9th Master's Little Darling is Trolling Again!

After her rebirth, Qin Yiyi became the daughter of the Qin Family once again. It's just that her parents didn't love her. It's alright. I've always relied on myself. What? She had no education, no ability, no brain, and was not as smart and clever as Second Miss Qin? Qin Yiyi chuckled and turned to leave. Over the past year, she had gotten sick of being a top student at the piano and accidentally became an ancient cultural endorser while also somehow receiving a doctorate and accepted a professor as her disciple… A top-ranked medical professional said, "What, Master Qin isn't here? Sorry, we're leaving too." Ancient martial arts family had this to say, "Qin Yiyi is my little grandaunt. If you bully her, you're going against the ancient martial world!" 9th master chuckled. As he looked around, his thin lips curled up slightly. "Everyone, do you think I'm dead?"

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Ten-Perfect Tonic Pill

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"It's okay, it's okay. Master Jiu just fainted."

Doctor Liao wiped the sweat from his forehead, his face full of lingering fear.

It was so close just now!

Fortunately, fortunately...

While he was thinking, a hand directly patted his shoulder from behind.

"Doctor Liao, you almost caused us to suffer!"

He turned around and bumped into Xu Zhuoyan and Jia Yi, whose faces were full of blame and anger.

Doctor Liao straightened his body and snorted twice.

"No, it's your turn next time." In any case, he could not show his guilty conscience!

In the end, Butler Mu interrupted them.

"Alright, Doctor Liao, you'd better help Ninth Master check up quickly."

Then, he looked at Xu Zhuoyan and Jia Yi with a worried expression. "Didn't you notice that Ninth Master's disorder lasted for a very short time this time?"

"Moreover, he has never fainted before."

As soon as these words left his mouth, Xu Zhuoyan and Jia Yi's expressions instantly changed.

Doctor Liao did not need the two of them to glare at him. He rushed in front of Shang Jiuying.

However, in the next moment, he suddenly took two steps back and stared at Shang Jiuying, who had fainted on the bed, with a face full of lingering fear.

"This- this, has he really fainted?"

Could it be that Master Jiu had deliberately waited for him to move forward so he could wake up and directly snap his neck?

"Useless thing, hurry up and go check him."

Xu Zhuoyan kicked him over while he himself followed a few steps behind Doctor Liao with his whole body on alert.

If anything went wrong, he would immediately retreat!

Doctor Liao braced himself and secretly touched Shang Jiuying's sleeve.

Hmm, there was no reaction!

He must have really fainted. This was a good opportunity!

He carefully opened his medicine chest as if he was facing a great enemy.

He was afraid that if he moved slightly louder, it would wake up the god-like existence on the bed.

Fortunately, after he checked, the person on the bed still kept sleeping. His eyelids did not even twitch.

This also made him sigh in relief. At the same time, he felt slightly more at ease. He felt more thoughtful and doubtful.

"Ninth Master's situation is a little strange."

"What's going on?"

"Is it getting worse?"

"Didn't you say a few days ago that things had calmed down?"

Butler Mu and Xu Zhuoyan's faces were solemn. They looked at Doctor Liao as if they wanted to stab him.

He was useless!

Doctor Liao rolled his eyes. He thought about it and could not think of anything. He could only rub the space between his eyebrows.

"Don't you think that Ninth Master's illness this time is special?"

Wasn't that nonsense?

If they did not think that it was special, why would he need to analyze it here?

Xu Zhuoyan's mood was the most impatient. He asked directly, "Can you tell me whether it's good or bad?"

"I can't say."

Doctor Liao shook his head with a solemn expression. "However, Ninth Master should be asleep now. This is a good thing."


"Are you sure?"

Seeing the doubt on the three people's faces, Doctor Liao almost threw something on the ground and left.

He would do anything. There was no way he would let them doubt his medical skills!

"Actually, it's best to have a blood test..."

As soon as he said this, the temperature in the room instantly froze.

Xu Zhuoyan and the others looked at each other and turned their gazes elsewhere.

"Ahem, the weather is really nice today."

"Yes, yes, the sun is really nice..."

Doctor Liao: What the hell? It is late at night, and the moon is up in the sky!

In the end, the few of them made the decision to draw lots.

"I'll write it. Whoever catches the blood, go and draw it. Remember to be quick and accurate, or else you'll have to bear the consequences."

Doctor Liao and Butler Mu were a little hesitant. "Even if Master Jiu doesn't know, this is not good, right?"

It was the lord's precious blood.

"This is a great opportunity. Does Master Jiu usually let you draw blood for a test?"

"Under normal circumstances... he won't."

"Then won't it be fine?"

Xu Zhuoyan brushed a few strokes and rubbed a few balls of paper in his palm.

"Come, come, one for each of you. I'll write it myself. You guys go first."

Doctor Liao hesitated for a moment before he hardened his heart and reached out his hand. "I'll go first."

He must have had some bad luck recently. Otherwise, why would he be assigned to look after Ninth Master's condition on the night of the full moon?

If he could really draw some blood this time to find out the cause of the Ninth Master's illness...

Even if it was just a tiny clue, it would still be a great achievement.

When the time came, Butler Mu would definitely speak up for him. Once he got promoted, he would be able to stay away from this dangerous place.

'Ah, ah, pei. I can't say that Ninth Master is a dangerous place!'

Doctor Liao, who was laughing loudly three times, unfolded the note. His face instantly turned green.

Why was he the one who would draw blood?!

Behind his back, Xu Zhuoyan and Jia Yi secretly raised their eyebrows and gave him a knowing look.

Doctor Liao, you're still too young!

Doctor Liao, who didn't know that he had been tricked and still had a troubled expression on his face, braced himself and stood in front of Shang Jiuying.

He was clearly unconscious.

However, his cold and threatening aura, as well as the coldness and sharpness that did not seem to be restrained by his sleep, made it difficult for him to breathe.

In the end, Doctor Liao gritted his teeth, picked up the syringe that he had prepared, and stuck it in with his eyes closed.

The person on the bed suddenly opened his eyes.

His sharp and cold gaze stabbed straight at Doctor Liao like a knife.

"What are you doing?!"

Doctor Liao's hand trembled, and the tube of blood that he had just extracted slid down to the ground.

He did not care about anything else and immediately knelt on the ground with a bitter heart. He held his arms together, as if praying.

He could not fall.

Behind him, Xu Zhuoyan rushed in from outside.

"Ninth Master, you're awake..."

"Brother Jiu."

Xu Zhuoyan raised his hand and pointed at Doctor Liao. "It's all Doctor Liao. He said that he wanted to take advantage of Brother Jiu's coma to draw more blood for a test. I stopped him just now..."

He didn't stop him.

The last three words were automatically silenced by Shang Jiuying's calm and deep eyes.

Shang Jiuying got up and got off the bed.

As he stood, the entire room seemed to be instantly filled with the light from his body!

It swallowed everything in its path!

Butler Mu instantly lowered his eyes and said respectfully, "Ninth Master, your situation this time is a little strange. Doctor Liao is only doing his duty..."

Doctor Liao felt so touched that he was about to cry.

Look, look, this was the person who was really good to him.

From now on, he would never scold Butler Mu in his heart for being inflexible!

Butler Mu: You're thinking too much. I'm only thinking of my master!

In the study room.

Shang Jiuying fell silent for a moment before speaking in a calm tone.

"Doctor Liao, go take a test. Give me the results in half an hour."

Xu Zhuoyan's eyes immediately widened. "Brother Jiu, are you really going to let him take a blood test?"


After pausing for a moment, he said softly, "I feel that my condition has improved greatly this time."


He also wanted to see just how effective the pill that the little girl gave him was!

Half an hour later.

Doctor Liao rushed in with a face full of pleasant surprise. "Ninth Master, Ninth Master, your blood contains an auto-repair function. Although the probability is very small, it's almost the 0.000 point type, but it definitely exists!"

"So, does this mean that Brother Jiu's condition is really improving?"

"It seems so for the time being, but..."

Doctor Liao frowned slightly, then shook his head. "I don't know if this situation is a coincidence or if it's really getting better. Also, will this thread of repair function still keep continuing..." He looked at the surprised faces of Butler Mu and the others and calmly poured cold water on them. "Maybe it's a coincidence that happens once in a while..."

"Ah, what are you talking about? You... forget it, forget it. Brother Jiu, think about it. Did you have any contact or eat anything special in the past two days?"

Xu Zhuoyan raised his eyebrows as he spoke. After a moment of hesitation, a strange thought surfaced in his mind.

If there was anyone or anything special in the past few days, it would be that Young Miss of the Qin family, right?

But that was impossible.

At most, that little girl's skills were a little better. How could she be of any help to cure Brother Jiu's illness?

Just as he was thinking, Shang Jiuying slowly opened his mouth.

"En, a little girl was kind enough to give me a box of medicine. I just took one before I went home..."

These words shocked Doctor Liao. "Ninth Master, how can you take medicine so casually? There should still be some left. Quickly bring it over for me to do a test..."

What if it was bad for his condition?

What if there were side effects?

"No need. She won't harm me."

Shang Jiuying's hand naturally hung down, lightly tapping on a box beside the table.

He didn't want to take out that box of medicine to show others at all!

Doctor Liao was a little anxious. After thinking for a moment, he took a step back, "Then, Ninth Master, may I ask, what is the name of that medicine?"

He would go to Baidu later!

Shang Jiuying paused for a moment. When he recalled how the little girl had casually mentioned the name of the medicine when she handed it to him, his brows twitched. However, his expression was serious, calm, and his tone was extremely light as he said indifferently, "The Ten-Perfect Tonic Pill."

Puff. Xu Zhuoyan spat out a mouthful of tea at Jia Yi. Jia Yi moved swiftly to the side to avoid it.

All of it sprayed on Doctor Liao's face.