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Reason to read and spend your SS? -This novel is flawless -This is literature. Not some cheap light novel where mc reincarnate to the revenge against the world and people who trample and kick him. Yes he got 2nd chance. Yes he is learning from his past mistake. But it is more than that. You will understand after reading 20 first chapter -This novel is unique. I read so many novel, but only this novel has a mc that feels really close to me -I`ll give 5 star just for story development and character development. That is the only thing that keep me hooked up. The way each character interact with each other, and the way they grow into you, is something that you can`t abandon even after a long hiatus. Their character still feel fresh on my head and the absent of update is making them rooted in my brain more than any other chara from other novel -This is really good. I end up using 7 different account just to marathon reading this (You will meet 7 different SpicyChicken. And that`s me. So desperate to read it non stop -I know this might sound boring. About an author who get a 2nd chance in life to take a slow and low profile life. So many 2nd chance concept being used but this is more original and more interesting than any other novel This novel is my current no 1 novel that i must read every day to stay happy, so I hope all the new readers will love it too Happy reading and have a nice day 🥂

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Lol.. the synopsis got me! Ironically, this is actually the author's first and only novel 😅 Would his debut be a massive hit as well? Website: Munpia Chapters: 391 (Ongoing) Views: 3.35 million+ Recommendation: 143 thousand+ Year started: 2017


No story is flawless, but I found this story to be very enjoyable. Even though this is a reincarnation story, it feels much different from traditional stories about reincarnation.


THIS NOVEL IS (/NOT) FOR YOU So first, if you expect warriors, martial art, cultivation, magical, reincarnation typical mc, then please don't waste your time. And don't make a fool of yourself like some people in reviews that write a bad review just because it's not what THEY wanted it to be. Second, based on the title this is about "literature" /"storytelling". So please remind yourself that the type of entertainment won't be the same as a face slapping novel. So far the mc is low-key and in my opinion acts like how he's supposed to be (an old homeless man in his old young body). Please don't waste your time if you want some zhang ye. Wrote First and second because I felt the need to clarify that by reading some reviews. And they are just some kind remainders. Now, please if you don't like Korean novels on a Chinese app, or just don't like Korea. Do what you please. I just think it's stupid and rather sad to be so narrow - minded to write a bad review only based on a "typical from a korean novel". So far, me personally don't give single f if it's written from an Indian or a Russian, this story is about a daily life of an reincarnated writer who lost his 1st youth and wasn't satisfied with his life (I don't think it should be described as a waste of time but it's said this way), he then kind of show off his skills (and discover some new ones) but at the same time stays in a observational state, during club activities and during school. And that's the only shi t you should care. Finally as a lot of people are saying this is a interesting and kind of different from other cool novels on this app. Nothing is flawless. I find the mc relatable, and the others characters with their respective personalities good. But still don't know where this is going😅, but hope the journey will be pleasent. Should add tags like modern, slice of life


This is a novel about a writer who, after his first success, cannot write any other best sellers anymore. Frustrated and after the best time of his life passed away in glory and misery, he ends his life returning alive to when his first success started, but this time he decides to not redo his mistakes and start anew. It may seem like an ordinary second chance novel, but its not. The writing is very fluid and extremely relatable, the characters will be analysed indepht and it can already be seen from the first chapters that we will assist to the growth of various characters and also their maturity. I thank the translator for choosing this novel and for making me discover it! I hope it won't disappoint and I wish you the best! ^_^)/ ☆


bit.ly/3LyRF1N 💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗


I love it! It's kind of like a slice of life. Really chill story, day by day mundane events that somehow turn out to be fun to read! Of course, what I'm most anticipating is the MC's rise, but I doubt it'll come anytime soon, so for now, I'm really enjoying it!


Is this what's writer own story? Interesting for me to follow another new novel from many others that start over again for new different path of life.


I'll be honest, this is the story that has rekindled my need to write. I'm a reading junking who has dabbled in writing before, but there is something about watching Juho create the characters and worlds his books hold that has caused the writing bug to burrow under my skin and seize me by the soul and I can't be more thankful! Seriously, I salute the author who created this world, as well as the translators who've done such a stellar job at bringing it alive in English without leaving a trace of themselves inside! Good job everyone!


I don't know how you can stomach reading this. Reviews should reflect the freaking novel so why do we see 5 star reviews being posted with just the statistics of the novel on the original site like **** why can't you guys provide it instead of the user.


Loving the story so far, the main character is good and concept interesting. the way the story is going is also quite intersting and so in my full opinion it is a pretty good novel even though am just starting the novel, I am already hooked.


I think that this is one of the only stories deserving of a higher rating on this site. I'm not saying that it is without flaws, but it is a level above the usual stuff you see on this site. First of all, translation quality and stability are fine and I haven't experienced any issues. The story development is quite interesting, but can be quite slow at times. Although it can be slow at times, usually it is at a good pace. The main character is quite interesting in his design as a failed writer who reincarnated, but many of the supporting characters are lackluster. Almost all of his classmates at school are very bland and uninteresting for the most part. Some of them have interesting quirks but the majority is quite bland. The reason I do not totally dislike the character design is that the main character is very interesting. He's a well fleshed out character and quite memorable as well. The most intriguing part or enjoyable part in my opinion is that he does not act like the typical reincarnated protagonist; his past life as an alcoholic brings a interesting perspective. Although, I do wish that it was a larger part of the plot instead of something barely mentioned. Perhaps, the greatest weakness of the book is its world development. I think that it is more of the writer's style to focus in on the protagonist, but I was left unsatisfied by the world building. We only really learn that his books are popular, but it feels weird that there is no debate. It feels as if his books are universally liked by everyone. This could be taken as me just nitpicking, but I truly believe that the story would be much more engaging if the world was fleshed out. tl:dr This novel has an interesting take on the reincarnation genre and is definitely a good read. It has several flaws in the character design for supporting characters and the depth of its world. Despite these factors I would definitely recommend this to anyone looking for a enjoyable non-action read!


Before I started reading this novel, I used to read a lot of novels which were, frankly speaking, lacking in some areas while stronger in others, often imbued with a variety of tropes, and I was okay with that. In fact I very much enjoyed reading them even if I knew exactly what was going to happen over and over again. Then I came across this book. Getting into the book, I didn't really have too many expectations (as I had come across the novel while scrolling down the list of rebirth and second chance themed books). In the beginning few chapters I found the writing too realistic and after reading too many revenge/reincarnation stories a bit dry, but I am so thankful that I gave the book a chance. The more I read it, the more I loved it. I was constantly reminded of the love I had for stories that made me read paperbacks in the yesteryears. I have found the book to carry a warmth and beauty that fills you up. The realism and sincerity in the story makes the book a joy to read. I found my self impatient for chapter updates, much like waiting for texts from my best friend or crush. Furthermore the similar recommendations for this book (to tide you through waiting for more chapters) are so frustrating, I am not looking for books with similar plot points but with a similar feel. (On that note, if you know if any good novels please do tell) So many times I wished I had never read the book, so that I could read it for the first time all over again. I would whole heartedly recommend that more people read this book.


Hey guys, Just a note: we thought the chapters were going premium after 40, but it looks like it starts with 40. So if you didn't get to read it when it was open, I'm sorry about that. I'm glad everyone is enjoying the story. It can be a difficult and introspective read, so be wary if you are looking for a battle-centric story. Personally, as the translation's editor, I'm enjoying it a lot. Thank you!


I love reading books. I have been into them since the moment I learnt how to read. Even though I usually read novels which are full of action-- Magic, supercreatures, superpowers, fighting, bloodshed and so on, my favorite novel up till now is The Great Storyteller. In spite of it lacking in 'action' it has the ability to stab at the heart of the reader ever so ferociously. Author, you did a great deed giving this novel its shape. Translators, my heartfelt gratitude for bringing this to me. Readers who have not read it yet, WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE? GO READ IT, NOW!!!! Despite the uninteresting synopsis (sorry to whoever wrote it), it is worth a read.


Marvelous. Breathtaking. Intriguing. As one other reader said, a book is without flaws. I would like to know the author’s thought process when he was creating this novel. The author is really.. a genius. At first, the story seems like every other story. However, through the main character’s everyday lifestyle, we are enlightened. Some may say the story is too boring, but I would say it is because it’s tedious. It seems monotonous, the story itself. A boy going by his everyday life. The author didn’t write this to please the readers, one may think. When we think of a genius, we think that their everyday lives would be filled with riches and fame. Praises from everyone and maybe even a partner. The MC is a genius, but by different standards. His days seem ordinary, but not a single ordinary person could live like he does. It is true some people are just talented, so ordinary people have to work harder. The MC is ordinary and a genius. We cannot fully understand the MC and his goals. We only know ****** little parts. I hope everyone gives this book a read, no matter if they would drop it or not. Let’s push things aside, but I just notice webnovel might be glitching or something as the rate of chapters per week over the course of 30 days is 0. I haven’t read this novel for some time because I was busy with work, so I don’t know if this is true or not. Can anyone care to correct me if I’m wrong?


If everyone is looking for a second chance in their life, then what is the purpose of living this one. Maybe we should ban this kind of ****ty novels that make think us like idiots, just for the money. Well, perhaps I'm expecting much more because of all sorts of people that come here are only losers who escape from their lives and look for the second chance.


Arguably one of the larger hidden gems. Addictive read, kept me up all night and now I have to work with no sleep. Very much worth it. Love this book. 📚🥇


Great new novel with interesting characters and some new ideas. I am currently looking forward till the next update and I will probably continue to enjoy this novel in my free time in the future.


Just don't understand why this story isn't more highly rated. Top-notch translation and story. His friends must think trying to change his mind is like forcing a horse to drink.