She always knew that there was something wrong with her.She knew that she wasn't normal like kids her age and she would always remain that a weirdo, freak and abnormal person. But what she didn't expect is not being able to live happily like others.'Was it my fault that I was born like this that I can't have a normal live like others why do I have to change schools, move to different houses every single time and I don't even get the chance to make friends or feel secured , why why ???!! She yelled hysterically at her uncle who has always being her and her brother's guardian after her mother left when she was just five and ever since then they have been living their lives like they were on the run all the time and she was getting tired of it. 'May, this is for your own good, please I promised to keep you safe and that is what I will do, okay, please let's go and I promise we won't have to move again , I promise okay, 'pleaded her Uncle James, then he turned to the man standing at the door and nodded at him and then he faced her brother Damien, "Lad, go get your things down so we can load 'em in the van okay, hurry now kiddo," he urged him as he faced her again, "Come on lass we ain't for all day to waste. She looked up at her brother who was six years older than her and seeing his complient face a he stared back at her feeling her stare at home she knew that he knew something that she didn't but one thing she knew was that things weren't gonna be the same again for her.

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Chapter 4: Back from the dead??!!

'How was this even possible?'. How is she alive, am I seeing ghosts now', pinches himself to be sure, haww, I definitely woke from the wrong side of the bed this morning, I thought sh....'

"Sir, sir, Mr Russo!!"called Amber.

"Haaaa!!! Wh- what is it," stuttered Matteo.

" Uhm, sir I have been calling you but you seem lost in thoughts, are you o-okay" asked Amber. He looked so pale like he had seen a ghost and that so weird considering the personality of the youngest teacher in the whole school.

At the of twenty- four he was already PhD holder in History, Literature and Foreign Languages. He is also a prodigy in the Sciences, a medical researcher in genetic studies. He rejected an offer to teach as a professor in the renowned University A and opted to work in a normal high school after his sudden disappearance from the public eye as no one heard from him or saw him before he came back different from his usual cheerful and energetic self to a workaholic, short-tempered and serious minded teacher.

He lives alone with his grandparents and it is rumored that he doesn't have any other family after an accident of over two decades, well that's only what the public knows but not the whole truth of where his elder brother had always been after the death of his parents when they were young and wallowing in poverty.

Matteo jerked up at the voice of the student in front of his desk and sighs,' great now someone thinks am crazy' he thought considering the look on Amber's face when he looked up at her.

"What is it", he snapped at her annoyed with how that cunning little urgh!! HOW IN HEAVENS NAME IS SHE ALIVE!! He screamed in his head with wide eyes towards the girl in front of him.

'Gulps' "Uhm, sir t-the liii-st of students for our road trip,... " she drops the list on the table and continues," G-ggrade 12".

"Uraggh, when the hell did I agree to lead this... what is this road trip for again?" Matteo asked looking up at the girl, while massaging his temples with his fingers.

'Sooo handsome, how can he look this dishevelled yet still hot, with his smart glasses and firm body, uuhh, eh eh" she giggled in her head.

'Sigh, I have no time for this,' sighed Matteo looking down on the list in front of him. He was already immune to such looks and glances from both genders alike, from both teachers and students. ' Urgh, so annoying,..." wait, what the...!!" exclaimed Matteo bringing the student in front of him back to reality," Who is this last student here," MAY WILLIAMS!!!... are you kidding me, right now!!" He shrieked.

" Uhnm is something the matter, sir, she is the new student from the most mysterious family in Country A, the Williams family,the Liam Corp heiress and she was finally enrolled here since she has been homeschooling since she moved to Country A.

" What in the world!!!" scoffed Matteo in disbelief. She is really back from the dead, how is that even possible.

He remembered that day, his brother found out that she had been the spy, they were looking for all along. When he left home to meet his older brother to at least convince him to come back home, but he wouldn't go because he turned out to be the leader of a dangerous triad that was responsible for the death of their parents. Matteo saw the world for what it truly was and he almost joined his brother on his mission but he had to go back to take care of their grandparents at least. 'What a joke!!' laughed Matteo.

He looked up at the girl in front of him closely again," Amber Adams, right?"

" Yes, sir " squeaked Amber with so much excitement,' He knows my name'.

"With a serious face, he continued," I want you to tell everyone that the....." he stopped and widened his eyes in shock of what was before him.' You have got to be kidding me, SERIOUSLY!!, in my own space. He paused. Looked up at Amber with suspicion in his eyes and after seeing that she was completely oblivious to what she has been used for, he asked with the most charming smile he could muster in his dire situation," Mhmn, Amber really right," he started.

"Sir.....," answered Amber a bit skeptical as she was blushing.

"Uhm, I like your tie clip, he asked looking at it deeply before looking up at her to see her face that could be compared to a ripened tomato.' Oh my, now she thinks I am a pervert,' but he continued anyways.

" Where did you get it from," he finished.

" Well.... it was a gift from May and she said it suited me well as the class rep and all," she answered looking down on her shoes not seeing the reaction of the man in front of her, who was about to blow up from frustration.

She looked up to continue, with his face now looking stiffly pale. " Well, l-l g-got you one on Teacher's Day,last year, I could get you another one if you like, I know the best places to get this type of clothing accessories, because I do get to go shopping at times with my elder brother when my mom lets me, so I can ge....." she babbled on until.

" AMBER!!!," Matteo exclaimed.

" That's enough.....' sighs', please tell everyone to prepare for the trip," and continued through gritted teeth while tugging his brown hair frustratedly.