A Beloved Wife in Marriage

In the love tomb of the marriage for three years, Lin Qingqian’s heart had already died, so she decided to divorce, stayed away from love, and focused on her career. That man, who did not use to be seen for months after married, frequently appear after divorce. When talking about cooperation, the man whispered," Qian Qian, he has less money than me, let me invest in this project?" Meet a girl with a bad mind, the man flattens her palm a slap to throw the girl’s face, "Qian Qian, to hit someone like this will not hurt you." Later, Lin Qingqian finally made it to the top, obtaining countless pursuing people. One of her admirers gave her 99 flowers, and the next day she would receive 999 One of her admirers gave her a box of strawberries, and the next day she would receive a refrigerator fulling of strawberries. One of her admirers gave her a cat. The next day, her home almost became a pet shop. Lin Qingqian can not stand it anymore, tweets: Married, Refusal. After posting a micro-blog, she put the phone on the sofa: Now are you satisfied? The noblemen showed a charming smile, "Qian Qian, I am generous, but this does not prevent me from being jealous." Lin Qingqian: "..."

Escape · General
Not enough ratings
389 Chs

With Director Jiang's Support, Luo Tianxue Would Be Nothing!!

Translator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations

Tang Tiantian and Uncle Fatty had just gotten into the huge van when Uncle Fatty's phone rang again. When he picked up the call, his face instantly turned pale…

Tang Tiantian frowned. "What now?"

The fat uncle licked his lips. "The legal department at Chanel called to cancel the collaboration. You will no longer be the spokesperson of Chanel for them."

Tang Tiantian's face, which had just eased up, suddenly turned pale. "How did this happen?"

"I don't know either!"

Before he could finish speaking, his cell phone rang again. Uncle Fatty picked up the call and felt like fainting.

In just ten minutes, five brands endorsed by Tang Tiantian called to end their partnerships. After that, several fashion magazines that they had agreed to appear on were also canceled!

Tang Tiantian's emotions could no longer be described as anger and panic. Instead, she had fallen to the bottom of the valley and was in complete despair.