas from where he left him. Issei was about to leave When:-


"Ise kun"

"Ise san"

"Issei senpai/Ise senpai"

"Issei kun"

The whole of the peerage ran towards him and bear hugged. He however did not react at all. After a few moments he asked "Could you please let me go? I am running late and my girl friend is waiting for me to come back."

This shocked the girls who did not say anything. After a few moments Rias asked and said "What do mean Issei dont you remember us?"

"Oh I remember you all right. You guys are just bitches who want to use people and then throw them away after you are done playing with them. Now if you'll excuse my team is waiting for me." Said issei as he released his wings before flying of in the air. The girls were all shocked. They now understood why Issei had left them. He had overheard them talking about him behind his back. They knew that they needed to apologize to him as soon as possible and hopefully he would forgive them and give them a second chance.

Rias then turned to her peerage and said "He must have gone to lilith lets head there." The others nodded before quickly following after issei.

With Vali*

Vali in his improved Juggernaut drive was fighting the jabberwocky. He had gotten in some several strong and devasting hits in but the regenerative ability of the damn monster was way to over powered.

"Tch how am I going to defeat something with regenerative abilities of this scale?" he thought

"(How about destroying it completely all at once?)" suggested albion. Vali grinned at that before he flew into the air and shouted "Compression." "(Compression divider came out.)" came voice from the divine dividing. Suddenly the jabberwocky was being pushed down hard. Albion was repeatedly shouting Divide and the jabberwocky was screaming in pain. The monsters very existance was being divided. Soon the monster had been completely divided. Vali had literally removed the jabberwockys from existence.

He then removed his armor before sighing. As he did that he heard isseis voice "Seems like you are done as well."

Vali nodded at that before saying "Lets go get the others and then meet azazel and sirzechs." Issei nodded and both of them flew towards the two leaders while sending a message to the rest of the team telling them to converge. When both of them reached the two leaders they found out that they too had defeated there enemies.

Hearing them arrive azazel non chlatantly turned to look in there direction before His eyes widened at the sight of issei. "Issei is that you?" Azazel croaked out.

Issei smiled warmly at him and while he dropped shalba and gave milicas to vali he said "Yo sensei did you miss me?" Azazel did not say anything instead he went up to issei and pulled him into a hug. He hugged issei for a while before breaking away and then chopping him in the head.

"Itai.! What was that for sensei?" asked issei as he rubbed his head.

"That my dear boy was because you left everyone without telling me and for making me think that you were dead." said azazel making issei whistle and look away.

"Ahem. What did you do to Milicas and why are the 2 of you together?" asked sirzechs in a strict tone.

"Oh I didn't do anything to him. I stopped shalba from killing when he was about to stab him some time soon. And as for why we are together, vali decided that it was time for his team to return to the alliance. He decided to infiltrate this attack and stop the old maou as a message to the khaos brigade that he was leaving. As he was short on numbers he asked me for help which I gladly gave." replied issei getting nods of understanding from both the leaders.

"We may be able to forgive the other members of your group but kuroka will be executed as she is a stray devil." said sirzechs

Vali then tossed him a journal and said "Read that and you will know the real reason why she did what she did." Sirzechs opened the journal and began to read. As he read it his eyes widened before he had a look of disgust on his face. He looked at vali and said "Very well this is big evidence of her innocence. I will be removing her name from the stray list. Also now that you are back what do you intend on doing?"

"Oh me and my time will be moving to kuoh and hopefully start our 3rd year at kuoh. Most of us are around isseis age." replied vali.

"Very well. However Issei I need an explanation of where did you go and why did you leave." said sirzechs.

"Sure That is a reasonable request." replied issei. As he said that the rest of the vali team appeared along with Ellie and Ahri. kuroka jumped on valis back and kissed him on the cheek. Le fay moved to stand beside issei who picked her up in a princess carry before kissing her on the cheek. Le fay blushed at that but soon returned the favor by kissing Issei on the cheek.

The scene shocked sirzechs who thought that Issei would want to go back to Rias and the others. Where as azazel warmly smiled as he knew that both of his surrogate sons had their other halfs.

Rias and her peerage soon landed and saw the whole scene take place. Looking at the way issei was treating le fay made their hearts sink and caused there rage to rise at the blonde. She then weakly said "Issei?"

Issei turned to look at her with emotion less eyes causing her to flinch at the coldness of his look. Issei then looked to Sirzechs and said in a calm tone "Do you want my answer here or in a meeting room?"

End of chapter 3

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